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  1. Left at end of the first cycle, I remember Toturi was gearing up for something but I don't remember what it was...was it becoming Lion champion? The Unicorn champion decided not to marry into the Lion and thus was headed for war. I don't remember much else. I'm interested in coming back but I really want to get caught up on the story, what are the major developments so far?
  2. The rulebook says to “place in a province you don’t control.” But the daimyo screen says to “place in an opponent’s province.” One implies that you can place into provinces that aren’t controlled by anyone, the other directly states that it must be controlled by an enemy. The explanation in the rulebook as to what Raid tokens were meant for seems to favor the conclusion that you can place them into uncontrolled provinces, to “prevent them from falling into enemy hands.” If you could only place them in enemy-controlled provinces, then it’s already in enemy hands and you’re just taking it away from them. Thoughts?
  3. I'm absolutely determined to make a deck using the heroes in the title. I'm thinking I don't want two heroes that require resources to use their abilities, so that rules out LeAragorn. TAragorn doesn't offer much for what I'm trying to do, so that leaves Lore. This deck is meant to be paired with my wife's Sam/TMerry/Pippin deck through the Saga Campaign. I wanted to provide a solid defender (especially in the early game), but also sticking fairly well to theme. (Mostly we just thought it'd be really nice to more or less recreate the actual story.) Her Hobbit deck wants to engage, engage, engage but doesn't defend well in the early game. I know cards like Elven-light, A Test of Courage, Steward of Gondor, Unlikely Friendship and Dwarven Shield will be auto-includes, and I want Ioreth to help keep Gimli Healthy, but can anyone think of good allies to add to a deck like this?
  4. I suspect that Brad was referring to this part of the RRG: The resolution of some effects (such as post-then effects, or delayed effects) requires that targets are chosen after the initiation of the effect. Such targets need not be verified when checking play restrictions and determining whether or not the entire ability may initiate. If there are no valid targets at the time such targets would be chosen, that aspect of the effect fails to resolve.
  5. It it was a response from Brad directly by email. Here's my Q and his A: "If player 1 uses Court Games to force Player 2 to choose and dishonor one of their characters, can player 2 use Shiba Yojimbo to cancel the effects of court games?" And Brad responded: "In this case player 2 will not be able to cancel the court games using the Shiva Yojimbo. This is due to the fact that the targeting of the effect is found after the dash. By the time this effect gets around to choosing the target (which is necessary both to have an actual target for the effect and verify that the target is a shugenja) the opportunity to use the Shiba Yojimbo’s ability has passed. Hope this helps!"
  6. I've been hearing rumors that Asmodee is pushing for more profits, and FFG is seriously considering getting rid of playtesting altogether, except in the most minimalist role possible. They're considering pushing out the set and letting us balance it for them, and instead they would be "super responsive" and print cards with errata and make them readily available to players in tourney kits.
  7. Wow...after reading through this thread I have a newfound appreciation for my tickets. I hit "submit my wishlist" on my phone as soon as it flipped to 10am pst and got in without a hitch. I didn't even realize it had sold out so quickly. *EDIT* Not sure if it mattered or not, but before this happened, I went through and cleared my wish list, and then added the event to it a 2nd time.
  8. Remember, 45 min was the low end of the estimate. 45-90min is the projected length, which means probably an hour for most games.
  9. So, only one resolution of Black One's special during All In.
  10. EDIT: After re-reading the rules more closely, I realized that a single "resolve dice" action can resolve multiple dice, as long they all share a side. If that's the case, then the only question that matters is, "Can I take multiple separate 'resolve Specials' actions during All In? If the answer is yes, then you can resolve Black One more than once during All In. If the answer is no, well then the answer is no. So just, yeah...ignore the rest of the post below. In my mind, the question comes down to, "When a card instructs a player to resolve one or more dice, is the card instructing the player to take a 'Resolve Dice' action? Or, are the dice being resolved during the same action the player spent to play the card?" For example: Force Strike says to flip a die to a side showing melee damage, then resolve it. So either you do this: 1. Player spends action to play Force Strike. Player then flips die to melee side, and immediately resolves it. 2. Action ends. Actions spent: 1. OR this 1. Player spends action to play Force Strike, flips die to side showing melee damage. 2. Action Ends. 3. Player immediately takes another action to resolve that die. 4. Action Ends. Actions spent: 2. If the first example is true, then you can't resolve Black One's die again during All In. All dice are being resolved during the same action spent to play All In, and we can't resolve the same die more than once during the same action. If the second example is true, then that means whenever we're told to resolve dice, we're basically being told to take an action to resolve that die or dice. In this case, resolving Black One's die multiple times during All In would be acceptable, since each resolution of Black One's die would be a separate action. Sooooo...which is it?
  11. Spoiler-Free Rogue One Review: It's great. Go see it.
  12. If you're running a control deck, you run Immobilize. If you're running something more bursty and need cards with damage potential, run Choke.
  13. In my personal opinion, I really don't think you throw in Cunning into a Trooper deck just because it's Cunning. You have no specials on the table, so its power is completely dependent on you getting other cards into play first, and even then, what are you really doing with it? Also, Bala is unique, so Tactical Mastery + Squad Tactics + shoot something won't work as well. Here's my current Trooper deck 1-2x Nightsister 2-3x First Order Stormtrooper Starship Graveyard 2x Data Pad 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol 2x F11-D Rifle 2x Holdout Blaster 2x Infantry Grenades 2x Promotion 2x Drudge Work 2x Power of the Dark Side 2x Cannon Fodder 1x Endless Ranks 2x Flank 2x Logistics 2x Squad Tactics 2x Sweep the Area 1x Tactical Mastery 2x The Best Defense... I wouldn't mind finding room for a 2nd Tactical Mastery. Also, Drudge Work and Logistics is a must, all those upgrades cost money; I usually have the Sister exhaust for Drudge, to represent how much she hates babysitting 3 Troopers. Redeploy is your friend, especially if you're killing off Troopers with Cards like The Best Defense... and Cannon Fodder. Promotion isn't very good and it'll be the first thing to go once better cards come out. You'll lose to Thermal Detonator, though.
  14. Meh, typical female. Only interested when things are going their way; when things go south unexpectedly, instead of looking for counterplay, they just throw up their hands and quit. My wife is the exact same way.
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