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  1. I think I'll be passing on these. I tend to buy playmates to help new players learn a game. No placement outlines or rules to be seen on them. Might as well stick with the ones I own for other games and save myself the money.
  2. Pretty common for stores to have placeholder dates. Look at video games that are planned to release next year without an official date. They will often be listed as December of that year.
  3. Now that you mention it, I'm surprised no one has made one before. It would be interesting to see the mechanics for such a system. I'm curious to see what the next book that gets published will be. Maybe they will release several generic lines at once. Maybe they will focus on a single specific property first. Maybe I'm biased but I suspect Legends of the Five Rings will be an early focus for this system. Don't see them making a new system so soon.
  4. There actually is a My Little Pony RPG. I remember seeing it on a list of new games being released. Think that was a month or so ago.
  5. Pretty much what I expected to see. Not sure if any news for the core book will be too exciting since it will be similar to Star Wars. I'm more interested in hearing about the what the other books in the line will be. Not a fan of how the system makes more specialized humans. Having a baseline of a tough guy or braniac doesn't appeal to me. Never was a fan of a species getting a bunch of subgroups. I prefer humans being generic but highly customizable. Feels like some of that customization is gone with this. Edit: Miniature Market is good but there cheap shipping is via FedEx. Stopped ordering from them due to FedEx being over a month late three times in a row. Kept shipping back and forth between the same two cities in different states. Neither of which were the state the games were supposed to be shipped to.
  6. I know it will be similar but I hope it feels a bit different. I already own all the main Star Wars books and don't want to feel like I'm buying the same rules book a fourth time.
  7. A solid start. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes.
  8. Yeah, I understand that. I'm hoping the game sells well enough that they dip into the old stuff with expansions.
  9. I started the series with a 2 pack bundle of Fallout 1 and 2. It was months before I could stop replaying FO1 and finally give FO2 a try. It ended up being very difficult to ever play FO1 after FO2. Since then I've played Tactics, Brotherhood, 3, New Vegas, and 4. Tactics was a fun tactical game but made me wish for another main title. I remember little about Brotherhood other than it being a cheap cash in on the name and thinking it was probably the end of the series. I really did enjoy FO3 when it first came out. It had problems but the only one that really irritated me is what they did to Harold. New Vegas remains my second favorite game in the series. Just barely beating out FO1 due to some of the rougher mechanics in FO1. Such as the barter system. As for Fallout 4... Yeah, I don't want this to turn into a massive wall of text. There was a lot about the game I disliked but the biggest was the lack of interesting locations due to the game wanting you to build another settlement. I'd probably like the town building if it was limited to 1 or 2 locations, preferably 1. But there really was nothing going on in the settlements you built. Just felt like a giant waste of time and at best you had another location to sell your loot. I really hope Obsidian is allowed to work on a new one. They've made several of my favorite RPGs.
  10. The miniatures for that game look amazing. I'll probably buy a few even if I never play the game. Just wish both would focus less on FO4. It's one of the weakest entries in the series.
  11. Sigh. I really need to cancel my Ghosts order. It has been holding up other stuff I ordered with it for half a year now. Really curious to see what they have planned for the genre books. Really hoping for a Fallout line since they announced the board game. Although I believe the chances are extremely slim.
  12. I agree it is more organic but strongly disagree on proper. To increase your chances of wining you act dishonorably. I find that absurd when it comes to Crane. Sure, it works great for Scorpion but the idea that I may lose honor in a duel as a Crane player is beyond idiotic. They used to gain honor from duels not lose it.
  13. I can't speak for others but I started late into the life span with AEG. It was the unique mechanics that initially got me into the game and only later on did I start looking more into the story. As for FF version, there are several things that I like about it but absolutely despise the dueling mechanics. It kills a huge chunk of my interest. It doesn't help that my four favorite clans to play were Crane, Scorpion, Spider, and Mantis. So half the stuff I enjoyed is gone. Technically more so since my favorite decks were Crane Duelist decks. At this point I am more interested to see what they do with the story but my hopes for that have been lowered since the very first story. I'm not a fan of the changes to the Crane Champion. I'd probably like it if they didn't still have her in love with Kachiko. One of the best parts of the old fiction was what happened between Kachiko and Hoturi. Just feels like they are doing a hackneyed version of the old story from the start. Granted the story could change and get a lot better. I have hope since the current focus has been on Unicorn Magic and not a coup. Sigh, this ended up being more negative than I intended. I do find that most of the mechanic changes are for the better. It's just dueling that I have any real problems with.
  14. Some settings have something unique about them that require more specialized rules. Transformers would be a good example of this. You need a way to factor in all the various vehicles they can be. Not to mention trying to provide balance between a fighter jet and a car. Still, generic rules can help a lot. That laser pistol in a sci-fi setting could work just like a pistol in a modern setting.
  15. Sigh. Too many things I'd love to see get books. Sadly I doubt any of them will happen. Trying to do all your own conversations can be extremely time consuming.