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  1. Thats an awesome idea, any clue on where/who/how i should contact?
  2. nope nothing =( is it possible there is no way of knowing without opening the game? seems odd
  3. Hey guys! ty for helping! this is how the barcode looks like, cant seem to find anythign which resembles a date: http://pasteboard.co/2dFzwT0l.jpg
  4. Hey guys! Knowing im a huge FFG fan, on my birthday two friends purchsed Descent for me. thing is, i want to sell the spare, but i want to make sure im keeping one that is one of the recent re-prints. is it at all possible to diffrenciate between the two without opening the game box? ty!
  5. also about "one of his objects" same question, when i cast "Shatter" on someone, does that mean their megic objects as well?
  6. gust of wind says "That character must roll 1 die for each of his Objects" does that include megic objects? also small question about counterspell when someone is at the crown of command, i can use Counterspell to disable his spell. - but do i have to state "using counterspell" BEFORE he rolls his die? or can i wait to see if he succeds or fails?
  7. on one of the spaces that say "Draw 2 cards" we drew the teleporter (roll 1-6 to see where it puts you) and the swamp. both enc numbers are 5. how does it work rule wise? does he encounter BOTH at the same time which means he loses this current turn and next turn moves normally? or does it mean can teleport because he can choose to encounter the teleporter first? help?
  8. thanks buddy… it does seem a-bit open to interpetaion… ill just see if anyone else comments and what they say.
  9. are you sure? if im not mistaken the rulebook say "when rolling 2 die the person may only use fate on 1 die" and also, fate says "The player Must accept the value that comes out on the rerolled die"
  10. 1. about "oops". for example, a Druid has 3 spells and picked up the amulet, he said he'd like to keep it, we couldnt find anything in the rules that says he can't keep it and it just means that during other peoples turns he couldnt cast spells, but in his own turn he can always ditch the amulet and than cast a spell. so far legal? Now, this isn't really in the rules i think but id like to know what most people do. - a few rounds later he cast "Destruction" and destroyed a card on the board, no one noticed he had the amulet that moment and said he couldnt, 2 turns went by and we all noticed suddenly that he couldnt have cast the spell. what is the "Protocal" on these things? i said that since 2 turns went by, the reasonable thing is for him to drop the amulet, thus making his turn 100% legal, his miss his fault. he said he should re-instate the card he destroyed onto the board and not keep the "Destruction" spell… what do you say? 2. Stranger cards and event cards. - when we land on a spot and draw a card, when the Enchanter comes up, do decided we DON'T encounter him, since it says "the first one to land on him"? is this currect? same question for the Which and healer? can u heal immidietly if u draw the card? do u HAVE to roll a die if u take the witch? another thing is the 4 cards like the Fountain of Wisdom. it say place 4 craft. the person drawing the card gets 1, and 3 are left on the board? or does he not take any at all? and u only take when someone lands on it next? 3. when the druid goes to the woods, if there is lets say a dragon there, does he have to beat him in order to gain his full spell quouta? or just stepping in the woods does it? even if there is something there. 4. for the praying characters, does the plus 1 add even if u roll a 6? meaning if i roll a movment die for 6, can i walk 7? and when i attack and roll a 6, do i get +7? 5.if u roll a 6 on the square closest to the guardian in order to go to middle area, u have enough steps to also go up to the inner region, can u do both in the same turn? i think thats it.. these things bother us every time, hope figuring them out will help us progress.
  11. Question is this. at the Crown of command a and i (Priest) attacked the Warrior (lets assume our Str Value is 0) my die roll was 4 and he rolled two dice as the warrior battle abiility states, and recived a 4 and a 1. what i claim is this: the attack ended and the value he defended agaist me was 4. at that point he chose to use FATE and rerolled, and the die dropped on 3. I claim that since the Warrior ability was to CHOOSE 1 DIE to attack me with, the use of FATE means he HAS to take what the fate-roll states. What he claims is that as a warrior he has a backup, in this instance meaning that the 4 he rolled stayed on the board (As insurence) and if he rolled lower or equal, nothing would happen to him because he always has the 4, or higher i would take dmg. which one is true? ty!
  12. first of all ty for the answers and the new FAQ, i only had the 1.0 version. i need a few more clarifications. if at the end of my turn i had 2 cards (but i do have the wand), i can only cast 2 spells (1 at each 1 other persons turn) untill i get my turn again right? or did i make that up? because i think i read a rule that says that inbetween turns u cna only cast 1 spell-per-other-players-turn and only the same amount of spells u had at the end of urs… is this true? and how many spells can i actually cast on my own turn? if i had 3 spells when i started the turn? can i cast all 3? or if i have the wand and 1 spell? can i cast 1,2,3 or evne 10 spells in a row (as long as they have valid effects, not like heal full hp char) ty!
  13. Hey guys! so the quesiton is this. if i have the wand and i have 1 spell at all times - what do they mean by "at all times"? because assuming we are 4 people: my turn and i cast a spell, and take a card(spell). player 2's turn: i cast a spell (the one i got at the end of my turn) and take another card Player 3's turn: i again cast what i got last turn and get another card 4th player's turn: again i cast, and get a new spell. That seems REALLY imbalanced and OP… so isnt there something that says that a person can only get spell cards when his turn starts? that would make TONS of sense! TY!
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