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  1. The Arc-170 has only the Rebel faction cards/dial with it in the rebel conversion kit. It does not have a Republic version so you will have to purchase that pack if you want to run 2 Arc-170's off of one exp pack (which ever pilots aren't on the back of the base plate that you want to fly and you can use the dial from rebels in a Republic dial cover). That was the only missed ship in the conversion packs that you'll have to really buy new.
  2. Because cannons now have range bonuses applied, does that mean an ion cannon at range 1 after a SLAM action, that attack can't be taken due to the limitation in XG-1 Assault Config? "While you have exactly 1 disarm token, you can still perform [canon] attacks. While you perform a [canon] attack while disarmed, roll a maximum of 3 attack dice." Either you attack at range 1 with a 4 die ion but can't roll one die OR you can't choose ion at range 1 and can't attack (because too many dice make it invalid)? Which is it?
  3. Sergovan

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    Different angle. Front one is more straight on and the one in behind is viewed at an angle. That will play with the shapes and sizes of what you are looking at.
  4. Sergovan

    Talon Roll Ruling required, FFG

    In this case the wording on the rule to execute that maneuver is not as clear as it should be ( it even contradicts itself). That is a rules error. A judge, in the moment making a decision, does there best to follow the rules over everything else. If the rule isn't clear, that is not the judges fault. The correct resolution is an errata to that section of the RR.
  5. Skilled Bombadier "If you would drop or launch a device, you may use a template of the same bearing with a speed 1 higher or lower." If I drop with a straitght 1 template, can I lower it to a 0 template (placing it nub to nub)?
  6. I've looked into past pages and I could only find the deploying answer for an obstacle. I'm trying to wrap my head around how this works: If you deploy on an obstacle you don't suffer its effects unless you go to move and your template or final base position overlap the obstacle, then you suffer the effects. However, if someone flies past you and drops a Rigged Cargo Chute debris obstacle on you, you suffer its effects immediately, before you move? Is this true?
  7. Sergovan

    Not 3 ships, Not 4, Not 5 ....

    Swarms were kept at bay with launching mines, which just got costed higher. You may start to see an emergence in the lists of 6+ ships now.
  8. There is no 6 straight template but there is such a thing as no template. It's a subtle difference but I was looking to see if it had been discussed anywhere.
  9. Sergovan

    Moralo Eval: where can he return?

    FFG maps have rounded corners. How will you determine which edge you hit first? I would say the player chooses which edge he flew off from and then picks that edge to place Moralo at. Then Planning phase can start.
  10. Sergovan

    coordinate red into white action

    SQUAD LEADER: Gain red coordinate "While you coordinate, the ship you choose can perform an action only if that action is also on your action bar." Drea would gain a stress from the red co ordiante when squad leadering the fang. The fang would do a white barrel roll. Drea has a barrel roll action on her action bar and so does the fang (which fulfills co-ordinate). The colour does not matter.
  11. Sergovan

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    What was the list that was DQ'd?
  12. Sergovan

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    I did have it printed. I forgot it on my kitchen table when I left for the tourney.
  13. Sergovan

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    Was in a small league tournament yesterday. I forgot my printed list on my kitchen table so I couldn't generate my list at the tourney for the following reasons: 1) App does not have offline support. 2) I don't have data on my phone. I only use it for text and talk with my wife and friends. 3) The store did not have wifi so I couldn't log in. Organizer had to generate my list on his phone to calculate my points I don't think you can even write in your list anymore as the points aren't anywhere but online. Seeing a person with a list with too many points in a tourney is not surprising considering we no longer can check it at the table on round one anymore.
  14. Sergovan

    The Importance of Turn 0.

