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  1. A new day and new rules brings a ray of sunshine into my life that my interpretation of coordinated fire was correct.
  2. Both missing the point again. 1 + 1 = 2 (just for now forget about a third or fourth aim token) 2 does not = one nor does it equal lone. Neither of you can describe your actions by transfering a second (or more) aim token without using the word "another", second or each time. None of these words appear on the card, show me where on the card it says you can do it again?
  3. Tokous - Actually it does. Re-read the definition of what "an" means. Go on, open up your favourite dictionary if you don't believe me. One or lone. How do you get multiple of anything from 1? Also "another" literally means "one other". So it does say how many other units can gain 1 aim token Orkimedes - the whole sentence uses singular context. This is how you should be comprehending that sentence. “After a (singular) friendly corps unit (singular again) spends an (one or lone) aim token (again singular), another (one other) friendly unit (singular again) at range 1-2 may gain 1 (singular) Aim token (singular again).” Nothing in that sentence is plural.
  4. I think your reading too much into this card. “After a friendly corps unit spends an aim token, another friendly unit at range 1-2 may gain 1 Aim token.” The keyword in the sentence above is actually "an". The word "an" means one or lone. Re-read the text of the card again, this time substituting the word one for an (since that's what it means). Where in the card does it say rinse and repeat? Remember the word "an" also means lone. I think at best you can transfer the same aim token across multiple units giving good action efficiency but not multiple aim tokens.
  5. What Scale is Legion? The following references were used to create this guide http://scalecalculator.appspot.com/figurescale StarWars.com Databank Wookiepedia I will be using the metric system to measure miniature height and scale. The metric system is more accurate. Star Wars universe uses the metric system. If you don’t live in the USA, Liberia and Myanmar, then you use the metric system. The metric system is easier and my maths ability is average at best. The scale listed was rounded to the nearest millimetre. The Star Wars Databank is the primary source of a unit’s real measurement, with Wookiepedia used as a backup and cross reference. I don’t own an Air Speeder yet, so its data is missing, sorry. Don’t want to read any further and want to know what scale Legion is? The answer is 1:46 Stormtroopers Miniature: 40mm (average height based on crouching and kneeling positions) StarWars.com Databank: 1.83m Scale: 1:46 The Star Wars Databank has Stormtroopers at 1.83m on average; Wookiepedia does not list a height. A few assumptions made about Stormtroopers – Stormtrooper’s average 1.83m tall, the Unit Leader could be slightly taller than the other miniatures. All the regular Stormtroopers are in some kind of crouching or kneeling position. Luke is too short to be a Stormtrooper at 1.72m. Darth Vader Miniature: 45mm high StarWars.com Databank: 2.03m Scale: 1:45 Regardless of using 2.03m or 2.02m height, Darth Vader’s scale is at 1:45. If the Stormtrooper scale is correct then it is not out of the ordinary for manufacturers to make the hero figures slightly larger in scale than regular troops anyway. 74-Z Speeder Bike Miniature: 85mm long Star Wars Databank: 3.2m Scale: 1:38 or maybe it actually is 1:46 The 74-Z Speeder is a problem or is it? According to the Star Wars Databank the 74-Z Speeder Bike is 3.2m long. In Wookiepedia it is listed at 3m, 4.4m and 4.9m. No matter which "official" length you use the Speeder Bike never gets near the scale of the figures. At 1:46 scale the Speeder Bike is 3.9m long which is very close to the average (3.875m) of the four measurements listed from the reference sources – maybe the model makers at FFG were onto something. Rebel Troopers Miniature: 40mm (average height based on crouching and kneeling positions) StarWars.com Databank: Not Listed Scale: 1:46 Neither the Star Wars Databank or Wookiepedia lists a height for the Rebel Troopers. For simplicity sake I am going to assume a 1.83m height. The Rebel Trooper poses are similar to the Stormtrooper’s in that the Unit Leader is standing straight and the regular troopers are in some kind of crouching position. Luke Skywalker Miniature: 36mm (approx. 37mm standing tall) Star Wars Databank: 1.72m Scale: 1:46 Luke is in a slightly crouched position I have given him a little boost in height to 37mm and then he is the same scale as the trooper models at 1:46 scale. If you would rather use his 36mm height then he is slightly smaller in scale at 1:48. AT-RT Miniature: 75mm (without rider) Star Wars Databank: 3.45m Scale: 1:46 The AT-RT measured without the rider comes in perfectly at 1:46 scale. AT-ST Miniature: Varies in height Star Wars Databank: 8.6m Scale: 1:46 The AT-ST is posable and no two AT-STs will be the same height. The AT-ST is listed at 8.6m tall. My AT-ST is 178mm tall (I wanted both legs glued to the base for stability so went with a static pose). Since nearly all the other figures are at 1:46 scale, then the height of an AT-ST is 187mm at 1:46 scale. You can easily build your AT-ST to 187mm tall and it does look right. Data Set Figure Mini Height Trooper Leader 41mm SW03 37mm SW04 39mm SW05 40mm SW06 39mm DLT-19 40mm HH-12 31mm Speeder Bike 85mm long Darth Vader 45mm Rebel Leader 40mm SW010 37mm SW011 38mm SW012 39mm SW013 38mm Ion Trooper 38mm Z-6 Trooper 36mm AT-RT 75mm Luke 36mm AT-ST* 178mm * The AT-ST is posable and can vary in height
