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  1. New preview: save the dream

    I'm excited about renegade ren. If you squint it says add another modification, sou you can have Vector and S-foils. Barrel roll with vector, 2 Talon or Boost with double sides S-foils. Nice
  2. Showcase: B/SF-17 Bomber

  3. Showcase: HWK-290

    My hawks:
  4. Resistance Bomber

    My Bomber:
  5. Showcase: B-wing

    My B-wing:
  6. Showcase: E-wing

    Here is mine: https://imgur.com/XgBrC6M
  7. A new half points proposal

    Interesting. But I said this in the other thread: should be hull+shields of 9 or more equal half points and large based ships. (Stats and info are there) You can check it out here: If FFG would let me post it. You'll have to search for it on your own.
  8. Can we just get Universal Half Points Already??

    Thanks for your informative and well thought out explanation. It really changes the way I perceive the game. Plus be sure to enlighten us more with your wonderful intelligent and thought provoking conversation and idea's.
  9. Should accuracy corrector be primary weapons only?

    So you don't think having the ability to fire out your rear arc on a ghost is not awesome! I said it before the title on the phantom should state make a shot at the end of turn using a turret weapon equipped on the phantom. This way the ghost would have to pay 12 points to shoot 4 times with tlt. One for the ghost and one for the phantom, it makes sense.
  10. Should accuracy corrector be primary weapons only?

    One of things I hate is auto damage in the game. The auto turret when using this is not stoppable damage at range 1. Also the ghost with tlt accuracy corrects every time for all 4 shots. (On another not the title for the phantom should have stated make a end of turn shot with a turret you have equipped on the phantom. so if you wnated to have 4 tlt shots you would have to pay 12 points, but i digress) If you have 1 agility there is nothing you can do. I'm all for changing to be just primary arc also, but I'm just trying to gauge what others think?
  11. Let’s think of ways to help the Empire

    Half points on ships on all Large ships and small ships with Hull+shields=9 or more. Instantly helps empire. They do damage, but don't survive as well, this way their damage actually means something. Also I like reinforced plating type of card as a Mod. Maybe 2 points or even 1 pts Lastly a title that makes empire bombs from that ship add 1 crit result, to any bomb damage.
  12. Can we just get Universal Half Points Already??

    My take the rules should be if large or hull + shields are 9 or more. Yes this maked my beloved Punisher hurt even more, but it makes total sense. Heck a possible fix would be on small ship non genericd with hull and shields 9+ this is for people complaining that generics are getting nerfed. Of course doing this nerfs all ARc's The Median of all small ships shields plus hull is 5, 5 ships are being effects and all are 3 IQR's or more from the median. Outliers for sure. Of course the punisher does get affected, but really with lightweight frame and sensor it can be a tank and would be if the empire had regen. Now lets see: 4 of the 5 ships listed totally control the meta, without being half points. If we make these ships half points, we instantly change the way people are forced to fly these ships. Those five are: ARC Wookie K-wing Scurrg Punisher That keeps 34 other small ships from being effected. Ship Faction Shield Hull Total 9+ A-wing Rebel 2 2 4 Arc Rebel 3 6 9 1 Attack Shuttle Rebel 2 2 4 B-wing Rebel 3 5 8 Wookie Rebel 3 6 9 1 E-wing Rebel 3 2 5 Hwk Rebel 1 4 5 K-wing Rebel 4 5 9 1 Scurrg Rebel 5 5 10 1 Sabines Tie Rebel 0 3 3 Sheath Rebel 1 4 5 T-70 Rebel 3 3 6 t-65 Rebel 2 3 5 y-wing Rebel 3 5 8 Z-95 Rebel 2 2 4 Gunboat Empire 3 4 7 Tie SF Empire 3 3 6 Tie ADV Empire 2 3 5 Tie ADV PROTo Empire 2 2 4 Tie Aggressor Empire 1 4 5 Tie Bomber Empire 0 6 6 Tie Defender Empire 3 3 6 Tie Fighter Empire 0 3 3 Tie Interceptor Empire 0 3 3 Tie Phantom Empire 2 2 4 Tie Punisher Empire 3 6 9 1 Tie Silencer Empire 2 4 6 Tie Striker Empire 0 4 4 Tie FO Empire 1 3 4 G1-A Scum 4 4 8 Hawk Scum 1 4 5 Kihraxz Scum 1 4 5 Syck Scum 1 3 4 Protectorate Scum 0 4 4 Scurrg scum 5 5 10 1 Quad Jumper Scum 0 5 5 Kimogila Scum 2 6 8 Star Viper Scum 1 4 5 Y-wing Scum 3 5 8 Z-95 Scum 2 2 4 Total number of ship affected Median 5 6 But since Scurgg is repeated, really 5
  13. Twin Laser Turret: Is It Fine, Or Is It Not?

    My take is that the shuttle is separate and you must by a tlt for it also. So if you bought two tlt's one for the shuttle and one for the ghost, 12 pts. That would make sense. The end of turn shot should always come from what the shuttle has equipped, not the ghost.
  14. Should accuracy corrector be primary weapons only?

    True, but this helps fix the TLT problem right now a little bit