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  1. I just got into X-Wing and I have to say…..the lack of expansions available are very frustrating. All I can find is the Core set, Falcon and Slave 1. While picking up another core set is an option….how am I supposed to add the extra pilots like Wedge, etc? Really fun game…..but the support really sucks.I would love to spend some money on this game if there were products in stock to buy.
  2. Hey, Not sure where I should post this or who I should contact….but I recently purchased a bunch of Dust Tactics expansions and finally got to inspecting and painting the Corps Officers. I noticed the head on the mechanic looked quite different from what I had seen in all the pictures. I took a look at the unit card….the head is backwards! I tried to remove the head, it is stuck….like it was attached with CA or something. I can't remove it or turn it the correct way without breaking the head. I can already see the plastic around the neck lightening as it weakens from my attempts to remove it. What can I do about this?
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