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  1. I would like FFG to let us know a projected date of a Armada news release, however they may be quiet just so that we will post these things to keep us talking and therefore engaged...
  2. I haven't touched this issue yet. I afraid of screwing up the paint....however, I have repainted 2 AFKs, 2 Nebs, and 3 Cr90s. Fore the Crs and Afks I used a light grey primer I found at ACE hardware, used GW nulin oil wash and highlighted with GW administration grey or White. I'm thinking of investing in a spray gun. At some point I will try and post some pics once I figure out how to do it.
  3. Love your work. So do you freelance?
  4. Interesting. ..what if she was referring to Ben solo....aka ren
  5. The look on Luke's face as he turns to stare at Rey like he's seeing the past tells me she's his kid, which I'm sure will come out near the end of the next episode. ..until then they will do a kenobi deal and from a certain point of view...skirt the issue till he eventually confesses to her
  6. Just saw TFA today and I loved it...needs cap ship battles though. Hope we see it in future installments.
  7. I think it looks like a big poop. I'm tempted to paint it brown. I rather like the look of the liberty class.
  8. Just picked mine up today! ISD x1, MC80 x1, MC30 x2, Raider x2 and the R&V...can't wait to test them out.
  9. I'm a fett fan boy and I've read the fett trilogy book which were a good read. Now if Disney Keeps him alive (making a movie so I hear) then around episode 7 he's in his 60's. I wonder if he'll make an appearance. ..
  10. How much did it cost to do it...I'm getting my nerve up to try it on one of my VSDs
  11. (Puts on flame retardant suit)...I'm waiting for prequel ships to be announced on wave 6...
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