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  1. I think you nailed it Bio. It's a neat new mechanic that isn't going to be world-shattering or game-breaking but can be fun and effective in the right hands. I would like to see "launch"ing happen after movement but expect it to take place before, as dropping bombs does. Couple that with the ability to run three B/SFs with Simulators, Proton Bombs, and Ordnance Silos for a paltry eight(!) points each, and I expect to see some neat high-profile games with Trajectory Simulators down the road.
  2. Yes! Palpatine was the man with the plan in a can. He was one of the few people in the PT that had clear goals and took steps towards realising them! It seems likely to me that, the man who "eventually harnessed the resources of almost the entire galaxy to his goals" might very well have set up his successor-state for success. The flight to the Unknown Regions and the seeds of the First Order are said to be all part of Palpatine's Contingency. I don't think they've completely sketched out the whys and wherefores but the gist is if an Empire allows for the death of its Emperor, it's not a very good Empire. Wipe slate, begin anew.
  3. I really appreciate all of that. You have a lot of good points! Although, I think Leia represents the Alderaan system and survivors, who she personally helped reorganise in the comics. It's a pretty typical Star Wars hand-wave, though; there's other populated areas of the Alderaan sector even though they've not been brought up before. She has to be in the New Republic government because she's Leia, dangit. I too was initially put off by how together the First Order seems to be, but I've come round on the idea. I mean, yes it makes the story more familiar by having the big, well-equipped bad guys against the rag-tag underdog Reb-sistance, and you're more sympathetic to the "good guys" who aren't just the government enforcing status quo. And then, story-wise, the First Order is basically the remnants of the Third Reich making it to Argentina and trying again after years of money-siphoning and mobilisation. I think that's something Abrams has actually said concerning the story. I too think the stage was set for the original Thrawn legends, and was hoping that was going to be closer to the plot for TFA. They might yet pull off something like that. I'm also done with the superweapons, especially since they seem counterproductive to the First Order's stated aims of harnessing the galaxy's residents and resources for the better of all, by imposing order first. Wiping out the Senate on Hosnian Prime, along with decimating the New Republic Fleet...sure. It's also very Palpatine-fanboy-style to make a bigger, better Death Star, but still. And isn't all of this technically part of Palpatine's Contingency? He was the one responsible for scouting the Unknown Regions. Really hope we get more on that and Thrawn going forward. And for what it's worth, I don't find anything in the OT devalued by TFA. Out-of-universe, Lucasfilm needed a soft reboot to kickstart the new stuff, so sharing story beats with the first film makes plenty of sense. In-universe, I felt it was poignant to have the accomplishments of the main cast eventually undone by a new generation interpreting the same old evil. Tyranny and the dark side of the Force don't take time off, they just wait.
  4. I don't want to really go point-by-point, but I'm kind of confounded by what you're putting here. It would have been boring to try and explain all of this during the movie; I felt they explained enough of what they had to so as to keep the plot moving ("I stole it from Unkar Plutt. He stole it from the Irving Boys, who stole it from Ducain" or "In order for that amount of power to be contained, that base would need some kind of thermal oscillator..."). We get it without going all Ken Burns on the matter! The Falcon was stolen, and hit the weak point for massive damage. If you really want the backstory and explanations, please check out the Aftermath books and Bloodline. I really, really enjoyed Bloodline since it's all about Leia and very political. The Aftermath books were okay, they have some neat characters and some (not full) insight into Palpatine's Contingency and the actually-capable people that left for the Unknown Regions. Let it be suffice to say the Empire's best and brightest were not the people that lost the Battle of Jakku. As for resources etc, first, I got the impression the Starkiller weapon was built into a planet or habitable moon. They didn't have to construct the entire volume of the thing, just add facilities, thermal oscillators, and whatever the heck turns solar matter into quintessence. It's not hard science and I'm okay with that in my movie about finding the last space wizard. Second, funding for that project and pretty much everything else was garnered from people in the New Republic. Lots of tax revenue being appropriated, wealthy individuals sympathetic to the ideals of the Empire donating time and money and resources, and good old-fashioned piracy. That said, it also seems to me that most of the real hurdle of Starkiller Base and Seinar-Jamus' TIE squadrons and so on is actual processable resources, of which there seem to be plenty in the Unknown Regions. Space is big! Who knows if Sloane and Snoke went all World Devastator on a few systems in a giant space-strip-mining operation. Part of the fun in TFA and the new canon in general is the mystery. Who is Snoke? Why was Rey on Jakku? Where did Finn come from? Can Poe get any more dashing? I'm hoping for a satisfactory answer to some of these in the next two Saga films, but I don't need every detail. The past of these characters isn't as important as the actions they take moving forward, and that's why I'm watching. Edit: oh and for what it's worth, I enjoy Han and Leia's romance in the OT just fine but they are terrible for each other. Something else they touch on in Bloodline actually! Han doesn't like staying in one place, especially when there's nothing for him to do. Leia is committed to making the New Republic work without falling into the same dangerous traps as the Old Republic or the Empire. They have no reason to stay together, personally! Love is great but it shouldn't ever force you to compromise your principles, sort of thing. Just my two cents.
  5. I never knew there was a Star Wars / Wacky Races crossover. I'd watch that all the time. But if we're talking random Kenner stuff, I want my dang Cruisemissile Trooper. They're canon I guess?
  6. "We do not fly ourselves. Flying is for the help."
  7. I know, the choices to be made! I'm probably only loading Cruisers or Harpoons at most if I'm running XG-1, so I'd rather have ASLAM to Focus or TL if I don't have to Reload, ideally also getting a shot with a TBeam or Flechette or Jammer or what-have-you. It will depend on the wording of the OS-whatever title, but Chips or Scanners will be the way to go there for sure.
  8. Exactly. He's not my top pick but I liked VII a lot and JJ cares more than enough to do well. And now he isn't under contract to produce a soft reboot of the franchise. Although I'm wondering if he and Bad Robot are going to share the same working relationship with Kennedy and Lucasfilm as in VII.
  9. Oh yeah thanks that's what I mean obviously
  10. I'm surprised I haven't seen a custom Epic card for all four IG-2000s. Lash them together like Outbound Flight. Oh wait, hang on, we all know what the four IG-2000s come together to form:
  11. Lol yeah that part is fine, Miraluka are great, Jerec is my guy. I meant the destroyed wing joint that is somehow under the rest of the ship. Was it hanging freely? Did it get blasted and fused into the closed position? It looks like it's barely hanging on! I have so many questions
  12. Tsiegtiez

    PS 9 Pilots

    While it totally works for me that Lando would give it the name, honestly I think we're going to get some backstory for the Falcon in the movie next spring. I'm trying not to stay too attached to anything from Legends for that reason.
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