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  1. The point is to make sure you get your own copy of the game. Try getting your hands on a copy of Dead of Winter : Crossroad. It's out of stock a few hours, if not minutes, following restock. Preordering a game is necessary when there is a lot of hype around it and that available quantity is or may be limited. I might be wrong but I feel the hype around Forbidden Stars is mainly focused on FFG forum users and a few fierce fans of Warhammer 40,000k. Nothing to empty the shelves minutes after restock I understand. I'm just venting a bit. Amazon really aren't suitable for board game pre-orders unfortunately; They were very late on Star Wars Armada pre-orders as well. I can appreciate your pain.
  2. The combat sounds a lot smoother than Runewars which ends up being a little tedious over time. I hope some of these improvements can help inform and lead to a Runewars second edition...
  3. Errh.. Its standalone board game set in the fiction of the warhammer 40,000 universe; As such it does not require you to own any other warhammer miniatures, rules books, etc.
  4. Anyone noted that it is now on the boat?
  5. That means they can announce wave 3 at gencon.
  6. I expect that you're right on the timing. However, I think it will be a long while before we see Armada ships from the sequel era (if ever). They confirmed recently that they have access to episode VII stuff. Its mostly definitely going to happen for X-wing at the end of the year, but I guess Armada has a few other options.
  7. I didn't expect it to be so radically different from the ISD. I'd bet serious money that we get the third wave in the winter (December to February).
  8. It does seem like a quality control issue as I'm certain my Nebulon B had a lot more effort put into its rear than most peoples; In fact the one in that video looks almost entirely unpainted.
  9. I'm altogether far too anxious thinking about where it might be in Europe. I'm betting its most certainly not on a boat anymore..
  10. Homeworld Remastered collection, it even has a star wars mod.. Also Sins of a solar empire which also has a star wars mod.
  11. I've played half a dozen matches with just 189 points and it hasn't come close to losing its charm. I've been thinking about playing it while at work and I'm checking FFG front page for updates and checking the forums every few hours.
  12. Some of the fighters in the wave 1 packs have the ability to disengage I believe, thus I don't believe every fighter should be able to. And I entirely agree with Ghost Dancer.
  13. It really is a full blooded tabletop game in the best of ways.
  14. CR90 B with overload pulse is something I'm trying to take advantage of, but so far it seems risky to get that close if I haven't got the right angle on the Victory.
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