    I just had a conversation about this with a new player last night at my FLGS. Snow kept almost everyone away so it was just the two of us. Asteroid placement and ship placement are key to getting the right opportunities to attack and I showed him in our first game after-action that he had setup some outlier ships directly in my laneway that my alpha torps were coming down and that is why he lost his fist and second tugs. I also explained that my list needed to be at range 1 of it so his tugs were my bigger threat (and that Sessiru was of no consequence with 2 dice attacks) and Guri was his only threat but was placed all the way on the other side and only came into the fight much later. His list being spread out and some of his ships coming down my laneway against a 4 ship box formation rebel list allowed me to focus fire one ship away at a time. On our second match he had better lane choices and learned to setup to defend against my alpha list by putting some rocks into the laneway. We slow rolled at each other from center mat positions and I waited for a sign as to which way he was going to turn around the rocks. He came thru to the right and targeted my Dutch with his Procket Genesis Red and took him out and did some serious damage to Garven but I still had an alpha against his IG-88B and killed it after he made a mistake trying to cut through the asteroids and self bumped. Had his IG feinted and went out on the left flank, it would have been a much different game as I was expecting him to block my shots on his Palob. In the end we went over the strategies again and the importance of turn 0 setup and laneway/engagement selection. Obstacles help you against Large ships and swarms. For swarms place rocks at range 3 & 3 of the swarm players edge so that forces the obstacles placed to be nearer to your side of the board (which can mess up a swarms approach). For large ships pack rocks in tight with minimum distance between so large bases can clip an obstacle and take a penalty. Ship placement needs to answer 2 questions: 1) where do I want the first engagement to be? 2) Where do I want my opponent to go?
  15. Sergovan

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Since the Vulture droid ingnores the obstacle that means they shoot without the obstructed penalty and they defend with it.
  16. Sergovan

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Seismics will be the opportune bomb when separatist vulture droids come in to play.
  17. Sergovan

    Unopened KeyForge deck has mismatched Archon card.

    Now here is a question. Which deck do they replace? You have half of two decks?
  18. Where is this online play option?
  19. If you could pick a house based on its underlying themes and abilities, which combination could be a very strong deck based on house construction? House themes being (this is not an exhaustive list but simple overview on theme and function - feel free to add in another tag for a house if you think it fits) : Sanctum (creature defence) Shadow (stealing aember ) Mars (Fight control) Untamed (power abilities) Dis (creature control) Logos (drawing cards) Brobnar (creature strength) My guesses would be: 1) Mars + Logos + Sanctum ( I went looking for a deck with this house combination and I haven't found one yet!) 2) Untamed + logos + Sanctum I would even go so far as to say can we pick the 3 - 4 best houses to play with, if it's possible?
  20. Sergovan

    How would you beat this list

    Mix up your range control and target selection on your opponent. Proton torps need 3 things to fire: A Target Lock Range 2-3 In arc Remove one of these conditions and they can't fire them. If you can rush boost in then you can engage at range 1. If you have turrets you can aim to fly past and shoot from behind and then circle out of arc. Jam also works.
  21. My own deck resembles your first Shadow + Dis deck above so I don't see it as particularly strong. The second is marginally better. That third deck looks really strong.
  22. I've seen Untamed have some interesting clinch cards. I can see the argument for this being a strong house. Shadow always seems like a house that needs your opponent to get ahead for its tricks to work. If your opponent doesn't make aember but focuses on creatures in their line then your starting shadow hand becomes very weak to use. I think a player could exploit this weakness and just go for mass creature buildup against a shadow deck. I don't know if Borbnar is the beefcake house. I've seen better and stronger Mars creatures and would definitely consider Mars to be a beefcake house. How would an Untamed + Mars + Logos be for you?
  23. Sergovan

    Seperatists: What Will I need to Build a Squad?

    For a full outfit you will probably need 3 servant packs plus 2 vulture packs and 2 Infiltrators. That will get you 200 point buy for any combination you will need. However, one of each is a good start. Once you get a feel for how they fly and what upgrades each comes with then you can make more of an informed choice on filling out the faction. I would pick the servant pack vs the single as the price point is better on the number of ships you will get.