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  1. I wonder if Disney+ will be able to last. Disney is already throwing a lot of money getting it off the ground. They'll toss even more money into making more shows. Doesn't help that they sunk a ton of money into their Star Wars theme park and attendance is below what was expected. Their park attendance is down in general. They're blowing through their money quickly and many don't want to pay for another streaming service. Seems like every channel will release one soon. I think Disney has the best chance of the new ones though.
  2. This has really become a problem for shows with a seasonal arc. The story can and should be finished in less than a season but they need a full season. So here come filler episodes that hurt the show.
  3. Shame these will probably only be in the Disney streaming service. I'd like to watch the She-Hulk show but really don't want to pay for another streaming service.
  4. This makes me curious to see how people react to the differences between the way some characters look. Starlord looks very different in the comics compared to the movies.
  5. Ugh tried to give Iron Heart a chance awhile back. Simply an awful character that felt like she was on her way to be the next super villain. Even if the writing was better, I would probably still find the character dull because she is too similar to Iron Man. Had the same problem with Miles and Spider Gwen. Just felt like repeats of Spider-Man stories I've read and watched countless times before. A real shame because both had potential Silk is another Spider-Man "clone" but I can give them credit for making her feel more unique. Shame her series was so boring to read.
  6. Not sure if you're being sarcastic but I'll answer anyways. Seems obvious why you would use comic art over MCU photos. You have a vastly superior selection to pick from. This allows them to add characters that movie goers never heard of but comic readers love. She Hulk would be an example of this. That said, they will want to use some characters non-comic fans know of to bring in as many people as posible. Do you really think they would include Captain Marvel or Black Panther in the starter set if they didn't have movies that made a billion dollars? Most people never heard of either character until they got a movie. If they never had movies, we probably would have Thor, Hulk, Captain America or Wolverine in the base set with a popular but relatively unknown character to the general public. As for talking about comic characters... That's simple, we're nerds. We're a bunch of people, on a gaming form, talking about a game based on comics. I'm betting most of us read comics to one extent or another and are familiar with the source material. Of course we'll say we want our favorite characters in the game. We probably all have a few characters that we love but were never in a movie or had a bit part.
  7. May not be a good idea to focus only on the comics readers. I'd prefer if they did that but comic sales have been abysmal over the last few years. It's a tiny audience compared to what it once was. I wouldn't be surprised if the comics division of Marvel and DC close down in the next decade. Lost count of how many comic shops closed down or started selling other stuff in hope of making a profit. I'd love to see Magneto has a hero but it would probably best to start with him as a villain. It's what he is best known for to the general public.
  8. The Wreaking Crew is a big surprise. Pretty much a "who?"team unless you read comics. But it makes me happy they are not trying to capitalize on the movies alone. Makes me curious if they will turn nemesis characters into villain decks.
  9. Hoping the first two will cover the Fantastic Four vs Doom and X-Men vs Magneto.
  10. Don't be so sure on that. Jane Foster will be replacing Thor in the next movie. They might just release her to try and get a boost in sales with the movie. I think most would prefer get Odinson first.
  11. I'm tempted to play Iron Man first but he sounds like he is a bit more complex than other characters. I'll probably sideline him for a bit until I get the rules down. Spider-Man will be first. Followed by Iron Man, She Hulk and Black Panther. I'll give Captain Marvel a chance last but will admit I'm not looking forward to it. Really dislike the character. Her movie didn't help with the idiocy of how Fury lost his eye and the wasted Skrulls. Playing Captain America with the Leadership aspect is something that I'm greatly looking forward to. Very curious about Miss Marvel and seeing how they handle her powers. Overall, I'm looking forward to all but one of the announced characters.
  12. I'm guessing you watch Linkara videos. Seems that's the only reason anyone knows that obscure character. It would be interesting if they had a DC variant that was compatible. I know a lot of people like to play Heroclix mixing them together.
  13. Wow, I can't even remember the last time I heard about Slapstick or Sleepwalker. Have to admit that it would make me smile if they were announced.
  14. We already know the next two heroes are Captain America and Miss Marvel but what other heroes do you think will get as singles next year? Black Widow and Dr. Strange both seem like safe bets. Both characters are well known and have movies coming out next year that can help boost sales. Marvel has been pushing Spider Gwen and Miles lately so they also seem like a safe bet. Shang-Chi or Lady Thor also have a decent chance due to getting movies. I know the game is based on the comics but, let's be honest, most people probably know these characters due to the movies. I'm a bit doubtful they will make a core pack for the Eternals. They may be getting a movie but it sounds like they made some major changes to the characters. FFG or Disney might have problems with which version they want the other to use. Really hope FFG sticks to comics for a uniform art style. I never touched the movie packs from Marvel Legendary. I could see the Fantastic Four or the X-Men getting a release towards the end of the year. We'll probably get a set based on Guardians of the Galaxy next.
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