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  1. eagletsi111

    Gold Squadron Live Feed from Pax

    Here is the link to the Gold Squadron Live Feed from Pax
  2. Ok. I was looking for the original announcement. but this helps me decide how much money to put as way for buying stuff. Thanks,
  3. How do you know this? Is there an official page for them? I googled it, but I don't see anything.
  4. Heck it would nice just to see everything classed by Waves? I mean what is in Wave II exactly?
  5. Does anyone know if there is any difference in pilots or upgrades between the two? Or does the Conversion kit have everything that is in the t-70 pack? I already have 8 T-70's and really don't want to buy anymore? Thanks,
  6. eagletsi111

    Purple Actions

    I agree with the op. You can spend a force to change 1 dice to that result for the Evade. For the Coordinate, it has to be spend a force to do the action.
  7. eagletsi111

    Can some ships in 2.0 not take Modifications?

    Ok. Cool. I thought it was a bug, but I guess it's a good way to limit them.
  8. I just noticed when using the app that Tie Advanced Prototypes cannot take modifications? Is is bug or an actual thing? Thanks,
  9. eagletsi111

    Cards in my Conversion Kit?

    I get that! Just shocked me with how little they give you.
  10. eagletsi111

    Cards in my Conversion Kit?

    Ok. I went through my entire kit. I got 3 Evade tokens. Only 3. what gives!
  11. eagletsi111

    Cards in my Conversion Kit?

    Thanks I will when I get home
  12. eagletsi111

    Cards in my Conversion Kit?

    Nope. I checked everything no extra. Dang it! No Cardboard templates for them either.
  13. eagletsi111

    Half Points in 2.0? Do you round up or down

    Down would mean you only need to do 1 damage, 1.5 rounded down is 1
  14. Has anyone else had this issue? I Just opened it and went through everything. I appear to be missing some cards. I missing Del Meeko, Gideon Husk, and Sen Marana. Are they supposed to be in the Conversion kit, or do I have to buy a new Tie to get them? Thanks,