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  1. Guy, this forum is going to be pretty dry for responses since Battlefront now handle all things Dust related, not FFG. Come over to http://dust-tactics.com/ and sign up, that's where it's all at now and you will have your query answered!
  2. Doesn't sound much like Dust Tactics to me, bud.
  3. Just to clarify this, there are two combat values that are attributed to these attacks. Incendiary Blast (X/+) where you roll "X" dice for each targeted minature and inflict one point of damage for each HIT result (for squads, or multiple minatures on a single base). The other is AP Incendiary Blast (X/skull) which is used for targeting vehicles. With this you roll "X" dice and eliminate the unit entirely if at least one HIT result is rolled. On pg 24 of the Core Rules Revised, the wording suggests that for AP Incendiary Blast you roll "X" dice for each targeted minature, however since this applies to vehicles there is only ever one targeted minature. It could be a wording redundancy, but you never know exactly what they could have planned for this game
  4. Just my opinion, but I think the game is balanced well enough the way it is. What's got you thinking to house rule overwatch anyway?
  5. The Axis Heavy Assault Walker is worth it for the model alone if you ask me, it looks great. The Fireball/Punisher less so, but it looks like it might actually be worth using on rare occasions. These things almost never hit the board at my place because of the afformentioned 4-square rule and the resulting cramped quarters making them hard to justify the cost.
  6. Yeah I had the same problem at one stage (massive images covering up the text). As is suggested above, try a different viewer to fix this.
  7. Don't bother with any four-square vehicles at this stage, and make sure the allies get some Grim Reapers going. Instead of the two hero packs, personally looking at the rest of your purchases, I would double up on vanilla Zombies and Grim Reapers and worry about heroes after a few more squads are added. Also consider the Jagogrenadiers/ Laser Jagogrenadiers and USMC Choppers/Leathernecks for some 3 minis 1 base action in your games.
  8. Which units are 'worth' doubling up on is a pretty sujective thing really. Aside from the actual stats on the card, it all depends on how the player tends to like to play out his games with a particular build. In light of that, I'd like to revise my previous statement claiming there were no units worth doubling up on in The Revised Core Set. There most certainly is stuff worth doubling up on, just not for me at this time. The Sturmpionere was mentioned before on account of their ranged attack with Fast combo for Axis, and after last nights game I can say they are a dangerous squad, bursting out of nowhere, knocking out one of my Pounders and killing an adjacent Heavy Armour squad in one activation.
  9. Well it has to be said that there is probably no unit worthy of doubling up on in the Revised Core Set at all compared to what can be found outside of it. After all it's not like it includes the Zombies and the Grim Reapers, or any Kill Commandoes or Heavy Recon Grenadiers, units I'd typically think of doubling up on. The two included light walkers have a limited deployment profile and you'd be better off fielding two Heinrichs or two Wildfires anyway.
  10. These heavy 4-square units never seem to get any play, and it's certainly not the AP cost that's doing it. The SSU 2-square tanks on the other hand, different story, even without diagonal movement.
  11. I have not fielded or dealt with aircraft yet as I am happy with the balance in my armies already, so I cannot comment on how Yakov affects games when used with them but the OP's post seems legit. Legendary Tactician is a powerful skill and it would make no sense to me to field SSU without him, IMO. It still comes down to the SSU player making the decision to move first or not having (usually) won initiative that will help win the game, and in my experience when attacking the SSU whilst they are fortified in a structure (like the Communist Party HQ in Enemy at the Gate Pt 2), you can be in for a rough ride when Legendary Tactician is in effect. My enemy protected Yakov well by moving his squad to the back of the compound when needed, and sent Winter Child to the windows to head off any assassination attempts. I could never get ahead thanks to Legendary Tactician as my troops would be too wounded through failed initiative attempts to be in any condition to face Yakov's squad once inside…
  12. Good news that there will be a book with all the current rules/skills etc in one place. I would imagine that the rule tweaks will cover the clarifications found in the FAQs and hopefully some more like grouping weaponry into class to sort out the whole grenade weapon and artillery reload business. It would be great if they released exclusive units for the box set as before, maybe covering the new faction and one other existing one (SSU I suppose). I'm new to these forums by the way, so hello to all the players here Apart from the slew of embarrasing unit card errors and some nebulous rule descriptions, the game rocks hard. As an old school BattleTech player this game is a breath of fresh (and much faster paced) air for me and my long time gamer buddy.
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