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  1. If this included supports........decks like mazherayoda or rosepartisanx2 would be running it and it would be insane
  2. You cannot resolve a blank. C3p0 changes blanks to a different symbol.
  3. Players can set aside any number of dice that match cards in their deck, or are referenced by cards in their deck. Characters are not part of your deck.
  4. Except if Finn is one of your characters, then villian weapons can go on heroes following proper deck building and play restrictions.
  5. Tried it, missed alot of Kylo's guessing games. eanakin felt more reliable
  6. There is currently nothing set in stone yet for a rotation. Rumor has it that in 2 years a rotation could start. Rumor. Even if you choose to skip Awakenings, if there is a rotation plan, Spirit of Rebellion could be hit by it too. Rotations obviously only apply to the competitive scene. The choice is yours.
  7. That's what manipulate is for. Palp decks are much more difficult due to the limited dice that can be out.
  8. Anger costs 0, sort of? and it's better than removal
  9. Yea, there are easily 604 ways to deal with vibroknife
  10. Sounds like a double force speed on one character issue, not a vibroknife issue.
  11. Guavian guavian trooper trooper is also 32hp Heroes have Rey commando commando for 30
  12. That's a good point. I will update that when I get home. To the above post, not this blanked out quote I can't remove...
  13. Speaking of community stuff. Does anyone by chance have a list of or know where one can find all Lukas rulings, preferably verbatim.
  14. Except in the case of you having 1 character left with 1 hp and second chance. You are allowed to assign 2 dmg to that character and the extra 1 dmg is discarded and does not carry over after the character heals, as per a Lukas ruling.
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