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  1. Ok. That is what I thought, but I wasn't sure if his own ships counted. That has answered my question. Thanks,
  2. So I have been seeing these a lot lately. In the middle of a game now What happens when a Buzz droid is launched and the target ship is surrounded by Allies, so it hits the target, but can it still be placed. I know ships count as obstacles, so do friendly ships count for buzz droids? Need some clarification? Thanks,
  3. Just say that cannons ignore the range 3 defensive die bonus. They will see play then. Simple and Effective. Remember changes have to be made by tweaks, nothing large, This is a tweak they could make and Cannon's get much better, without any cards or updates needed.
  4. I fine with a Hunger games type of rule, After 20 minutes if you haven't moved from Range 2 of your own board edge everyone takes a crit and gains a weapons disarmed token. Then after 40 minutes range 3, etc.
  5. Maybe but as long as he focuses he gets it. He can carry crew and avoid damage at least 1 every turn. I wonder if the same thing was said about Fenn Rau in the Rebel shuttle in 1.0. He won't be a problem and yet he dominates the meta. I just hate poor written cards, sometimes I can understand, but they moved to big cards to be more descriptive, so how could they not get this as an issue, when they wrote it?
  6. But I meant to say on Defense. It's basically Sabine in the Shadowcaster ability. I'm just saying I don't think they intended it that way, it's obvious. But I think they will say they intended it that way, because hey no one every admits mistakes anymore.
  7. Unless he took a focus action. They he is adding a focus result to an attack, which is almost the same think maul does for 13 pts.
  8. Well with the New Devs I hope soon, because this is very bad. There is literally no down side to it. Just put on the card this way if you meant it. While you defend or perform an attack, you may add 1 blank result or 1 focus result. Since they didn't I think they just screwed up again.
  9. Wow! FFG needs to clarify better. This new Dev team is really making some mistakes this wave when it comes to clarity and timing on certain cards. They should be happy some of this product has been leaked so we can find this issues and present them, before the full release. They should just add the following to strain rules: The next time you defend.
  10. Had a game against someone who tried to tell me that FINN takes a strain and then clears it immediately because he is defending? I argued about the wording, but we rolled for it and he won the die roll. Here is the wording on FINN Transport: While you defend or perform an attack, you may add 1 blank result, or you may gain 1 strain token to add 1 focus result instead. He basically said, Sure I get the strain, but then it is removed because I'm defending. This cannot be right. Has FFG clarified this anywhere? Thanks Eagletsi
  11. Is that under the points list for Support?
  12. Sad, but 100% accurate
  13. Why didn't they list it on screen at the end of the stream as a link?
  14. They screwed up as usual
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