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  1. Thanks everyone for helping me out, it looks like I'll be rolling two green dice for my proxy 2.0 game.
  2. Have we seen anything that indicates that TIE Strikers will be able to get a third agility in 2.0, a la Lightweight Frame in 1.0? I feel like their 1.0 point cost was designed with Lightweight Frame in mind. The reason I ask is, I want to run some 2.0 proxy games with a friend but I'm not sure how to spec out my Strikers points/upgrade-wise.
  3. This is exactly my plan actually. I'm also trying to track down some used first edition imperial ships for cheap to get a better return on my conversion kit. Ideally I would find someone local who wants to go mono rebels in 2.0 and trade them my unwanted rebel ships for their unwanted imperial ships.
  4. I see. That's a rather important distinction, but nothing that can't be solved by patience and/or short-term borrowing from friends. Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. Okay that seems pretty unanimous then. Thanks everyone for the fast responses. I'm looking forward to getting back into this game.
  6. I'm thinking about getting back into the game with 2.0, and I want to convert over only my imperial ships and be just an imperial player. If I get 1 core + 1 imperial conversion kit, will I get all the upgrades from the first wave? Or will there be upgrades exclusive to the other faction conversion kits (besides faction-only uniques, of course)? Has FFG clarified this?
  7. I'm also in Ann Arbor and Fun 4 All is my favorite store in the area. I'm currently on the fence about Armada partially because I don't want to plop down the cash if I never get to play against anybody. This thread has me optimistic that we will have players in our neck of the woods.
  8. By the way, for anyone on here in the AA/Ypsi area, there is a tourney this Sunday at Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti. Here are the details:
  9. Eternal seems to have the biggest events and best prize support, but it's ~1 hour away for me (and that's BEFORE traffic). Any chance that Eternal will ever do any of these events on a Saturday or Sunday?
  10. How does Horton take PtL in OP? Why is everyone putting VI on Horton in the comments? Did Y-Wings get an Elite Talent slot in a preview I missed?
  11. It's looking like I will not be able to make it out to RIW tonight. I'll have to try again another week.
  12. Anyone going to be at RIW tomorrow or is everyone leaving for GenCon?
  13. So I realize I am super late in replying to this, but most of the F4A Ypsi crowd stays in touch on the Facebook group instead of in this thread. If you have a Facebook account, you can get to the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/628108733880477/
  14. Dane and I picked up some Wave 4 ships and got a couple of games in. I finally beat Dane's Wedge+Roark+2xBlue list for the first time! There didn't seem to be any other comers for X-Wing demos or anything, but the new force pack did come out for the LCG so the other Star Wars guys were out in full force. After Dane left I caught a couple games of cards with them.
  15. New players are always welcome at any venue I've played at (RIW in Livonia and Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti). Do you have any plans to come out to RIW tonight? X-Wing is the game of the day and everything X-Wing is 25% off.
  16. It's looking like I will be able to make it out to RIW today. Anyone else going to be there?
  17. I am hoping to make it out to RIW tomorrow to get some games in (and buy my Wave 4 stuff at 25% off!).
  18. I think I'll actually be able to make it today. I'll probably be there at the usual time (between 6 and 6:30).
  19. I'm still admiring the fact that the OP actually used the ° symbol in the thread title. Well done.
  20. I have a shipping tube that I use to transport my playmat. I just slide the huge range ruler right in there with it.
  21. To All: I find your lack of X-Wing disturbing. As for next week, next Thursday will be 2 days after my girlfriend moves into my place and 2 days before we take a trip to Colorado, so my being at RIW is uncertain. Always in motion is the future...
  22. So is there anyone who can for sure make it out to RIW tonight? It takes me about 30 minutes to get there so I don't want to show up and find the place empty!
  23. Of course it will be, because astromechs. I'm just hoping that when FFG releases the Star Destroyers that they will fit into these bags.
  24. So it's looking like I'll be able to make it out to RIW tomorrow for the first time in many weeks. What kind of squad should I bring (e.g., 100 pts, 200 pts, huge ships)?
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