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  1. Empire Strikes Back The Force Awakens A New Hope Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones
  2. I think other then the interludes it had the making of an Age of Rebellion game. Characters were tied together with interesting back story. There was the ex-imperial, the bounty hunter, and the estranged mom/son combo. They get together and then pull off a typical new rebel cell mission. Hell it's even written in a weird present tense perspective which is quite similar to narattion of character actions. I'm not sure the characters would require Knight Level or if they are starter characters. I feel like its in the realm of possibility for starter characters with some lucky rolls. Some of the characters seem more like NPCs or just a PC who skipped a couple of sessions. I would totally play it as an adventure module.
  3. Well if they having a homing beacon on board the haul could they try overtake it and wait in ambush at its next exit location, preferably somewhere remote. Once there they would need to stealthily get on board the ship which could involve some interesting encounters in the vacuum of space trying to cut their way on board or hack the airlock controls. Don't forget to throw in a mynok or two.
  4. Ran through it with my group as part of their larger campaign, they seemed to enjoy it but many sessions were spent in Act 2 and 3. They lost every single mass combat roll no matter how well they did (dice were against them) but it made for some great tension and they were exhausted by the end of Act 1. I had a bit of an interesting twist right at the end of Act 3 where they got completely demolished by the Walker. I'd run that a lot differently next time but basically they woke up in prison and spent 2 sessions breaking out as well as rescuing the person they were supposed to rescue. Overall it was a good adventure, I preferred running it to Beyond the Rim but it's not quite Jewel of Yavin level. If I was to ever run it again I'd spend a lot more time on Arda I getting the players more attached to the base. I did run it straight after the core adventure but it would be well worth running some more stuff on Arda as there is a lot going on there.
  5. Somehow clicking the link also activated the join button. Sorry, I see you are at -3 players but if you have some drop outs, let me know. *Edit: Left the campaign but still interested to hear from you if there are dropouts.
  6. I liked Keith's suggested order from the GM Kit but in the end I decided to run them from Perlemian Haul > Onslaught at Arda I > my own filler adventure > Dead in the Water. Couple of reasons for this. It allowed me to set up a transition to Dead in the Water that I felt would make an already awesome adventure have much more awesome ties to the PCs. It allowed me to get my PCs a slightly bigger bag of tricks to handle what can end up being a very tough adventure. But the most secret at overpowering reason is I just couldn't wait to run Onslaught at Arda I. It looked amazing. No reason you can't split up the adventures though and run parts in various orders with your own stuff connecting it together.
  7. I like this definition of a scene which I got from Google. a subdivision of an act of a play in which the time is continuous and the setting fixed and which does not usually involve a change of characters. That matches your definition pretty much spot on, an encounter is a scene in a play. Every time the setting shifts and/or there is a small time skip we move onto the next encounter. Now add some fun stuff in like montages which change time and setting but are still one scene. A montage makes for a great "encounter" when you want to do a bunch of rolls over an extended time period.
  8. And then they can do some interesting adventure to work off that obligation and get the use of the hangar for the rest of the campaign. That seems a far more exciting thing to do as a player then raising 25k credits to purchase a hangar.
  9. And you have my sword. And my blaster! Surely you wouldn't deprive an old man of his walking stick? On topic, I'm all for a general board with sub-forums for specific systems.
  10. Congrats on your OP page. Your adventure log posts are great, my players like doing one or two but your players are really invested which helps so much in keeping OP relevant.
  11. The group I run at the office tend to use their cellphones and tablets for character sheets, rules resources etc. We also use Roll20 on the projector for maps and when I want them to see any specific artwork. My home group goes much the same except no projector so the players with tablets tend to share it around for battlemap times. I use Obsidian Portal to manage player information for all my campaigns and OneNote to keep my info but I'm moving my GM notes to Obsidian Portal for ease of reference.
  12. They are in the Force and Destiny Beta. +4 Damage, Crit of 3, Encumberance of 4, 1 hard point, 4500 credits, rarity of 6 and have the Cortosis, Cumbersome 3, Defensive 1, Linked 1, Stun setting, and Unwieldy 3 properties.
  13. Consular, Guardian, Marauder, Sentinel, Shaman, Warrior? Not too bad, not 100%, but not too bad. One of the Ses is a Senator?
  14. That's a very long trek for you, just as long for me and with the current exchange rate it's pretty much out.
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