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  1. Hey I'm new to the game (thanks to the Force Friday package) although I'm not new to FFG (heavily invested in X-Wing and Imperial Assault since day 1, but I was looking at buying a few booster packs and I was wondering about just buying a whole box of boosters. Does each box have everything in it? Or are they randomly distributed and you could still get skunked and not get a rare (or Legendary or whatever they are called) card? Jut debating what the best way to go about getting some boosters is. Thanks
  2. I said based on all available evidence, Target is the best bet for Sept 4. after that, yeah no doubt it will be everywhere. I just think you should add "Speculation:" to your title, or at the very least a "?" at the end is all. This entire thread is just speculation.
  3. Your topic sounded so matter of fact. Then I realized you have zero idea but are just speculating. Also I highly doubt it will be Target exclusive. Maybe for midnight but after that everyone will have it that carries X-wing. It could be a target exclusive by chance for a few hours if they are the only major store carrying it on Force Friday at midnight. But it would just be because nobody else has carried X-wing besides local stores.
  4. Yeah I'm looking forward to the new allegedly new ties. But I'm always looking forward to new ships. I've moved away from swarming at this point and moved more towards more diversity in my fleets. Makes it a little more fun for me to play a wider variety of ships more frequently.
  5. Ha I have zero interest in another hwk. And yes I have played 3 Decimator in epic, but before the Raider came out.
  6. As many as you want really. I'm recovering from buying way too many for the last 3 years. I've been in X-wing since it first launched. Like many who have been in since day one I have way more of the first ships than the later ships. Early on there simply were not a lot of options for fleet building. So initially (wave 1 and most of wave 2) I bought enough ships to fill out a 100 point list for each ship. At the time it was fine. Aces packs didn't exist yet, and there weren't too many options so even a list of all Y-wings was reasonable. I also like my orders to hit $100 so I get free shipping so I end up buying too many of lots of ships. But I've stopped even worrying about that now. Now I'm only buying 1 of each ship for the most part. There are some that obviously lead me to want to order 2 of each such as the Tie Inquisitor tie. I pre-ordered two of those as they seem like the type of ship that I need two, but mostly now I'm down to 1 each. My ships? - 7 X-wings (3 core sets, 2 expansions, and 1 from the rebel transport) - 8 Tie fighters (3 cores and 2 expansions) Will be at least 10 though once the imperial assault raider comes out - 5 Y-wings (3 Y-wings expansions, 2 most wanted) - 4 tie advanced (3 original expansions, 1 from the raider) Originally this was way too many, as only 1 is necessary. Now with the new upgrades I'm using them more and more - 2 Falcons (the only wave 2 ship I didn't buy enough to fill a 100 point list) - 3 Firesprays (too many initially, but with scum out if I'm supplying both sides it's no big deal) - 7 A-wings (5 expansions, and 2 aces) My favorite ship in the game, but I still own way too many of them all the same - 8 interceptors (2 aces packs, 4 expansions) way toooooo many - 6 B-wings (4 expansions and 2 from aces) - 2 Lambdas That's 1 too many for me - 3 Hwks. Still too many even if I play rebels vs. scum. I like the ship, but really only ever need 1 per side. - 4 tie bombers - 3 Tie defenders - 3 Tie phantoms (2 too many) - 3 E-wings (2 too many) - 8 Z-95s (waaaaaay too many) I thought I would swarm it like I do tie fighters, but yeah I don't - 3 Decimators (for epic games primarily) - 2 outrider (1 too many) - 3 star vipers (1 too many) - 4 M3as (I don't use it much, probably only needed 2 ever) - 4 Ig-2000s for epic play - 1 tantive - 1 rebel transport - 1 radier I have pre-ordered: - 1 k-wing - 1 kirhax or however you spell it - 1 Tie Punisher - 1 houndstooth - 1 imperial assault raider - 2 tie inquisitors - 1 ghost - 1 jumpmaster - 2 mist hunter I'll buy 1 of a new core set if it exists, and one of each expansion and that's probably it from the new stuff unless there is a real special surprise in the episode 7 stuff. I've slowed down a lot with the most recent expansions as I've realized how little I've played some of my ships. I don't play in tournaments often so I've decided to buy a lot less.
  7. I agree. It's actually humorous reading these threads complaining about people not getting their favorite EU ship every wave. I love Star Wars but generally do not love EU Star Wars. So for my the only major exposure I have to EU has been X-wing the miniatures game. As a non-EU user when I see threads complaining about how ridiculous X ship looks and how instead they want their favorite Y ship from a previous EU game. Which... as a non-EU fan... looks equally ridiculous. But FFG has made a fantastic game, so I like the EU ships even though I previously had zero interest in them. So I really look forward to wave 7 just like every other wave, because they all have been so incredibly good.
  8. The pegs and base plate are complete garbage. Like serious garbage. But otherwise the model is ok.
  9. I know this is old but just in case anyone is reading this now know that I ordered one of these mats (the monday knight productions ones) and they are absolutely terrible. It looks like something your toddler made at pre-school. I wish I were kidding, but at the price you pay I guess you shouldn't expect more. Since then I've made my own and purchased a GF9 mat. Well worth the money. Avoid MKP, trust me, they are not worth it. They are terrible looking.
  10. Finally got my tracking number tonight. Although I got an email saying it shipped yesterday (which would have meant that I would receive it tonight) but more than 24 hours later I got my tracking number… and they didn't actually ship it until today. Not a big deal, but it is a little annoying. I have noticed MM tends to say things are shipped when they really don't ship until 24 hours later. It's a little annoying.
  11. Pygon said: A little later I got a second email with UPS tracking information. Shoot I never got that. But my status online says my entire order has shipped (1 falcon, 1 slave 1, 4 A wings and 3 interceptors) order placed 1/19/13. Hopefully they actually shipped today. Coming from St Louis even if ground I should get it tomorrow.
  12. Pygon said: Bah, it appears I can't edit an older post. As I said earlier, my MiniatureMarket 1/26/13 order (2 Falcons and 2 Slave Is) shipped, estimated arrival 3/1! My 1/28/13 order (3 A-Wings and 3 Interceptors) as of the end of the same day (2/27/13) has not shipped yet. How did you get your expected delivery date? Mine was shipped today from miniature market and I can't seem to find a tracking number.
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