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  1. I've got an answer from the game designer on an other forum I'm frequenting. Basically, the rules concerning this, and other conflicting situations, are addressed on page 19 of the rules reference book, under "Timing": This clears up the confusion.
  2. I can't find this in the rulebook or reference guide: Is there an order in which things that occur during the "end of the round" are played? The reason I'm asking, after just my first play of the game, is this: Cyberdemon demon card (2 argent) Rail Cannon: At the end of the round, perform an attack with 8 range, 2 black dice, and 4 red dice. Sample Collection mission cardEND OF ROUND: Place 1 (argent) on the demon card corresponding to each Priority Target. Though the wording is slightly different, both mention they trigger or can be activated during the end of the round. My Cyberdemon had 1 argent before the end of the round, so the above matters to know whether or not it could use the Rail Cannon ability. Mind you, I just played one game and have no idea if similar issues come up with other cards.
  3. Looks like I have the same issue as user visigoth2112 with saved game loading, where all tiles are displayed on top of eachother after loading the saved game and new explored tiles just appear on top of the other tiles. Also the orientation of the tiles is wrong. Looks like they are in some default orientation at a 0,0 position on the map? All tokens do appear in their right positions. App version: 1.3.2 Scenario: Cycle of Eternity OS: Android version 5.1.1 Savegame was made somewhere in december, after we played for 1.5 hours before saving. The app updated in the meantime. This is also the first time ever that I used the save feature so I don't know if this is scenario specific. It is frustrating though. I tried saving and loading again, exiting the app inbetween but everything to no avail.
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