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  1. Highlighted above to support your reading comprehension level. I'll also spell it out for you just in-case you still don't understand (highly likely), the most common squads for Rebels and Imperials are Z6 and DLT squads which are 62 and 68 points respectively. These are the main backbone that "support" the snipers by preventing anything from getting anywhere near them.
  2. So you don't play the game AND you don't read. Powerful combo you have there. Nobody said you have to use the medics on the snipers, it's just a happy accident that medics are amazing on them. You can also recover things from almost 2' away with medic squads, so they don't need to stay back. I'm not going to teach you how trigonometry works, but across the table, being around a corner doesn't matter, you just have to keep something blocking LoS on your second model. Again, these are all things you would know if you actually played the game, but you very obviously don't. Hopefully none of the newer players take anything you say with any sort of credence, but I assure you that everyone who actually plays the game at a decent level is merely messing with you and laughing because you are so hilariously and obviously out of your depth with everything you try to talk about. Also, this is all besides the main point that the T-47 is completely overpriced for something that does such pitiful damage (especially vs. good saves) and dies extremely quickly for the cost.
  3. You don't have to be at a right angle, could just be off to the side, which is 4 inches, not 2. You tend to have a sniper war in the first 3 or so turns. That's what you do about them. It's so prevalent that people take medics to bring back the single sniper that dies, so it usually takes 3-4 shots just to take down a sniper squad these days competitively. Also I corrected your point cost assumptions, but you should know the standard point costs for the most common units in the game...then again, you don't actually play, so I guess that makes sense.
  4. I've yet to see a table where it is impossible to LoS hide snipers. If such a table even existed in competitive play, snipers would still be the best unit on that table.
  5. The fact that it takes 2 shots minimum to kill the squad regardless of how many hits are scored. You could have a 100000 die dice pool with pierce 100 and blast and it wouldn't matter, it would still take 2 shots to kill the squad. What part about that is escaping your 400 IQ brain?
  6. You have clearly never played the game or, at the very least, have never played the game at a high skill level if you actually believe this statement. You can hide your ineptitude as much as you want with big words and numbers, but comments like the above quote are clear evidence to anyone with a modicum of skill and experience with competitive Legion that you don't know what you're talking about. Please actually try to play the game at a high level before leading people astray who don't know any better. At this point I'm convinced you are either a massive troll or a poster child for the Dunning-Krueger effect.
  7. T-47 damage and survivability is egregiously bad for the point investment, especially vs. red saves and better. Any model >90 points without pierce in the game of Legion better have a **** good reason for being on the table to be worth the cost. There's also the factor that the T-47, while also being terribly inefficient, also reduces your activation count, which is a major factor in high level competitive play in Legion. Snipers, on the other hand, are incredibly durable, efficient, and increase your activation count significantly. tl;dr - The T-47 is terrible and snipers are amazing.
  8. I wanted to give you a chance and see if maybe you were just missing something, but now it's very clear that you have zero experience in high level games. Duck and cover on a sniper strike team is a really dumb idea and a waste of points. Snipers are one of the most durable units in the game due to corner peeking and medics. I would highly suggest that you try playing the game at a high level sometime. Perhaps you should watch a few Invader League games or even participate in Season 4.
  9. You've successfully eliminated all credibility from any of your statements regarding competitive play with your comments above.
  10. Bossk is better than Boba point efficiency wise. I would never play a list with just Boba once Bossk is released, but I would play a Bossk only list. Triple snipers is what you play if you wanna win and only care about winning a tournament. I've yet to see a list convince me otherwise. The game in general has large skill gaps still and a huge amount of RNG, so using tournament results isn't really a good way to determine the best units and lists. Even in x-wing, where they have waaaaay more games played than Legion; I would argue that they also wouldn't be able to prove anything with tournament results for the same reasons. All we can look at is points efficiency per unit and try to quantify the intangibles like Whipcord or speed 3 w/ Jump, Explosions, etc.
  11. I think you also misunderstood the question. This is asking where you place the token on the terrain, not which piece of terrain is selected. Yeah but the rules don't tell you to do this.
  12. Yeah I don't think you understand the question. It's not WHAT piece of terrain is selected, it's WHERE on that piece of terrain is the token placed. You cannot overlap objective tokens in the game, so it is beneficial to be the one placing the token.
  13. It does, per pg. 45 of the rulebook under Objective Tokens: "Miniatures can move through but cannot overlap objective tokens." Nothing in the rulebook says that is the case. They follow all the rules for objective tokens, but cannot be claimed.
  14. Which player places the token on the central piece of terrain? Per the rules you are not allowed to end up on top of an objective token. You can move through it, but you cannot land on top of it. Therefore it is advantageous to be the person placing the token in a way that might limit placement options for your opponent. So the question is, which player places the token?
  15. I had similar thoughts about running a 7 point bid but then I realized that most PS5 aces are running much deeper bids than that (except for rebel XXAA I guess). It is also important for the slaver to have initiative to shoot last, so maybe Dengar is just being too cute and I cut him.
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