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  1. Ah, thanks! I don’t have a copy of the game yet so good to know.
  2. If they ever do an expansion, I’d love to see these as playable characters: Dengar Hondo Tobias Beckett BoShek Aurra Sing Sana Starros
  3. I was typing my other response when this appeared. You may know already this, but the House Rule you've cited regarding the Command skill limiting Combined Actions actually appears in the Rules Companion. However, Stormtroopers are not limited by this rule due to their training, so they may combine fire up to however many are engaged in combat.
  4. I'd argue that the Combined Actions rule was probably created specifically to address how toothless Stormtroopers would be if that rule didn't exist. More experienced PCs with a high enough Dodge skill don't have to worry about ever getting hit by Stormtroopers. But a group of Stormtroopers using Combined Actions is now a lethal force, as it should be. In the example you provided with Luke swinging across that Death Star chasm, that sounds like a great time for him to use a Force Point (which, by its definition, rewards acts of heroism) so he'd be less likely to worry about combined Stormtrooper fire. I can tell you're passionate about WEG Star Wars. I am, too, and I appreciate your thoughtful, well-constructed response. But we'll have to respectfully agree to disagree. None of the the Rules Upgrade/Rules Companion additions ever hindered the flow or excitement of my group's adventures. At the end of the day, there's no right or wrong answer as to which version is better ... it's just personal preference. At least we both agree the second edition is inferior ; )
  5. The first 3 products released in 1987 by West End were the RPG rulebook, sourcebook, and Star Warriors (a hex-based starship combat game that could be integrated into the RPG). However, for a couple of years, nearly every shrink-wrapped RPG-related product released after that included a copy of the 4-page Rules Upgrade. IIRC, they stopped doing this after the release of the Star Wars Rules Companion in 1989(?), which included everything that was in the Rules Upgrade but added clarifications and a few more rules as well (including those for capital ship RPG combat). Personally, I've never played a purely vanilla 1st edition version of the Star Wars D6 RPG. I started with the Rules Upgrade version (which I consider to be the "1.1 version" of the first edition rules), then later incorporated the Rules Companion (the "1.5 version") into our campaign. Throughout the years, I've played every other Star Wars RPG released except for the FFG version (though I own the rulebooks ... old habits). Through it all, however, I've always preferred the Rules Companion/1.5 version of Star Wars D6, which kept the free-flowing gameplay that allowed for fast-paced storytelling but had just enough rules structure for the more hard-core gamers in my group.
  6. I haven't found many typos though I haven't been proofreading the books and looking for problems--certain things just popped out. So far, I've found nothing wrong with the core rulebook, so GMs should know what the proper lightsaber damage is. If you plan to run a D6 adventure or campaign, however, I'd still recommend using the original books, if only because the 30th anniversary edition of these publications are printed on much nicer paper and smoother covers, housed in a nice case. I wouldn't want them to get too much wear and tear. As for the "collectability" of this set, that's up to you. Personally, I don't think they'll go up much in price. However, these books will always remain near and dear to those of us who, in the late 80s, were scrounging for any scraps of Star Wars content (SW was considered a dead franchise back then). Us fans ended up finding a gold mine through West End Games. These WEG books will always be priceless to me.
  7. Yeah, the typos are interesting ... On page 96 of the 30th Anniversary Sourcebook, it lists lightsaber damage as “50” yet the original Sourcebook had the correct value of “5D.” Regarding Yoda, “Survival” was also spelled correctly in the original Sourcebook.
  8. Agree with all of the above. Nearly 30 years later, I remember Graveyard of Alderaan, Otherspace, and Riders of the Maelstrom being pretty fun as well (as a GM with a party of 3). Graveyard especially since it involves moments from ANH and features Luke, Han, and Leia.
  9. BanthaPoodoo72

    Wave Three?

    New poster here… For Wave 3, I'd love to see something like an all-in-one boxed expansion that contains: TIE Bomber B-Wing 4 Gun Turret miniatures for Death Star surface scenarios Flat cardboard pieces that have scaled representations of Death Star trenchand surface, Corellian Corvette, and other capital ships (I have no idea if a Star Destroyer is doable, maybe by connecting several pieces together). If they can do this for $40 or below, that'd be great. Would definitely be worth buying two. : ) Wishful thinking…
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