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  1. TechnoGolem

    Who else is collecting a complete set of keyforge card?s

    Martian is a mixed bag for me. They have some cards I love but I only seem to get the ones I despise. My worst deck is due to how awful Mars is. Only 2 Mars creatures but 1/4 of the cards play off the number of Mars creatures. It has a Martians Make Bad Allies in a deck with few creatures. Only 4 Untammed creatures but it has 1 Niffle Ape and Troop Call. The deck is so awful it is the deck I use when teaching new players. It gives them a good advantage over me.
  2. TechnoGolem

    Who else is collecting a complete set of keyforge card?s

    It's tempting but I doubt I'll do it. I don't have Time Traveller or Horsemen and decks with either of those cards go for an absurd cost on the secondary market. I've bought several decks because they had a card I didn't own.
  3. I was going to pre-order it but the S&H tells me it is nearly twice what the pack costs. There is an online store that I enjoy that normally sells FF's print on demand stuff. I'll wait and see if they sell it or if I can get it somewhere else for a reasonable price. FF really does have some of the worst S&H costs.
  4. I'm very surprised and happy to see this. Didn't think we would get any more content. Wish it was a new expansion but I'm glad to get anything.
  5. TechnoGolem

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    Might as well do a follow up. I now have a total of 28 decks and the only Mavericks I've gotten were in the first four decks I purchased.
  6. TechnoGolem


    Just make sure your opponent doesn't have Teliga in play before trying this. They said they will phase out some of the common cards. Makes me wonder if Hunting Witch will be one of them. Maybe they put it in the algorithm that these two cards can never be in the same deck.
  7. TechnoGolem

    Keyforge: Age of Ascension

    Typically the old set is phased out but KeyForge is not a typical game. It would be interesting if they kept it around but in much smaller numbers. Overall I'm extremely excited for the new set. I was hoping we would get a completely new fiction or two while phasing out the old ones but its a good concept to phase out the more common cards for something else. The new starter set looks to be a lot better than the previous one. I spent some money on nice tokens for myself but it would be nice to have some extra cheap tokens for new players.
  8. TechnoGolem

    Star Wars: Outer Rim

    I completely missed that.
  9. TechnoGolem

    Star Wars: Outer Rim

    The older I get the harder it is to get any game to the table. I'll probably pass on this since my friends don't care about Star Wars and I see no single player option.
  10. TechnoGolem

    Sloppy Labwork - Discarding a card

    Not sure if it is stated anywhere but cards that have you discard it from an opponents hand specifically say that. Example - Tocsin Reap: Your opponent discards a random card from their hand.
  11. TechnoGolem

    Most under-rated cards?

    Doc Bookton - Not a high priority target and her 5 power helps keep her around. Drawing a card while reaping can be great.
  12. TechnoGolem

    Future set preferences?

    I don't mind 1 or 2 cards being added to a house but I'd prefer entirely new houses. Swap a few houses in and out with every set. Hopefully that will keep the game feeling fresh without power creep.
  13. TechnoGolem

    More Fluff?

    I'd be interested in them adding to the story. It's why I love Legend of the Five Rings. The short Keyforge stories were fun to read and I want more. I'd gladly buy novellas or novels.
  14. TechnoGolem

    Next print run/restock

    It seems like this game is always out of stock. I'd like to buy a deck once or twice a month but that is pretty much impossible. But I view that as a good thing. I'm glad the game is selling out instead of sitting on store shelves collecting dust. I got excited about way too many card games in the late 90's and early 00's that just died and went nowhere. Doesn't look like that will happen with KeyForge and I'm exited to see what is next.
  15. TechnoGolem

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    Magic is the biggest card game. It's understandable that people will compare the two. That said, I like this game because it is not trying to be another magic clone.