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  1. You can perform actions in any order, with the exception of actions that are the result of a triggering event. Your example of snowtroopers doing an Aim action, then a Move which triggers an attack action is correct. They could not Move first, then interrupt to Aim before attacking.
  2. I agree. I can certainly see mercenary squads added to the game that could be used by either side, but I just don't see enough ground combat with Scum groups for them to be a faction on their own. With the mercenary squads added to the game, you could field a force of mercenaries easily enough without needing a designated faction.
  3. I started using the Husky modular tool box system for my collection. They have a tray that fits twelve squad-sized cups for $25. There are also various additional units that all lock together so you can move it all at once. One of them is a large bin with a handle and wheels that easily fits the larger models.
  4. I played a lot of Star Frontiers back in the 80's (still mess with it on occasion), and in one of my favorite adventure modules the characters are on a ship called the Gullwind. The first time I was registering for a discussion board, I happened to be in a SF kick, so I used it. Been using it ever since.
  5. I took a full-health speeder bike unit out with one shot last week and a six-man stormtrooper unit down to one today. I may have used up their luck, however. the rest of the shots they took today were ... less than spectacular.
  6. Lando and the Wing Guards from Bespin.
  7. A friend of mine printed a pod racer for a desert battlefield I made for our FLGS. The print didn't go quite right, but since it was supposed to be a wreck, it actually worked just fine.
  8. Standard unit is one leader and three troopers. The unit has one Personnel upgrade slot, which can add one additional standard trooper and one Heavy Weapons upgrade slot, which adds one heavy weapons trooper. So the maximum troopers a unit can have is six. The units in the graphics simply have that extra trooper from the Personnel slot.
  9. Every Saturday afternoon at Board Fox Games, downtown Grand Junction. We will be having organized play events and tournaments.
  10. Glue a steel washer inside the bases. That gives them some extra heft, and you can use magnetic tape to secure them in a box.
  11. I submitted a ticket for the missing AT-RT handlebar the Monday after release, and got the part in a week.
  12. I gloss coat all of the cardboard bits from all of my games now, and use a sharpie to color the edges. Protects them pretty well and makes them look less "cardboardy".
  13. Gullwind


    No problem. I should also point out that with regards to your second question, there are some limitations with Standby.
  14. Gullwind


    1. No, panicked happens when the unit has a number of suppression tokens equal to twice the courage value, so two for stormtroopers. And remember the Rally step of the activation phase, and that you can remove a suppression token in the End phase. 2. Your actions can be in any order.
  15. I think you're right. The first sub point under the third bullet point under Suppression says "during" the Perform Action step. That does suggest a constant check, otherwise it would say "at the start of" the Perform Action step.
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