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  1. Wow, this is all really interesting stuff. I'm glad I asked this question as it spawned a bunch of really good things I hadn't thought about.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the answer. Intersting too. Since the answer was something completely different than either of the two answers I was expecting!
  3. So I was playing with a friend the other day and he played The Maker's Eye. I was playing Jinteki and had three Fetal A.I. (s) in my deck. He only had two cards in has hand. In the three cards he drew from the R&D two of them were Fetal A.I. (s). So here's the question: When you play The Maker's Eye, do you access all the cards simultaniously or do you access each on seperately? If it's simultanious than he would have died. If it was seperately he would have been able to take the two damage, score the agenda and win the game before he accessed the second Fetal A.I. What do you all think?
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