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  1. TechnoGolem

    New California Expansion

    I love playing the game solo. But the scoring system really doesn't work,especially in multiplayer. I've seen a player dominate nearly every situation but lose the game due to getting poor agend cards. Hope they fixed that but I plan to buy the game either way.
  2. TechnoGolem

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    It seems the threat covers a cost range. so I'm going to make a hypothetical example. Let's pretend 1 threat covers everything from the cost range of 1-10 an a 2 threat covers 11-20. One players is using two ships at 1 threat and the other is using a single 2 threat ship. 2 threat vs 2 threat should be even but it may not be when you factor in the actual point cost. Those 1 threat ships may have a cost of 10 each and the 2 threat ship costs 11. This fight would be 20 points vs 11 which gives the team with two ships a considerable advantage despite being equal in threat. This is why they are not accurate.
  3. TechnoGolem

    Where is Yoda?

    I've assumed Yoda is only a matter of time since they announced Obi-Wan. We didn't get him in this set but I think we will see him eventually. As much as I love the characters created for the game, there are many characters I'd like to see make it into the game.
  4. TechnoGolem

    No More Android…?

    Exploring and giving shape to a P&P RPG doesn't mean much. That's what you do every time you play, even if it is a one shot campaign. You explore and shape that campaign. I skimmed the article but the only thing I really saw mentioned for Genesys was a free PDF adventure. If the Andoid book was cancelled, I hope they release a generic cyberpunk book using what they've already created with the serial numbers filed off.
  5. TechnoGolem

    Promo Characters

    Have they announced who the mystic is in the next set? I might have missed it but I'd say there is a good chance it will be Marie.
  6. TechnoGolem

    Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    I've been busy with so much lately that I haven't been paying much attention to the news here. I was thrilled to see the new novella was out and was very excited to order it. Sadly it has already been sold out. Guess I have to wait for a reprint.
  7. TechnoGolem

    Has anyone tried Character Creation as you play?

    I really can't recommend a create on the go system unless your system is insanely basic. I've tried it a few times and it only really worked out once with an extremely simple system. Basically we used the SPECIAL attributes form the Fallout games. Everyone started with a 5 in all of them and they had an additional 5 points they could spend on them as they played. There were no skills but instead we just used the attribute that made the most sense. Use a d10 and anything equal or below the attribute was a success. This ended up being pretty random if they would succeed or not. Probably would have been better to have them all start at 6 or 7 and give them 1 or 2 points to spend. That way they could still fail but odds would be in their favor.
  8. TechnoGolem

    Discuss Leo and Finn

    I'm very excited for Leo. I've been hoping they would do Charlie Kane because I figured his mechanics would be around having multiple allies. Something I get with Leo. Not to mention that I really like his stats. I really want to like Finn, he was a great character in the Dark Waters Trilogy but his stats and abilities are not my play style. I'm not fond of having a bunch of enemies running around and it is going to be extremely difficult for him to handle mental trauma. I plan to give him a chance but I think he will rarely get played.
  9. TechnoGolem

    Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    I wish the novellas would never end. I've greatly enjoyed reading the Arkham Horror ones, and am looking forward to the Legend of the Five Rings one being released soon. I've never played Netrunner, but I'm very tempted to buy the novellas for that game to.
  10. TechnoGolem

    What other settings books do you expect to see?

    I'd be shocked if they did any licensed material for now. But I'm hoping we will have something focus on mechs or super heroes sooner than later.
  11. I have no local gaming store. The nearest one is about a 60 mile drive. I get the vast majority of my gaming supplies from online stores.
  12. I agree with that but I've purchased both Arkham Horror Novellas and the S&H for them was around $7 each. This is nearly three times that and more than the cost of the actual book. I'd gladly pre-order this even for the $7 S&H, which I thought was high. At $19 I'm going to have to find the book elsewhere.
  13. I found out about this and instantly went to pre-order it. I decided against it when I saw the shipping and handling was $19 for a $15 dollar book. Is this a mistake? I didn't see any other shipping options.
  14. TechnoGolem

    Thoughts on Survivors

    I've never seen a quest that required you to have rad damage. But I haven't read through all the cards either. Everything I've seen was take rad damage. So needing to have rad damage could be a misunderstanding. It would be a huge oversight to make it impossible for one survivor to ever complete a quest.
  15. TechnoGolem

    Thoughts on Survivors

    I finally got around to playing all the survivors through the Commonwealth scenario. These are my thoughts on the individual survivors and I'm curious to see what others think of them. I've ranked them from worst to best. 5) Super Mutant - Gaining 1 xp per rad is poor at the start of the game but becomes fairly useless later on when you need more. Strength doesn't help much since it rarely seems to come up in the initial encounter cards. This seems to be the survivor you give to an experienced player to help level the playing field against new players. 4) Ghoul - Being Vilified/Idolized brings with it some fun moments but neither has been much of a hindrance or a help. So I'm neutral on starting the game Vilified. Starting with less Hit Points hurts. Later in the game, it feels like less of a hindrance when other players have a few rad points. Depending on how the map ends up you may have a few beneficial short cuts you can take that other players won't. Perception comes up fairly often so he does have a good starting special stat. 3) Wastelander - Starts with one of the best weapons in the game and you can get a huge advantage over others if you are lucky enough to get Strength early. This one just seems average if you never pull Strength. Agility seems to fall between Strength and Perception with initial encounters. 2) Brotherhood Outcast- Armor is a big deal in the game and having 2 armor is fantastic. The loss of movement hurts but not as bad as I thought it would be. You can mitigate the loss with caps and a lot of quests can be done at any ruin or city. Best to let other players explore so you can save your actions for movement. Starting with Intelligence is also a huge bonus since it comes up so often in the initial encounters. 1) Vault Dweller - Starting with 1 armor is nice but being able to add more apparel is insane. By mid game you will often be on par with or better than the Brotherhood Outcast, Being able to reroll Endurance skill checks isn't very useful for initial encounters but it is fantastic if you are using drugs. The starting Luck comes up often in a lot of the initial encounters. This survivor almost feels broken when compared to the Super Mutant and Ghoul.