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  1. eagletsi111

    confused about conversion packs

    Oh. Why would they not post that here, so if we want to preorder we know how many to buy.
  2. eagletsi111

    confused about conversion packs

    Where do you see this. I cannot find it on this site? Do you have a location or link?
  3. eagletsi111

    I want a harpoons thread too!

    Just make them also require a modification slot. Now no advanced slam, no EI, no chips, no LRS. Same ships can take them, but not as effective.
  4. eagletsi111

    Banshee Title for Lancer?

    OP: I would make it 3 pts. Not bad as long as she cannot shoot, and should state cannot use abilities while cloaked either. So no stress or tractors.
  5. eagletsi111

    Hoth Open Final

    Miranda's ability should be primary weapons only and TLT should count crits as blank results. While were at it, the range 1 bonus should only come if your target is in your primary arc period. this helps bring back the old arc only ships and makes Flying better even more important.
  6. eagletsi111

    Harpoon Change: Store uses this rule

    Actually, for TLT's. They state that all crits count as blank results on the dice.
  7. eagletsi111

    Harpoon Change: Store uses this rule

    so I played in my old store, When I got there I was informed that a house rules for harpoons is as follows: Harpoons take a missile slot and a modification slot. They told me for FFG tournies they will use the standard rules, but the rest of the time these. They gave me time to mod my lists and It turns out its actually a pretty good nerf. Instead of getting 4 hits, I was getting only 3, because of no LRS and Guidance and it took skill to set up shots, still very powerful, but seemed to be much more balanced. What does everyone think of this rule? Thanks
  8. That's right! So didn't matter either way, Unless the guy with initiative gets the blinded crit on the other guy. Thanks,
  9. Ok. So I had initiative. So I would have gotten a Dengar shot back, now if I kill him his gunner still goes off?
  10. So was playing a game versus Han with a Gunner and PS11. I got my Dengar to face his in his front arc. I had 3 hull and he had 2 hull. He fired at me, and rolled only 1 hit, which I rolled 2 evades and dodged. He said ok Gunner, I said wait Dengar goes first, because it says after you attack and he argued Gunner says immediately. To not argue with him, I let him go, with the 2nd shot he killed me as I rolled 2 blanks and died. Still got to Dengar shot back and Kill him too. Anyway, What is the timing? Does Dengar trigger before Gunner? I might have killed him if it did and he wouldn't get to gunner then, correct? Thanks
  11. eagletsi111

    Combating the shakes

    My son had them for 2 years, he is 15 now and they are finally gone. It takes practice. Potassium is a good one.
  12. eagletsi111

    Can you reload and Extra Munitions Token?

    This happened last night and we ruled you could not. Guy has Extra Munitions on a Gunboat and fire his first Missile, he was out of combat and advanced slam and wanted to reload his extra munitions token. Can it be done? Thanks,
  13. eagletsi111

    Jostero and Dace Bonearm? Interaction Question?

    Ok. So what about Tourani Kulda, does his bulleye arc trigger Jostero? (if the enemy takes damage offcourse) Or is his ability still part of the attack?
  14. eagletsi111

    Jostero and Dace Bonearm? Interaction Question?

    So any time Dace triggers his ability off of anyones attack, Jostero cannot work. But bombs are not attacks, so Ion bombs or Conner nets or would trigger Jostero if the enemy took damage. Is that correct?
  15. Daces Ability states: When an enemy ship at Range 1-3 receives at least 1 ion token, if you are not stressed, you may receive 1 stress token to cause that ship to suffer 1 damage. Jostero ability states: Once per round, after an enemy ship that is not defending against an attack suffers damage or critical damage, you may perform an attack against that ship. Question: So is adding Daces ability part of an attack? Lets say you get hit with Ion Torps or Ion Cannon and get one Ion, Dace adds his ability to add an extra Ion. Can Jostero use his ability? Some people at my store think yes and others no? Does anyone know? Thanks,