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  1. Destiny seems right.

    How about this as a summation. 

    Obligations: Debts as payment for upfront benefits (XP and credits)


    Duty: What people expect of you, and if you succeed at it you will be rewarded with temporary and limited power in the form of equipment and possible command of others.

    Destiny: What the universe expects of you and if you succeed you will be rewarded with power, if you go against it, you will lose power.


    "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

  2. Perhaps Duty gives you X amount of credits that can be used to requisition items to be used to accomplish your mission, perhaps it will include military personal as well as military hardware. I would assume that after the mission it all goes away.

    Seems that it might be tough to balance those missions vs a standard EoTE mission, I guess that is why they need a BETA.

  3. Definitely hit them up with Obligation. You don't need to baby them with .. are you sure? you will get X, if you do Y. They are acting like murderers, treat them like murderers. Give them 10 Obligation and let them realize that generating so much heat will cook them.

  4. 1) Some folks have raised questions regarding high experience point characters never missing nor getting hit, especially after all three books are out, what problems did you find during  testing and what was done to combat these kinds of problems.


    2) Similarly some people are already creating house rules for the force because they believe that not giving targets the ability to resist makes force users too powerful. How has the ability for force users to perform acts that can't be resisted been balanced.

  5. Found this online... http://gsa.thegamernation.org/2012/09/27/star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-the-game-has-changed/


    It mentions Discipline Rolls for Force use.  Has this not been implemented in the core game?


    Here is the key passage

    "... The other big change was that several effects, most notably the offensive use of Move and the mind trick upgrade of Influence, are now opposed Discipline rolls where previously they just occurred automatically with the target having no means of resistance."

  6. The addition of these talents seems to encourage the GM to liberally add setback dice. I GM mostly d20 style games, and I am used to having a DC that is often set in stone.  These talents would be useless if I kept that mindset, thus the GM should be thinking of how the current situation is hampering the check. 

    One nice side effect of this is to add to the immersion of the game, by having the GM explain the reason for the setback dice and thus painting a better picture of the situation.  I guess the worst thing that can happen is that when someone has this talent, the GM could decide that it not worth his/her time to describe the details that the player can then ignore. Best to describe the added details to add the immersion and then remind the player to ignore/remove the die.

  7. Combat is fast, fun and epic.  There are a lot of combat options avaialbe to keep you from saying, I shoot my blaster. And even if you do just say I shoot that every time, the dice system encourages multiple outcomes and options.  Using the AIM manuever from the BETA as an example, it can be used two ways… one the obvious way is to make it easier to hit. Or you could use it to hit a specific item, or part of your target. This was only partialiy codeified, meaning it explained to do so you have a harder time to hit, but it leaves it up to the GM do determine the outcome of a success in that case.

    This would most likely be talked about before the roll. So you can say.. if I aim for his rocket pack can I disable it?  The GM can present you with the possible outcomes. Perhaps yes, if you hit it, it is out for the encoutner, or perhaps yes, but it is tough tech and you would need to score a crit to disable it for the encounter a normal hit will just disable it for a few rounds.

    So in a way it is much more detailed than D&D, but it has not all been laided out and codified as 3.5 or 4e.


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