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  1. Disgruntled said: elementcircle said: Yeah, there isn't even anything on here about whether or not reprinting is happening, but there are places here and there that have a a copy or three. hothie - I'm so sorry to hear that! If you're near NC, come on out to our store and join in with us some time. Where in NC are you? Durham, NC Atomic Empire - Comics, Games, Hobbies http://www.atomicempire.com/store/
  2. R5Don4 said: hothie said: I'd love to join you, but I'm much closer to NE than NC. Actually, we may have a few new players tomorrow, so there may a new hope on the horizon…(see what i did there. ) It is hard to get players to come out I find. It is encouraging to hear I'm not the only one. Over the 5 Kessel Runs I attended in my area, as well as a couple of other events, I would estimate there were just shy of 50 different players, I've met. There are also a few that I've seen online, that are in the area too, but have never been at the same events. The highest attended SWX event was only 16 players. The majority of players seem to be very new, and it was their first tournament with this game. For whatever reason, it is equally hard to get venues to put on events. This game seems to be a game most players are dabbling with, while their main focus is on other games. If 50 players showed up to any LGS for an SWX event it would be awesome, but they would be hard pressed to accomodate them. So it's not just us. I have to say, if we had 50 players show up, we would have PLENTY of space. But then, we also serve craft beer on tap, so there's really no excuse as to why they don't show…
  3. Oh, and you should definitely make a GREEN option!
  4. zachbunn said: I can't vouch for or against the accuracy of what comes in the box (mine seems accurate), but just this morning we launched Covenant Templates over at Team Covenant. We spent a LOT of time and energy making sure that our production process made our acrylic templates as accurate and consistent as possible. I can't imagine doing something like that on the front and back of a piece of cardboard across thousands and thousands of starter sets. The margin for error would be extremely difficult to control. These are AWESOME! I will be buying a set of red AND a set of black as soon as I have the extra money! THANK YOU TEAM COVENANT!!! (We can has acrylic maneuver dials someday? Please?)
  5. Picasso said: I think the plastic parts are being used as awards for attending game night events. I think this sucks because not every store gets the game night kits. Mine didn't get the first kit and now I have no chance at a tourny ok plastic range ruler. Same problem here. I tried to get our store to get the first one (since I'm in charge of running the X-Wing events here) but they wouldn't do it because there "wasn't enough interest". We may not get them after this one (when it finally shows up) if we don't get enough people involved. It rediculous because we are CONSTANTLY sold out of ALL the products (Core Sets and expansions!) yet noone shows up to play and we play every week!
  6. Yeah, there isn't even anything on here about whether or not reprinting is happening, but there are places here and there that have a a copy or three. hothie - I'm so sorry to hear that! If you're near NC, come on out to our store and join in with us some time.
  7. That's awesome! Love the magnetic addition.
  8. elementcircle

    Gaming mats

    Well, they're available from the store I work for: Deep Space - https://www.scifigenre.com/itemDetail.aspx?nItemID=132678&sid=01S1YRSV12UH1N1 "Space Station" (Death Star) - https://www.scifigenre.com/itemDetail.aspx?nItemID=132679&sid=01S1YRSV12UH1N1
  9. This is why FFG needs to either put out acrylic range rulers (and tokens and maneuver dials and all the other cardboard pieces) or delegate it to someone like Gale Force Nine. I know there are a few rogue sources out there, and I think that's great, but for those of us that have gaming stores, it's still not possible to carry those. If there were some distributor for such things, we could sell the heck out of them. (TRANSLATION- FFG can make all the monies)
  10. Ok, maybe I'm blind or something, but I can't believe this hasn't been discussed here yet… From what I have been able to find out through various places and shady cantinas, the core sets are all but gone at this point. I hear Target is one of the only places that still have them in stock. The comic and game store I work for only has 2 copies left, and I'm not even sure how we got them in, because FFG has none for us to order. I love FFG products (especially X-Wing!) but why is there so little communication when it comes to product (even on their own site)? When will there be more core sets available? Will they be sending out more with the Wave 2 shipments? I ask because, as a game store employee (and the one in charge of our X-Wing Game Nights and Tournaments), I have a lot of people asking about them because they were waiting for Wave 2 to get started with the core sets. Please, can we get an official FFG answer on this and not just speculations or "soon"? Also, I haven't seen anything about the Game Night kits. Are they just waiting for Wave 2 to finally get here to get us those? (They were delayed, but they should have been here this month…) I'm in charge of our Star Wars: The Card Game league, too, and there's no sign of those, either. As an aside, I just joined the community here, but I have been lurking these forums pretty much since X-Wing was announced. Now that I'm officially here, don't be surprised to see me blowing up a couple of older topics to see if we can get some better info on these boards.
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