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  1. Where is the remove Hypercrap format option? Knowing that will never happen. At least have a logical noob format like it was before where it was just 2.0 only stuff. It makes zero sense for a new player to go buy a CIS or Republic starter set and be told yeah, half that stuff isn't legal in tournaments (because for some reason almost every tournament is Hypercrap format).
  2. You are still missing the point. Let me try to explain it again and dumb it down... B1 has coordinate, AI on B1 make sense. B2/BX/Deka no has coordinate, AI handicap no make sense. Comm Jammer means you have to shoot something instead of move unless you're running one of the tank upgrades that removes AI. Running thr AAT means you will be at an activation disadvantage which lets them last first very easily which means an NTFS TT can effectively cover 38.5" of ground. Even if you don't get AI, you still have to be able to move 6" away which isn't always possible due to terrain, especially if you're trying to block with the AAT.
  3. You really don't play the game in a competitive setting if you think the above is true. You only have perfect activation control with B1s, which I already mentioned and you ignored. None of the other AI units (except the tank with the droid upgrade) allow you to have activation control and therefore don't really have a reason for the AI handicap. This was my entire point which you glossed over. Also, if a TT gets a comm jammer off on a B1 squad you're gonna be stuck slinging white dice at it in melee. You can't withdraw due to AI. So no, it's not a free kill "lamb to the slaughter" situation. Lastly, the tank has a minimum range which can also be abused, so again, no, it's not going to slaughter TTs.
  4. It makes sense as a punishment on B1s since they all have coordinate, but the tank, droidekas, B2s and especially commandos don't get any buffs to offset AI. AI dodge move doesn't affect a vibrosword squad that much, but it hoses a sniper squad super hard, especially one without innate pierce or HV. AI was very obviously thought up and balanced around the vacuum of the core set only. It makes sense and plays well there. When you start slapping it on to everything or introduce it to a world with cheap comm jammers on fast units that can cohere to screw you (tauns)...it becomes very much a garbage NPE mechanic that is pure fluff and hinders gameplay. What benefit do dekas, B2s, the tank, and commandos get that requires them to have the AI handicap attached to them? Commando snipers would be good without AI, but with it they become a clunky mess. ARC snipers just completely trump them in every way.
  5. AI is such a garbage game mechanic that was shoehorned in for fluff reasons.
  6. @Cgriffith Hey! I hope everything is going well in MD. That meta was fun and I totally agree that Hyperspace is stupid. I really want to play certain lists that aren't playable in Hyperspace. In a competitive meta everyone wants to practice for what format tournaments will be held in. Unfortunately FFG has decided that Hyperspace is going to be the most common, which means competitive players will mostly want to practice that format. Multiple competitive formats sounds like a great idea in theory, but it unfortunately fractures the community. This is fine if you have a ton of people showing up weekly to play because you can likely find people who will want to play extended, but if you have a small community who want to practice for the tournaments that they drive an hour or two to attend (like the NOVA area), then the extra formats don't work.
  7. For hyperspace only I could see the argument for keeping protons, but I would downgrade the protons on Frost to seismics and keep Fearless on Boba.
  8. Fearless triggers all the time for Boba. Seismics threaten a much larger area than protons and trick shot is very very good in combo with the debris cloud (so is the seismic). I already said I don't care about hyperspace, which is why I like the trick shot on Frost. No need to get all defensive either, chill out.
  9. I dunno what is Hyperspace legal because I don't like that garbage format, but I do like this list. I like it more if you drop both proton bombs for fearless and seismic on Boba and trick shot on Frost. Also BoFrost is a terrible name for the list and it's definitely Frosted Fett instead. 😆
  10. I live in Melbourne and would be extremely happy to have someone to play games with regularly (especially if you're looking to get competitive although I'm happy playing casually as well). I have terrain and all the armies.
  11. There is currently way too much dice RNG in 2.0 due to the lack of reliable action economy/dice modification. You can completely outplay your opponent but roll 0 damage and you can play perfectly by staying at range 3 and still randomly die due to no autothrusters. 1.0 had less dice RNG.
  12. Highlighted above to support your reading comprehension level. I'll also spell it out for you just in-case you still don't understand (highly likely), the most common squads for Rebels and Imperials are Z6 and DLT squads which are 62 and 68 points respectively. These are the main backbone that "support" the snipers by preventing anything from getting anywhere near them.
  13. So you don't play the game AND you don't read. Powerful combo you have there. Nobody said you have to use the medics on the snipers, it's just a happy accident that medics are amazing on them. You can also recover things from almost 2' away with medic squads, so they don't need to stay back. I'm not going to teach you how trigonometry works, but across the table, being around a corner doesn't matter, you just have to keep something blocking LoS on your second model. Again, these are all things you would know if you actually played the game, but you very obviously don't. Hopefully none of the newer players take anything you say with any sort of credence, but I assure you that everyone who actually plays the game at a decent level is merely messing with you and laughing because you are so hilariously and obviously out of your depth with everything you try to talk about. Also, this is all besides the main point that the T-47 is completely overpriced for something that does such pitiful damage (especially vs. good saves) and dies extremely quickly for the cost.
  14. You don't have to be at a right angle, could just be off to the side, which is 4 inches, not 2. You tend to have a sniper war in the first 3 or so turns. That's what you do about them. It's so prevalent that people take medics to bring back the single sniper that dies, so it usually takes 3-4 shots just to take down a sniper squad these days competitively. Also I corrected your point cost assumptions, but you should know the standard point costs for the most common units in the game...then again, you don't actually play, so I guess that makes sense.
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