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  1. Thoughts on Survivors

    I've never seen a quest that required you to have rad damage. But I haven't read through all the cards either. Everything I've seen was take rad damage. So needing to have rad damage could be a misunderstanding. It would be a huge oversight to make it impossible for one survivor to ever complete a quest.
  2. Thoughts on Survivors

    I finally got around to playing all the survivors through the Commonwealth scenario. These are my thoughts on the individual survivors and I'm curious to see what others think of them. I've ranked them from worst to best. 5) Super Mutant - Gaining 1 xp per rad is poor at the start of the game but becomes fairly useless later on when you need more. Strength doesn't help much since it rarely seems to come up in the initial encounter cards. This seems to be the survivor you give to an experienced player to help level the playing field against new players. 4) Ghoul - Being Vilified/Idolized brings with it some fun moments but neither has been much of a hindrance or a help. So I'm neutral on starting the game Vilified. Starting with less Hit Points hurts. Later in the game, it feels like less of a hindrance when other players have a few rad points. Depending on how the map ends up you may have a few beneficial short cuts you can take that other players won't. Perception comes up fairly often so he does have a good starting special stat. 3) Wastelander - Starts with one of the best weapons in the game and you can get a huge advantage over others if you are lucky enough to get Strength early. This one just seems average if you never pull Strength. Agility seems to fall between Strength and Perception with initial encounters. 2) Brotherhood Outcast- Armor is a big deal in the game and having 2 armor is fantastic. The loss of movement hurts but not as bad as I thought it would be. You can mitigate the loss with caps and a lot of quests can be done at any ruin or city. Best to let other players explore so you can save your actions for movement. Starting with Intelligence is also a huge bonus since it comes up so often in the initial encounters. 1) Vault Dweller - Starting with 1 armor is nice but being able to add more apparel is insane. By mid game you will often be on par with or better than the Brotherhood Outcast, Being able to reroll Endurance skill checks isn't very useful for initial encounters but it is fantastic if you are using drugs. The starting Luck comes up often in a lot of the initial encounters. This survivor almost feels broken when compared to the Super Mutant and Ghoul.
  3. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    This was the first setting book I was expecting to get released and, I must admit, the one I was the least interested in. I'm pretty much burned out on high fantasy when it comes to pen and paper RPGs. Seems like that is the only setting people in my area are willing to play. Despite that, I still plan to buy the book for the additional rules. I just hope they don't all end up being repeated in all the other books. It would be irritating to spend money on future books and see the same rules get repeated again and again with slightly different wording to make it fit the setting. Example: swapping out crafting healing potions with crafting healing patches and the rest of the description being identical. Ugh, this ended up being more negative than intended. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the book but I am hoping that one day we get an official Fallout book. It's my best hope of playing something that isn't high fantasy on a regular basis.
  4. Night of the Zealot Redux

    This really strikes me as being very similar to the Nightmare decks for Lord of the Rings LCG. Which I must admit that I hated. Not really a fan of making a challenging game even harder. Despite that, the upgrade does offer some stuff I like. New player cards are nice and I kind of like the storage box. The new player cards are really the biggest selling point, but I'll probably wait to order until I know what those cards are like.
  5. A possible clue for the next cycle.

    Not sure if I really want to see more neutral investigators after Lola. I love the concept but really don't like building decks for her or how she played when I tried her out. Maybe my opinion will change after more practice with her but my initial impression puts her in dead last for investigators I want to play. I'm more curious as to what the setting will be for the next cycle will be. My guess is something with Innsmouth but that was also my guess for what the current cycle was going to be.
  6. Already own it so I won't enter the contest. Just wanted to say it is nice to see stuff like this.
  7. Not to sound like a jerk, but I know this game would be too complex for one of my group. Because of this I've only played the game solo. if I ever did play the game with that group, I'd play on easy and would probably modify a few things to make it even easier. As for myself, I tend to play easy with new investigators or experimental decks to get a better idea of how they work. From there I will typically play on Standard.
  8. Confused about book cards

    I hope that Marie Lambeau is part of the next cycle. I only found out about Investigators of Arkham after I missed my chance to get her as a bonus card. That did nothing to stop me from buying the book. I have mixed feelings on the alternate investigators with the new books. I'd buy the books with or without the card so they just end up being a nice bonus for me. But it sucks for those that want the cards but have no interest in reading. They end up paying more than a mythos pack just for a single investigator. The situation with the latest book is even worse since it is the only way to play as Norman Withers. It would suck to find out the only way to play your favorite character, for an unknown period of time, is by buying a book to get them. But that probably isn't that big of a deal since people would probably want to buy the book since it has the favorite character as a lead. I'm hoping the next cycle will include Marie, Norman, and one completely new investigator along with two more established ones.
  9. First solo play through-questions

    I've noticed that the loot/shield icon has messed up a lot of people. Glad I heard about it before my first game.
  10. Expansion

    As much as I like the idea of each park getting their own tile, it does seem a bit overkill. It looks like settlements only take up one space on the current tiles. I think all the parks could be fit onto 2 or 3 tiles. I could see one massive tile being used for the park.
  11. Expansion

    I'm hoping we see more to this game. A Nuka World mini expansion would get me excited. As much as I want New Vegas, that seems unlikely. The company making Fallout Wateland Warfare has talked about how NV is off the table for now but they can use material with 3 and 4. Bethesda seems to have something against Oblivion.
  12. Wildcats and Dragon Teeth - Dragon Fiction

    I've got to stop reading forums when I am half awake. lol Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. Wildcats and Dragon Teeth - Dragon Fiction

    Did they say his age somewhere and I completely missed it? Things are a little different in the new fiction so he may be older. Overall I enjoyed this story. He's the kind of brat that makes you want to keep reading so you can finally see them die.
  14. Finding the Tone Article, now with Supers

    To be fair, super heroes tend to be extremely difficult to do in P&P RPGs. People often want to play teams like the Avengers or Justice League. Powers for those characters can have a huge range. This really doesn't work well. When you have one player as a street level and another wanting to be a god, it can become very difficult to balance the challenges and make them all feel useful. Having everyone in the same power tier helps but even then, the usefulness of a character can range greatly based on a power and how creative a player can be. I'm looking forward to seeing what Genesys does with super heroes but I doubt it will do anything to impress me. I've seen a lot of RPGs designed to play as super heroes and most of them are pretty bad. Many of them are among the worst P&P RPG mechanics I've seen.
  15. Finding the Tone Article, now with Supers

    I'd prefer if they weren't in any setting expansions if they are already in the core. I would be okay with new rules that are not already covered. It may be best to create a tone book that covers a large number of tones. This way we could get one tone book (or a series of them), that way we don't see them get repeated in several settings books.