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  1. Jake can BR and take a focus action, then red boost and pass off a focus action to another ship. Jake can BR and pass off a focus action, then red boost as well. What Jake can't do is take the 2nd focus action as his own after the vectored thrusters boost. (he is stressed from the red boost and barred from performing actions after receiving the stress).
  2. So how does this work with HWK arcs when triggering their abilities in the engagement phase?
  3. I reread it twice and I still thought it said "obstacles" and not "objects". Uggh, that would make sense.
  4. a 4 blank result would also trigger Sunny's ability.
  5. Not entirely. The Buzz token can be placed either front or back guides. If that happens to be under a ship, that puts that ship at range 0 of the token and the overlapped ship is, of course, at range 0 already. Remember, if a ship has moved already, a Buzz Swarm token doesn't move if it overlaps a ship, only if a ship overlaps it.
  6. But it isn't a requirement of "triggering" the ability to put it into the queue, it is only a limiter on resolution. The important take away is "if the ability can trigger" is not the same thing as "can this ability be resolved", which is confusing many players.
  7. I think it does work that way Action Boost: triggers ability and option to link. You can choose order and don't have to announce intent on this for it to work. You can do the ability off of the boost OR red TL and you don't have to announce the red TL until after you have completed the boost. I think you just found an option on how to play Redline without taking the red TL to TL.
  8. Worlds technically starts on October 16th, so I'm a day inside the cutoff. Or maybe we should get a judge ruling on it? JUDGE! As for those arcs it was a game of keep away and drop ordnance to try and chew through their hull. He had guns over my 2 firesprays and it was all I could do to keep him from tabling me quickly. I got lucky with some big damage shots and he came to the corner to kill Boba and didn't setup his turn out and ran a full health 104 off the board! With my two hurt ships versus a hurt Jag and it was all over at that point. I was losing that game and then suddenly I won. I'm still a little shocked by it.
  9. I just got mine yesterday so this helps me prep for the 2020 instead of trying to scramble to make the flight and hotel accommodations. Thanks for the info guys.
  10. I have 100+ ships and I use cabinet bumpers for most of my bases. I haven't done all of my bases so I just use the ones with the bumpers on them. I can get a sheet of 48 for $3.00. Its peel and stick and quick.
  11. The Arc-170 has only the Rebel faction cards/dial with it in the rebel conversion kit. It does not have a Republic version so you will have to purchase that pack if you want to run 2 Arc-170's off of one exp pack (which ever pilots aren't on the back of the base plate that you want to fly and you can use the dial from rebels in a Republic dial cover). That was the only missed ship in the conversion packs that you'll have to really buy new.
  12. Because cannons now have range bonuses applied, does that mean an ion cannon at range 1 after a SLAM action, that attack can't be taken due to the limitation in XG-1 Assault Config? "While you have exactly 1 disarm token, you can still perform [canon] attacks. While you perform a [canon] attack while disarmed, roll a maximum of 3 attack dice." Either you attack at range 1 with a 4 die ion but can't roll one die OR you can't choose ion at range 1 and can't attack (because too many dice make it invalid)? Which is it?
  13. Different angle. Front one is more straight on and the one in behind is viewed at an angle. That will play with the shapes and sizes of what you are looking at.
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