  6. I'm working on 3D terrain which i hope to make available in resin in the new year.
  7. Our local meta has a rock, paper, scissors effect at the moment In most games the Waiqar are beating the Latari - the elves struggle to remove blight. The Latari are beating the Daqan - the humans are struggling to catch the slippery buggers. And the Daqan are beating the Waiqar - Hawthorne can help remove blight more easily and the Spearstars/Cavalry 4x1 deal too much damage for the regeneration to overcome. Once all the armies have a more complete toolbox of units available for them to choose from I see our local meta stabilising. So Death Knights, Wraiths, Crossbowmen, Outland scouts and Darnati Warriors will help that. Hopefully, the Waiqar player has a blight army to help them tomorrow.
  8. 12 - 8 for the spear star and another 4 for dispatch runner.
  9. The 200 point limit serves two purposes. 1. A game can be completed in 90 minutes. Increasing the point limit generally means more units which will increase turn time when it comes to planning and resolving actions. 2. It means you need to make difficult choices as to what to include/exclude in your army. This should be seen as a strength, not a weakness of the game. I am glad I cannot build exactly what I'd like to play, it means my opponent must make those some difficult choices too. This is a sign of a robust game design/mechanic. I agree, I think we will see "epic" units in the future, once all 4 armies are fleshed out more, hopefully announced at GenCon in 2018. Along with the epic units will be an epic game format with more points, just like x-wing. Rob
  10. We used the official deployments and objectives as per the tournament regulations starting in October, 2017 - see here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ff/d2/ffd221c7-808e-4926-b09c-2268cfc4882c/rwm_tournament_regulations_v10.pdf Deployments and Objectives were randomly selected on the day. They ended up being: Round 1, Careful Approach with Bounty. Round 2, Hammer and Anvil with Supply Raid and Standoff with Demoralize their Forces. Each round was 90 minutes.
  11. I think we can now add "We were right, you were wrong" to our signatures
  12. I was thinking that the following list could be fun with the right deployment. 200/200 Outland Scouts x4 [32] X --Champion: Citadel Weapons Master [8] X --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] X Outland Scouts x4 [32] X --Champion: Citadel Weapons Master [8] X --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] X Outland Scouts x4 [32] X --Champion: Citadel Weapons Master [8] X --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] X Outland Scouts x2 [21] X --Training: Empty Lord Hawthorne x1 [34] X --Artifact: Shield of Margath [6] X --Unique: Might of Daqan [4] X Using the scouts ability to deploy outside your zone and hit them hard early with a charge. Hawthorne is used to increase threat. Thoughts?
  13. Try this, I have always beaten the Waiqar using some kind of version of it. You even have 4 points spare. 196/200 Oathsworn Cavalry x4 [34] (set as a 4x1) --Training: Rank Discipline [4] Spearmen x9 [59] --Champion: Lance Corporal [6] --Equipment: Shield Wall [5] --Heavy: Front Line Rune Golem [7] Lord Hawthorne x1 [34] --Artifact: Shield of Margath [6] --Unique: Might of Daqan [4] Spearmen x4 [30] (set as 2x2) --Champion: Dispatch Runner [7] Use Hawthorne to build up some Inspiration at the start and while maneuvering towards your enemy. Try and get 4 points of inspiration on the spearstar (2 in the first turn and 2 more as you move forward) Hawthorne and the cavalry can protect the flanks of the spearstar if they try and flank it. Or the Cavalry can take care of Ankaur in 1 turn with a charge and Hawthorne will destroy the archers all by himself. Use Lance Corporal and the Shield wall to bring your defence to 3 and you'll find the spearstar takes a lot of damage to whittle down. Which is fine it means they aren't attacking Hawthorne or the Cavalry which free's them up to do their thing as above. When issuing commands to the spearstar you can either rally to remove all banes, then use dispatch runner from the other spearman to attack for 12-15 points of damage or add the +1 defence/extra hit icon and attack twice. If your flanked or they are concentrating their attacks on the spearstar add the defence plus shield wall, if not then add the damage. Use the inspiration to ready the shield wall or remove the stun. If your opponent spreads the blight then you can use your inspiration to remove any banes and then you get to attack twice thanks to dispatch runner for 24-30 points of damage a turn - that undead block wont last 2 turns Also if you tie up the archers at the same time as the spearstar hits, they wont be blighting anymore. Try and keep the leonx riders away from the small unit of spearman as they are key to your spearstar being so strong. If this unit has blight it doesn't matter, if it's attacking your in deep trouble and something has terribly gone wrong or it must be late in the game and victory is yours already. You can also use your cavalry to take out the leonx riders if Ankaur is well protected. To be honest Ankaur by himself is a weak choice to use by your opponent - I love it when they do that. You can ignore him for the entire game and mop him up last it really depends on how they deploy. And don't forget to enjoy the game with a big smile on your face when he realises just how much damage you can do in a turn.
  14. Fight fire with fire. Play Daqan
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