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  1. great thanks for the answer, that what i thought
  2. Hello all, I would like a clarification about saving characters from being killed or discarded from play. Lets say i use a save (e.g risen from the sea) and my opponent cancels my save, can i use another save mechanism ( e.g a duplicate) to still save my character? If this is the case then if i have two duplicates is each duplicate considered a separate response? If an opponent cancels my first duplicate can i use the second one? thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone I would like to clarify how the response ability of the stark character Follower of the many faced god works. Can i stand a stark character after i play the Follower or the Follower has to be already in play and trigger the response by playing another stalwart character? Thank you in advance
  4. thanks for the answer now some things make more sense
  5. Hello My question is about the order of responses played, especially for those that say for example after you win a challenge and/or lose a challenge. Let suppose that player A wins a mil challenge against player B Then player A wants to play a Die by the Sword because he won the challenge and player B wants to play the response of Areo Hotah (RotK) and Taste for blood because he lost the challenge. From what i understand the response of player B (e.g Areo Hotah) should be played first because it is a response to an "action" (the challenge framework action) initiated by player A. Then player A could play his Die by the Sword and then is player's B turn again to play e.g the Taste for blood. Am i correct?
  6. Hi, i am a new player and during a game we had a couple of situations with the sun stroke attachment and other similar attachments that i would like to make sure that were played correctly One of the revealed plot cards was Power of Blood Then during the marshalling phase opponent player attached sunstroke to one of my characters with a noble icon. I chose to declare the attached character as an attacking character during the challanges phase and i won the challenge by a total STR more than 4. Then according to the Sun Stroke my attached character would have his STR reduced to 0 for the rest of the phase but he wouldnt die because of the Power of Blood plot. The Sun Stroke attachment says that attached character cannot be saved but the plot card is not considered a "save" , he just cant die, am i correct?
  7. Hello i found this topic interesting so here are my thoughts about it (since english is not my native language, i apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors) My understanding is that the God of the Light is the power that can defeat and stop the others. Azor Ahai is the "chosen" the one that will save the realm by the others (is an archetype that works for several religions and myths) The story of Azor Ahai contains the element of sacrifice, he had to kill his wife so to create Lightbringer, without that making him a bad character, i think is something he was destined to do. So we have the only god the God of Light (whose power is able to bring people back to life) and a savior (chosen from the god) that through sacrifice can save the people. On the other hand i think that the old gods are actually the greenseers and children of forest. The greenseers could connect with weirwood trees and could hear and maybe answer to northmen's prayers, something that would make them appear like gods. Anyway i think Bran through his new role is going to play an important role in the next books, maybe he can warn some characters or communicate with them. But most important i think that Martin gives Bran great power and makes that character a key character in the whole realm. It is like a "repayment" for all his trouble, he wont be able to be a knight as he wanted but he can be someone more significant
  8. Hello, I m a new player and me and my friend enjoy playing stark and targaryen. Appart from the house expansions which chapter packs (if any) are a must have for these two houses? Also I was thinking that some packs that introduce the shadow mechanics or the seasons would be a nice idea because it would make our game different. In this case which packs do you think are good for these two houses?
  9. Hello, as a new player i would like some clarifications to make sure that play this wonderfull game correctly. 1) So far i have played AGOT 1v1 so i understand that many of the plot cards in the core set are best played in a multi player game. However if a plot card in a 1v1 game states "choose an opponent player…." is it mandatory to choose the other player and resolve the card even if the outcome is against me? (To be specific the plot card "Condemned by the Realm" in a 1v1 game would result to have one of my characters killed) 2) During a military challenge, lets say i lose the challenge and the opponent's claim value is 2. As I understand it i would have to choose 2 different characters and kill them unless i can save them. If someone would choose one character that can be saved twice that would be wrong, as the claim of the opponent is for the number of characters and not for the number of "deaths" am i right? 3)During the marshalling phase is it possible to kneel more than one location cards (or any card) that lower the cost of the next character played? For example kneeling Godswood and House Tully recruiter would that means that can lower the cost of the next character by a total 2+1 gold? Thank you in advance
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