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  1. Ugh, I screwed up. Preordered with other stuff due in January. Didn't think this would be out this soon. I'll be eagerly awaiting your news.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I know that one of the starting stats are determined by character. But I just find this a little off putting. The video games allow you a lot of customization from the start. This just feels very limiting. A character may not start with a stat I'd like them to have while all the rest depend on luck. Want to try a scientist super mutant? Better hope you get lucky otherwise the game could be over before you ever get to play that character.
  3. I'm a little disappointed that the special stats will be random. I was hoping we could pick them ourselves. Really wanted to play a charismatic ghoul. Guess I could "cheat" sometime in solo to try it out so it's not a big deal.
  4. Guessing the November 9th date is just a place holder. Although I'd be thrilled if it really came out that soon.
  5. I'm leaning towards ghoul on my first play. I'm a fan of BoS but I've played as a member in several Fallout games. Probably try them second.
  6. I loved the setting of Rifts but hated the mechanics. Savage Worlds recently released some Rifts stuff using their system. Much more enjoyable to play but lacks the support the original Rifts has.
  7. It baffles me that L5R wasn't part of Genesys. Makes me also wonder if they will end up hurting the game due to having multiple similar systems at once. I really want to see Genesys do well but can't help but feel they've had some misteps. Probably would have been a good idea to have some new books already announced that could be released within a month of the core book.
  8. Since we're talking about other Fallout themed games we want, put me down for some Fallot books for their Genesys Rpg.
  9. I wonder who owns the City of Heroes/Villians license? It would nice to have something official for those of us that have played. I do miss my old characters and supergroup. Yeah, systems like this are designed to be generic so you can make anything but I've always preferred having official material as a primary resource.
  10. It would be nice if we got it November 12th but I'm doubtful. I think we would have heard a little more about the game if it was coming out so soon.
  11. Pretty much what I was expecting to see for the magic system. This makes me very happy. It's rare I ever want to play magic users but it looks like I'd do it with this system.
  12. I'd love to do one set in several fictional universes I love but I know it will end up being just another generic fantasy setting. Seems that is all anyone wants to play. Really hope FF does a Fallout book. I think it would be my best chance to avoid generic fantasy.
  13. To be perfectly honest, I don't like anything about the Naga. I only suggested using them as Shadowlands creatures because they look more like something you might see from there. That way FF could still use the art. Given the choice, I'd completely remove the Naga from the new setting.
  14. Was hoping the Naga wouldn't make it into the LCG but I was expecting them to show up eventually. I'm hoping they end up as little more than semi-intelligent shadowlands creatures. They've always felt out of place to me. Overall the fiction was enjoyable despite introducing an element I never liked. Maybe they will do something different and get me to like them this time.
  15. I loved Crane Duelists in the CCG but I despise the dueling system in the LCG. My second favorite clan is becoming my favorite, which is Scorpion. My old favorite (Crane) is the clan I hate playing the most. Really hope the dynasty packs change my mind.