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  1. a 150 m Corvette is several magnitudes more dangerous than a 40m patrol ship.
  2. the key for a narrative game is CHARACTER BACKGROUND. Look at the resources thread for character creation tips and also google other systems character creation questionnaire type stuff. If players cant EASILY make 2-3 paragraphs MINIMUM on their character they arent done yet. You are using their backgrounds to come up with story arcs, twists and NPC's. They dont need every minute detail to begin with, but at least semi-detailed recount of how they got to where they are now. YOu can fill in specifics, come up with names later before you prep for a session. Also as a new GM, lay down game RULES/Guidelines/Expections before you even start making characters. Ie...if you are a new GM i would flat out tell them 2 rules off the bat Group is expected to be non-evil people. Gray decisions, selfish acts, etc are ok if they make sense to the character but they should be leaning on the side of GOOD. Group is expected to work together and cooperate. No killing, stealing, etc from other characters. In-fighting, disagreements, arguments are fine (maybe even some pushing/shoving/fist fights), but past that the group shouldnt even entertain as a possibility.
  3. "You must unlearn what you have learned" ....regarding other systems. 50 xp to raise AGI from 1 to 3, leaving you with 40 more, which you could use to even raise it to 4 if you wanted, or bring a 2 up to a 3 with 10 left over. I'm not sure how good an understanding you have of the dice pool creation, but for someone with heavy training a low starting attribute isnt a killer like in other games. Say you had your Trandoshan with 1 starting AGI. If he ranked his Ranged(Heavy) skill up to 3 (which you could easily accomplish within 1-2 sessions)...that means his dice pool is now 3 dice, 1 upgraded. Thats the beauty of EoE skill/characteristic system. Sure hes not the best shot in the Galaxy but 3.1 is very much competent in battle. When you throw extra stuff like weapon attachments/mods, aiming, destiny points....it isnt such a big deal anymore. Lastly if you are new to the game, I highly suggest you use Oggydude's awesome character creation program, which will keep you from making mistakes when creating the actual character...until you have a better understanding of the system.
  4. Your group didnt use obligation to explain their backgrounds? How can they all have DEBT obligations? Heres example of my group, so I have a WIDE range of stories I can go into. Bounty: Spy droid on the run from former employer that wants to wipe his memory so noone knows they were involved in illegal activity. Family: Doctor is trying to make his way back to his family that were displaced as refuges Criminal: Smuggler has made a broken out of a Prison and stolen a shuttle from Imperials. Betrayal: Force sensitive was betrayed and sold out by family friends and is now on the run You can also use obligation as a means of reward. They get a ship, valuable information, a base or some other asset in exchange for owing someone obligation. If Players ever make a promise or agreement with NPC about helping or yadda yadda, that can become obligation as well.
  5. · Combine Pilot (planetary & space) skills · Medpac will be known as MedKIT. Medkits allow 2 stim uses per encounter and cannot be separated from the Medkit · Trained assist: if assisting character does not have attributes/skills that upgrade the roll, upgrade 1 die on the skill check · NO called shots. Use triumphs for similar results · Destiny points do not reset after a game, they will be tracked session to session · Spend 2 advantage on a successful hit or 3 advantage on a miss to destroy SOFT cover · You receive 5 or ¼ of the EXP the group receives on a session that you miss, whichever is higher. · Catching your breath: At the end of each encounter, each player can make a Discipline or Cool check to remove strain. Every success & advantage heals 1 strain · Surprise round: Ambusher’s group stealth check vs highest vigilance in targets group; successes add to initiative check of ambushers group. Advantages can be used for boost die on actions taken during that round. · Obligation rolls will be done at the END of each session to provide a cliffhanger tension building! Gain the Advantage (Action) lasts until canceled or the target is outside of close range longer than a round
  6. For some reason I am just picturing Trex show up and all the pre-gen characters rip their fake faces off to reveal they are all actually Trandoshans, ala the -V- miniseries.
  7. I've vote Unnecessary. Shouldnt a shotgun have 'blast' quality like the spread barrel attachment. Also, would talents ever increase damage done by Blasts, say for instance POINT BLANK?
  8. Failed astrogation check shouldnt be too serious unless its like 3+ threat or a despair. Failure could mean end up taking more time & fuel.
  9. Acklay, Nexu, Reek: the beasts in the Arena shown in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones Narglatch (that dog/cat beast from SWG that I believe the Clone Wars series showed)
  10. I was under the impression you can only jury rig an item once
  11. While this is VERY true in other games like D&D and SW Saga, I would say its definitely not as bad in EotE where ALL players get to help create the narrative. I also have 3 players who enjoy creating and rolling the dice polls on their tablets heh!
  12. If you use the GMtools included with Oggydude's character generator, it will give you baseline stats that you can then modify for any enemy level. It also shows a 'power level' stat after creation that you can use as very ROUGH power gauge/indicator. Also consider using 'Enhanced Nemesis' rules (found in free, Under a Black Sun, PDF adventure) as a guide if your Nemesis doesnt have much backup. These rules are very common in D&D type games for high level monsters, some of them even get 3/4/5 turns a round. The rules worked well with an encounter I ran for my group where they faced a Nemesis beasty. I also gave my large beastie a quality the Hutts have, "Ponderous" which means they only ever get 1 maneuver per round. So the Epic Energy spider got 2 actions, but only ever 1 maneuver. Bad if you want to fight it, good if you want to run away!
  13. Whats the full name and author of this "Scoundrels" you speak of?
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