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  1. Wouldn't water still cost 2 movement points and Solid red prevent A figure from moving through a space?
  2. Hi I purchased the following agenda card during my imperial upgrade stage and did not play it in the next mission. Does that mean I can keep the card, or I am forced to discard it whether it was used or not?
  3. Hi After playing THE SOURCE story mission, we had a question about the captured neutral figure. The mission states "A rebel figure can interact with the captured officer to perform the following: The hero and the captured officer each move 2 spaces". My question is, can the captured neutral officer move through imperial figures? Please note the in the reference guide on NEUTRAL FIGURES it mentions, Figures can move through spaces containing neutral figures at no additional movement point cost. Now is the inverse true, can the neutral figure use that and move through imperial figures blocking a hallway? Thanks
  4. Hi I have a question about the shock grenade. It says "Choose a space withing 3 spaces.". When choosing a space, is the player limited to only spaces the he currently has line of sight too? Or since it's a grenade, does it ignore enemy figures as obstacle since he is lobbing it over them? here's a link to the card http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/imperial-assault/core-set-previews/preview-1/SWI01_supply_card_fan.png Thanks
  5. Hi what will be the result for the following example? Also can you explain how you worked out your answer. The definition of Pierce found on page 20 of the reference manual is confusing to our group. We're not sure what the game means by ignore X results. Attacker's dice result : 3 damage, 1 surge (spent on pierce 3) Defender's dice result : 6 block thanks
  6. Q: If a hero equiped with a crossbow spends a surge on the crossbow's second surge ability, can he still move the monster if the monster blocks all damage? note : I don't want to consider any cases about a miss. I want to consider all cases where no X is rolled on the blue dice, and range is sufficient.
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