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  1. Same here. Sadly it is very random when I will get him. Could be a couple of days or a little over a month. They really have a bad time with shipping for me. Oh well, won't have time to play him for a bit and I really want to spend more time with Black Widow. I won't mind the wait.
  2. I really want to see a preview for the heroes after Red Skull. I'm very curious to see how they will handle. Also waiting for the next Keyforge and Arkham Horror stuff. Thrilled I finally got my Black Widow pack.
  3. Seems my Black Widow and my other stuff hasn't shipped yet. I saw that I had charges pending but it seems only one stuck and no shipping notice. Curious how long my order will be delayed due to the riots.
  4. I always get interested when multiplayer games that I play(ed) add a single player mode. This is mostly due to living in a small town with the nearest hobby shop being a 60 mile drive. Decided to put my two cents in after seeing and reading the article.
  5. I wish they did this a long time ago. I used to buy stuff for the game but stopped due to not having anyone that wanted to play. Got rid of my collection after reading the Aftermath novels and watching The Last Jedi killed my love of Star Wars. Solo rules at the start would have caused me to spend a small fortune on the game. Now it makes me mildly interested in trying but not enough to make me want to spend money on Star Wars products.
  6. Huh, I think this is the first time they announced something for the game that didn't have me excited. This is mostly due to the print and play nature of it. Never been a fan of that stuff.
  7. I was excited when FF bought the game but quickly lost interest in the game after the first cycle. My favorite deck to play was Crane dueling but I despised the dueling mechanic for this game. It didnt help there was no Spider or Mantis clans since they were among my top four. Scorpion was really the only clan in this version I liked to play and they were just okay. Dusted off the old game and played with them when I was in the mood for L5R. I haven't had time to really look into the new update but it doesn't seem to fix much about what I disliked about the game. Really wish they would scrap this game, go back to the drawing board, and come out with a better product for second edition. Sorry but I enjoyed the original version a lot more. I want to like this version but I don't.
  8. Seems like there is no plans for the Fantastic Four or X-Men for at least another year. Wouldn't be surprised to see Scarlet Witch or Shangi Chi in the next cycle since they will have shows soonish. There has also been a push for Miles and Spider-Gwen. Not sure how many heroes will come in the bigger sets but I wouldn't be surprised if the next one is based around Gaurdians of the Galaxy with one or two of the more popular characters being their own pack.
  9. Yeah, it's safe to say that nearly everything will be getting delayed. It's unfortunate but understandable.
  10. 10 games?! Man I wish I had some free time to play any hero that much. I still haven't had a chance to even try a couple of the heroes and I haven't even opened my Wrecking Crew pack. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  11. Not sure if I would call her widely recognizable for being a secondary character in the movie. Especially with people that don't follow comics. I doubt the average person would remember who Maria Hill is if you mentioned her name. The Marvel movies had tons of minor and major characters in the movies. People seem to think I am saying nobody has a clue who she is. What I am saying is she is a lesser known hero when compared to Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, or Captain America. Doesn't help that other characters had the same/similar name in comics. As for her being in the game, I am not surprised. Same could be said about Kamala Khan. As another poster mentioned, Captain Marvel has had a lot of new self titled series getting cancelled due to poor sales. I can't remember another character in Marvel history that received such special treatment. Normally they won't risk giving a single character a new self titled series if they just cancelled it due to poor sales. She has had several new series in just a couple of years that have been cancelled due to poor sales. Captain Marvel is one of the 4 characters Marvel has been pushing hard in recent years. The only thing that surprises me is that they haven't announced packs for Spider-Gwen or Miles yet. I'm not saying any of these characters are bad. Just that these 4 characters have been getting a push from Marvel for the last few years.
  12. Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel I would say is relatively unknown. If it wasn't for the movie and the guest spot I'd say she is a complete unknown. She seems better known as Ms. Marvel or "the girl Rogue stole her powers from. Marvel keeps relaunching her comic in an attempt to make her popular but they keep failing.
  13. I really don't know why they use so much poor art in this game. It has become a common joke among my friends to see how many times a terrible looking Captain Marvel will show up on a card. Many of these characters have been around longer than most of us have been alive. Why don't they pick better art? Doesn't help that their other games often have fantastic art.
  14. Pre-ordered from Asmodee and it arrived yesterday. Barely had time to open it and thumb through the cards before going to bed. In my quick glance the only thing that stood out (art only) was another horrendously bad picture of Captain Marvel. Not sure why they insist on putting a fairly unknown character on so many cards and why they keep picking such awful art for the character.
  15. Really like what he brings to the table. Looking forward to trying him out.
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