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  1. TechnoGolem

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    You right, I don't know any more about the character than the rest of us. But I do know what I like and what I dislike. I can form an opinion on the character based on what I do know about him. Anyone can watch a trailer and form an opinion on if it looks like something they would enjoy or not. The idea that you can't make any kind of judgements on something without trying it first is silly. You can judge something based off of your experiences and knowledge. You don't need to be in a car accident to make sure that is something you wouldn't enjoy. That said, I am going to give the show a chance. There are things I like about it but the main character is not one of them.
  2. TechnoGolem

    Anyone else order 2.0 from Cool Stuff Inc?

    They sent me my tracking numbers. Both were sent the same day and I used the free shipping. One was an older preorder that had some Arkham Horror stuff in it. That one will arrive on the 18th. My X-Wing miniatures will arrive on the 26th. Wait, what?! I really don't understand why one will take over a week longer when they shipped the same day. They both have the same shipping method.
  3. TechnoGolem

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Oh I agree but I'd still take that over the main character in this show. Maybe he won't be as annoying as he looks but I doubt that. One of his personality traits says he is clumsy so it's safe to say the bumbling idiot routine will last for far too long.
  4. TechnoGolem

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Most of my dislike comes from the "humor" of the main character. He feels more like Wile E. Coyote than a SW character.The goofy face he makes when hit in the face just makes me cringe. Robotech had a similar style character that was handled a lot better. Mostly because Rick Hunter wasn't a comedy relief character.
  5. TechnoGolem

    It’s a perfect day to announce Wave 2!

    That would be nice but I wonder if they can do it without things like hinges sticking out like a sore thumb. I'd rather have a solid piece of that's the case. I wonder if it was a bad idea to make the models a bit more intricate. Seems like it will just leave people annoyed that a miniature won't be able to do something.
  6. TechnoGolem

    2.0 Wish List, feel free to add to it.

    I'd like to see a starter set for all three eras. Kind of nice to have the option to start with your favorite era. Not to mention a cheap way to get more miniatures, dice, and other components. I'd also like to see more mats. Preferably ones with more interesting looking star fields. The planet ones seem a little goofy, especially Hoth for how the AT-ATs look. Acrylic tokens and movement rulers would be nice.
  7. TechnoGolem

    Poll: what factions will you play?

    I'm mostly sticking with Empire while Rebels will be secondary. I plan to pick up at least one of every Scum but don't see myself buying much more for them. Clone Wars stuff will probably be similar to Scum. I'll get one of everything and a few extras i like to play. Anything from the Resistance or the First Order is extremely unlikely. Mostly due to how much I despise The Last Jedi. Wave 2 will be very cheap for me and will allow me to save for better Waves. 😃
  8. TechnoGolem

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Getting new ships is nice but I can't say the same for the show. The humor seems very out of place for SW. It doesn't help that the characters appear to be as obnoxious as Jar Jar. I'd love a SW show focused on pilots but want one that's not targeting extremely young children. I'll give it a chance but my expectations have never been so low for SW.
  9. TechnoGolem

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    I find spreading out helps. A swarm is either forced to break up or try to focus on one or two units. Don't go near the swarm for the first turn or two and see which pilot they go for. Have your other units swing around and take a few shots. Use asteroids to your advantage. Fly close to them and you may break them up or get them off of you. TIE swarms are powerful but I haven't seen too many players that can keep them together for long.
  10. TechnoGolem

    Anyone else order 2.0 from Cool Stuff Inc?

    Nope. They haven't even shipped my order yet. 🙁
  11. TechnoGolem

    Varients & Game Formats

    At least it gives them a little use besides challenging yourself. But yeah, it's marketing trying to come up with a good excuse to keep trash decks. I used to do something similar in other games. It's a lot of fun playing stuff you'd never use against others with the same disadvantage.
  12. TechnoGolem

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    How so? 2 premade decks and 2 randomized decks. Decks are $10 each.
  13. TechnoGolem

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    The starter is $40 and gives me four decks, tokens, and physical copies of the rules. $40 worth of decks just gets me four decks. So I get a bit of extra by buying a starter. I don't think it is worth buying more than one starter since 2 of the decks are fixed.
  14. TechnoGolem

    How much do you expect to spend?

    I went with a starter and 1 deck. Buying more depends on how well the game does in my area.
  15. TechnoGolem

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I wish I could say the same but I still want a complete version of nearly everything I buy. I'm still buying every expansion for Smash Up that gets released and I haven't played the game in over 2 years. This game sounds interesting but I wish they had a different distribution method. I'd be all over it if this was a complete package that had built in mechanics for randomization. And I'd gladly buy expansions for it if its good. As it stands, $60 is a lot of money to spend on a game that you don't know for sure what you are getting. I'm just burned out on the randomization factor for a lot of games. KeyForge is one of the few random games that I have some interest in. That's mostly due to the fact that you can't swap out cards. Someone spending a small fortune on cards to net deck isn't a problem.