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  1. TechnoGolem

    Curse you Keyforge! Deck Help please

    Andromeda F. Banpuddle, the Mad That deck looks like a lot of fun and has my top 3 favorite houses to play.
  2. TechnoGolem

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Rita really doesn't fit my play style since I like to fight. But I'm really looking forward to trying her out. My enthusiasm for Carolyn isn't too high since she's a guardian that can't fight well. Could be interesting to pair her up with other guardians or mystics.
  3. TechnoGolem

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    The Spirit's Way in Untamed. The Terror in Sanctum. There was also a normal version of this card in the deck.
  4. TechnoGolem

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    I guess I was extremely lucky. Neither of them seem too useful for their decks. But haven't really tested them much.
  5. TechnoGolem

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    I was under the impression that maverick cards would be fairly uncommon. But 2 of my 4 decks have a maverick card. How rare are maverick cards? I get a kick out of one of the decks because it has a maverick version and a regular version of the same card.
  6. TechnoGolem

    Keyforge. Online?

    Sadly my FLGS is a 60 mile drive. I get to it once every few months if I'm lucky. I play with friends and none of them want to spend money on anything but Magic and\or Heroclix. Most of them spent good money on various ccgs only to watch them die shortly after that in the 90's. Edit: I was able to get a little interest going in L5R since it was around for 15+ years. Unfortunately AEG sold it to FF a few months later. They want nothing to do with either version now.
  7. TechnoGolem

    Cards and their value!

    I was hoping the game would have little to no secondary market but it's already begun. I can understand decks selling for a good chunk of money before the game released. But you can find decks being sold for $50+. This really does hurt my interest in the game. One of the big draws is that "he who spends the most money wins" was something I thought this game would reign in. It doesn't help that interest in my era is pretty much nonexistent. I think I'm done buying anymore unless they release an online app that allows me to use the physical decks I've purchased.
  8. TechnoGolem

    Keyforge. Online?

    I'm hoping for digital to. I like the game but won't see much play with the physical. Hard to get anyone to play something other than Magic around here.
  9. A solid 1. I wouldn't have heard about this game if I didn't check this site daily. The only other place I've heard about the game was on YouTube and that was only because I was searching for videos of people playing the game. FF has never been good about advertising. They seem to let word of mouth do all their work. That said, I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on the game. Unfortunately I pre-ordered it with other games that won't be releasing any time soon. I'm tempted to order just some Keyforge stuff so I can get it around the release day.
  10. TechnoGolem

    What Were the Words!?

    I have a feeling the banned deck names really won't be that bad unless you are dealing with a hypersensitive crybaby. This does provide an interesting situation with these "naughty" decks because FF will exchange it for a "safe" one. You could exchange one of these decks if you don't like it. Maybe the replacement deck will have cards more to your liking. You can keep it for unofficial tournaments if you like the deck. I'd keep at least one of these banned decks if it had a good name.
  11. Is there a release date for this book?
  12. TechnoGolem

    No rulebook in the starter set.

    Yeah, I saw that. That was terrible.
  13. TechnoGolem

    No rulebook in the starter set.

    It seems like an odd choice to me. I understand it but it's just weird not having a full rule book with a starter set.
  14. TechnoGolem

    L5R Miniatures game

    Having to assemble miniatures has turned me off on a lot of miniatures games. Minor damage to my hands makes assembling them difficult and painting impossible. It's why I won't touch Legions but will buy everything Imperial Assault. I'd love to see something like IA for L5R.
  15. I understand where your coming from. I loved dueling with Crane in the original game but absolutely despise it in this version. Crane is my favorite clan but I don't even want to play them because of this.