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  1. If you don't mind sharing, what were some of your maneuvering tactics with this squad. The list has peaked my interest.
  2. Looking at these decklists I am trying to figure out what role A Hero's Journey plays in the deck. I am still fairly new to the game. Is it mainly to have pitch cards, the resource excel, and if it lines up well, Luke with some enhances? I feel with my newness, I am just not seeing it yet. Care to shed some light on this?
  3. Its cool, lol and thanks for the reply. I think part of my issue is in just about every game I play, I am always better when on the defensive side and not the aggresor. In a non-tournament setting, I feel like I tend to play DS better than LS especially Sith. I have not played Light Side as much yet, although every time I go on the attack of an objective I am so wary of getting attacked back on their turn and the dial advancing further. I say all that to say, when I commit someone to the force, I second guess myself a lot. I don't want ot commit, then have to defend with that commited person and take them out of the game essentially for two turns (thats if I have nothing to remove multiple focus on the board). It feels easier on DS because i just sit with my commited dude and play on the defensive side. Thanks for the comments!
  4. Currently, we don't have a play group really. The game is getting slow to take off. Most people are heavily into X-Wing. Check out Grand Adventures Comics and their forum. It usually just takes people playing a game to get others involved. I would post their first before making the long drive so that you would know you would be playing someone.
  5. Finaly got more games in last night. While playing, I kept stuggling with when and who I commited to the force. I built the Trooper Article Deck and I realize it is Aggro. Do you guys like to commit someone on the first turn to flip the balance card? Do you even worry about that with DS Aggro…or any Aggro deck for that matter? When playing control, who are your non-elite go to's for commiting to the force for both LS and DS in order get either the DS dial ticking faster or pinging objectives? I seem to always struggle with when I should commit to the force with the extra focus is costs to strike. Hope I was clear in my questions and thanks for the help!
  6. Check out my battle report. Since someone ran the list I posted earlier in this thread, I decided to go with a two Firespray list to avoid an almost exact mirror match. Should he not run that again, I will try this list since it was my first choice. The one time I played it was against a beginner that made his first list. Ran 2 A-Wings, 2 X-wings, and 1 Y-Wing. He just wanted to get a feel for how the ships move. This same guy is I believe currently 6th in the Nation in Flames of War, for those of you that know what that is. So I am confident he will be fielding very competitive squads once he learns the game better.
  7. Hey guys, tonight was our first Tournament and it went very well! I am going to try to right as much as I can remember here. My list, Bounty Hunter with Proximity Mines, Wep Engineer, HLC, and Engine Upgrade Krassis with HLC, Wep Engineer, and Shield Upgrade This list was very fun tonight. Caused lots of problems even with only 2 agility die First game was against a 3 Rebel ship build. (May be missing an upgrade or two) Wedge w/ R5-D8, Proton Torps Luke w/R2-D2, Proton Torps Prototype or Green Squad with Cluster Missles This was a close game. We flew around and I got Luke down to 1 hull point left. Then in my next round of shooting I whiffed on 8 dice rolls. Then Luke got his shields back as he manuverd out of my arcs and flew around. I lucked out and was able to focus fire on Wedge and take him out which would become the deciding factor. Our match went to time and I had killed Wedge and he had my bounty hunter had just 1 point left. Because my ships were still alive and I had killed more than 33 points…Major Victory! Second game was difficult. He calls it "Strangers with Candy" because Lando just hands out some candy and exposes himself…get your mind out of the gutter. Lando w/Luke, Chewbacca, Assault Missles, Shield Upgrade, Expose Biggs w/ R2-F2, Stealth Basic turn goes, Biggs moves and Activates the R2. Lando (Stranger) moves green, lets Biggs focus (gives him candy) then exposes himself (exposing himself). This was pretty brutal. He found ways to make me shoot Biggs at range 3 almost all game. Never even got a damage on him. All they while Lando just lit me up with 4-5 dice a turn. 2 agility and evades…not enough. Brutal game and I lost. Thrid game was against the ringer list just to avoid the bye. Tycho w/Homing Missles, PTL, Stealth 2x Green Pilots with the same load outs as Tycho This game was just kinda for kicks and giggles. I managed to get to Firesprays to focus one A-wing. My HLCs rolled SO WELL!. In total, I got 8 hits. He died easily. Next turn we danced around a little until I set up a shot against another A-wing with both ships. Again 8 HITS!!!!! From there, Tycho just kept flying around to avoid the what would eventually happen…more HLCs to the face! This is also the game where we, at our shop, decided to start calling the backwards primary shots from the Firespray…wait for it…"Butt Lasers" I ended up tied with 2nd place and with only 3 rounds due to time, we had to call it. Overall, I felt good about my play. Only a few boneheaded moves. Great first go at a tournament and lots of fun was had by all. Hoping to get back on Saturday, or next Monday for our next ones!
