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  1. How about Linked Turbolaser Towers in AFIIs, especially with Ackbar (from the new campaign box coming in a matter of weeks)?
  2. Yeah, I'm skeptical... I just hope it isn't released barely before the LVO and is legal.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking for me too if I go. I wonder how close this will be to the actual SSD release.
  4. The Armada one says that event is Friday, but then says the top cut on Sunday and the final rounds on Saturday. Seems like that can't be true. X-Wing has heat 1 on Friday and heat 2 on Saturday, so it might be possible to sign up for Armada plus one other thing as long as you don't make the Armada top cut.
  5. Bring a bag of candy or nuts and share with fellow players around you - people are usually less grouchy when they have a little snack. Also, record the result of your games played in case there's a mistake and it can be caught and corrected before the next round starts!
  6. Also the Profundity expansion is good - the MC75 is a solid ship that's fun to fly and Raddus is a solid commander.
  7. Anyone see a Republic R2-D2 astromech upgrade anywhere in there?
  8. IMHO the problem with squadrons isn't how many points you can take or how many squadrons you can get - I love playing with squadrons but they're too fiddly. I wish there were only 4-5 keywords for squadrons in total, no squadron special abilities (give limited squadrons extra keywords over and above their generic counterparts plus some defense tokens), and have at least some of their abilities tied to base to base contact so there are fewer range bubbles to have to deal with. Just make them a lot simpler in other words...
  9. I don't get much playing time in and I made a few mistakes (also I played several really good opponents), but in our hyperspace trial last weekend I flew: Mace+7b Sinker 2x 104th (200 points) I went 2-3 but one loss was 3 points and another was 11 points (and I only lost that one on the last turn of the game). I'm eager to try Mace with CLT and an astromech with those same 3 Arcs to see how it plays differently.
  10. All my hyperspace lists are also gone. This app really needs work. I have to restart it constantly because it eventually ends up stuck on a white screen.
  11. My preferred Raddus build which I've had success with is to drop an MC80BC with Spinals and Caitken&Shollan (sprinkle other upgrades based on the rest of your list). Use it to reliably threaten the ship you want to take out (at any range). I usually drop it turn 3 with one of my spotters: an ET CR90 and Quantum Storm with Slicers.
  12. I think if FFG would put out a campaign or missions expansion (maybe multiple - one per time period or something?) they could solve all of these concerns you mention. It would make perfect sense in an expansion like that to include new Limited cards for each faction playable in that campaign along with generic cards usable by any faction. New players and veterans alike would be interested in the new content, plus Armada's campaign is sort of a precedent for this and at MSRP $30 it's like buying a medium ship expansion as far as retailers are concerned. It is interesting to me that the 2.0 stuff doesn't come with missions like the 1.0 stuff did, so I wonder if they're planning on doing something along these lines.
  13. Yes, you're in luck! There are many but I don't think anyone uses the FFG forum to coordinate stuff. X-Wing Utah is what you'll want to check out, which has our game stores and major events. It also gives you the slack and facebook pages for chatting.
  14. And we thank you for it - even those of us that can't make it to the weekly nights. Despite no new expansions or announcements, I'm excited to try a commander I haven't played much in a brand new CCC as well as take the new Sector Fleet Multiplayer rules out for a spin in a casual event!
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