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  1. It may be affecting the whole FFg site... unless of course it's just me not being able to dload the latest faq and tourney rules. Cheers
  2. Rapture: Go to one of the subforums above. Open it. You'll see what is happening. My explanation - It looks like a bunch of asian text bombs have gone off. Many many pages of them. I can't explain it any better than that as I have no idea exactly what it is. Cheers
  3. WTF? I hope FFG get onto this quickly. I hope the main forum doesn't get hit. Cheers
  4. Shame about the turn out, is that Bundaberg though as I wouldn't have thought you guys would have a large player base would you? I just booked my flights for the QLD Regionals and I'm flattered that I might influence your decision to go! I'm looking forward to getting up there and meeting everyone, getting some games then having a few beers after. Bundy can get good numbers (not earth shatteringly good though). It's not unknown for us to get 15+ players. But this latest tourney had a bit of politics and other stuff that hampered it. Which is unfortunate. I don't even know if Chris Haak is going to be hitting the Regionals this year. Will have to wait and see. I haven't seen him move an x-wing mini in a game for ... over a month now. If money and my 501st duties allow it, I'll do my best to head up there. I know a couple of guys from Maryborough/Hervey Bay are going to be going. Cheers
  5. Terrible turn out to the local SC this year. Pegasus Gaming, Queensland, Australia 6 players 3 rounds - no cut I won the SC with Chiraneu & Echo. Regionals are not being help locally this year. Not sure I'm going to be bothered (or able) to go. Though I did see that Morgan Reid is hoping to be there, that might make it worth going however. Cheers
  6. Aren't you a little tall for a Jawa? 6'3... not for a King Jawa (there are a few in the movies)... But yes, I feel way too tall. Once I've been approved for membership however... ROTJ Royal Guard and then ESB Darth Vader. Cheers
  7. How about an entire Jawa Costume? Just waiting on approval from the 501st Legion. Currently working on a scratchbuilt Jawa Blaster and other stuff. Next full costume up will be a ROTJ Royal Guard. Cheers
  8. This is just ... win. Falcon Down. Cheers
  9. 1st ever game, Howlrunner and 4 TIES set up backwards... fast game.... Ah well Cheers
  10. OK, before I post... Sorry ExpatSmuggler. I just wish I had access to a grey as dark as yours was. But this will have to do for me. I have wimped out on doing a Nuln Oil wash over the grey, as my 'washing' abilities over large panels is lackluster at best... Cheers
  11. I can't get access to a grey that dark... so mine will end up either being lighter (Tamiya Gunship Grey spray can TS-48), or that Tamiya colour with a straight up pure Nuln Oil Wash (not sure if I want it looking 'that' worn however). Cheers
  12. Also just added myself. Only X-wing player for 500 kilometers it seems... sigh. Pretty sure I know every X-Winger in my surrounding area anyways. But hey... anyone heading to subtropical Queensland Australia... be sure to use the map feature and give me a yell. LOL Cheers
  13. Thank you for the kind words guys. Sorry for the pic quality, currently stuck with what my Phone can do until I get batteries for the actual camera. Cheers
  14. People may not be Vassal fans, and I know of at least 1 person who 'can't/refuses to' use it because it provides no spatial awareness.... I personally vouch for Vassal's awesomeness. I have been a voyeur on Vassal for a while now watching and learning (maneuvers/strategies not lists). I have played 18 games on Vassal personally so far, and through watching and learning (even doing the moves on my desk in front of the monitor with actual ships during the Vassal games I'm watching), I have managed to improve my RL X-winging. OK, I'm 50% on Vassal itself (Yes I keep track in my preferences)... but DANG there's some great people and players on there. What I'm saying is... Hang out and WATCH even. You don't have to play. It's amazing the things you pick up via just watching matches. Just my $0.02 worth. Cheers
  15. It's actually a Star Destroyer my wife and I built for X-Wing. It's 7+' long and 3+' wide. I have a build thread on the FFG X-Wing forums for it here. Unfortunately, it rarely gets used (maybe 3 games on it since it was built) and now it sits on my gaming table behind me, gathering dust and slowly degrading (sigh). I have plans to donate it to a gaming club a couple of hours south of me. Hopefully they can get more use out of it. Cheers
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