  8. A friend ran a variation of this list tonight at our first LGS tourny, he ran Krassis w. HLC Alpha Interceptor 3x Alpha Ties Believe that was it, could be off on an upgrade or two. He had moderate success. I prefer your set up better with a few more upgrades.
  9. How do you guys value A-Wings? Do they need to have Missles of some kind on them to really help earn their points? While messing around with a squad or two, I have come up with two possible options for lists. Have not played or tested either one, but it prompted my two questions. Here are the lists: List 1 Wedge w/R2 D2 Gold Squad w/Ion Prototype Pilot w/Assault Missles Prototype Pilot w/Assault Missles or List 2 Wedge w/R2 D2, Swarm Tactics Biggs w/R2 F2, Stealth Device Prototype Pilot Prototype Pilot Like I said, not played them yet…and may not, but it made me wonder if A-wings need a load out to earn their place in a list or not. Thanks!
  10. Take this with a grain of salt as my LGS is just now learning and growing the community, but I have run this list twice now and it has been awesome! 2-0 so far. We are trying to get tournaments set up and this has been the best Imperial list I have been able to make work for me. Thanks for posting it and I hope you consider imitation the highest form of flattery, because I plan on using this list for a few tournaments now!
  11. Cool. It sounds like maybe 2 more A-wings, 2 more Interceptors, 1 more Firespray, and 1 more X-wing might be good to get. Kinda on the fence for a Tie Advance. Seems like they are only ever used for Vader and if not for him the points are better spent on a regular Tie or Tie/In. Thanks for the quick comments!
  12. Hey guys…been lurking on the forums for a while. I have just dove into both X-wing and the Star Wars LCG. All I can say is that I am in SW Heaven right now! Really enjoying both games! So far with wave 2 I have bought 1 of each ship. I only really plan on getting one YT, but maybe one more Firespray. My real question lies in the A-Wing and Interceptor. From looking at the many Rebel lists floating around, I seem to need to get 2 maybe 3 more A-wings to have possiblities of an all A-wing force or atleast running 2. I havent really seen many people talking about the Interceptor. Is it a ship I should look at getting more than 1 more of? It appears that while spamming Rebels (4 X-wings, 4 A-wings, and even the few 3 Y-wing lists have seemed viable) Imperials may be better more with a combined arms of all three current Tiefighters. I could be way wrong on that as I only have a few games under my belt. My current list of ships include: 3 X-wings (Planning on getting a 4th) 3 Y-wings 1 A-Wing (Not sure how many to get) 1 YT 6 Tie Fighters 1 Tie Advance 1 Tie Interceptor (Not sure how many to get) 1 Firespray (Planning on 1 more) Where could I beef out my ship collection? One more question off topic…with wave 2 are tournaments and local players going to up the points to 150 or 161 like I have seen floating around, or are they staying at 100pts? Thanks for all your help!
  13. I know it would be a bit of a drive, but there are a small group of us playing at Grand Adventures Comics in Murfreesboro, TN. Sorry its not closer, but your more than welcome to come on down and get a few games in!
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