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  1. When Netrunner came out they talked about doing a program, and it never materialized. I don't expect them to do it for this game.
  2. Rumor is that they recalled a bunch of stuff from distributors. There were US stores that had ordered stock with it showing, only to get notifications that what they ordered was no longer in stock.
  3. Yup. Im down to 1 preorder as all the other ones have been cancelled and refunded by stores because they arent getting any stock.
  4. Actually they are releasing a G1 Transformers CCG in the fall.
  5. If you have problems with that, you're really going to hate it when Reign and Reverie show up. I bet it will end up being well over $100.
  6. It is what happened. I called CS and they confirmed they have been bought out of everything.
  7. WotC didn't stop producing Netrunner and Battletech because they were failures. They expanded too quickly and didn't have the resources for all of the games. They had to take a realistic look at what they had to work with, and decided to go with Magic, which was clearly the right decision. Battletech required an IP license, and Garfield said Netrunner doesn't work well as a CCG. If he were to rerelease it, he would have done it as a boxed game like Legendary.
  8. If a player is using Batty and Next, they should be rezzing Batty and Blacklist together to prevent the clone chip and force their opponent to facecheck the ice.
  9. Theyll likely go for at least $100 a piece, based on the netrunner promos
  10. I cannot post enough popcorn gifs in this thread. I pop back every few hours to see what the responses are.
  11. Totally different part of the law... for the most part. Wiki and BGG are using it for reference and review so it falls under fair use. On a band's wiki page you can put clips of songs for review purposes, but you can't put the full album up and claim it's fair use. The pages that BGG puts up with links to all the spoilers are close to crossing the line, but they are doing it for reviews, so FFG likely cuts them some slack. They would be well within their rights to ask the reviewers to lower the resolution or watermark the images they use. Just because FFG puts info on THEIR site does not give anyone the right to use the info and data how they see fit. They would be well within their rights to block hotlinking of images as those images belong to them. If someone set up a table on their front lawn on a hot day with a pitcher of cold water and cups with a sign that said "have a free drink", that does not give you the right to just take the the water and set up your own table on your front lawn and give the water out for free. Perhaps the water was there to draw traffic to their house because they were having a garage sale, and now you are diverting traffic away. With the API, you are not only taking the water, you're basically tapped into FFG's water line and giving out their water for free, claiming "I don't see what the problem is, they were giving it away anyways." They have the right to decide how their assets are distributed. Why do you think GW can refuse to let retailers use their product web pics on the retailers own sites?
  12. You would draw 0 cards and lose a click. The only trigger for the card is the check to see if its the beginning of the turn. It doesn't check how many cards are in your stack to determine if it's triggering.
  13. The Architect is destroyed. Except for "can be advanced" on Ice, no text is active while the ice is unrezzed. Therefore the Architect is still capable of being trashed while unrezzed. As written, the corp cannot overinstall ice on a rezzed Architect either. Guess that's the price of having powerful ice.
  14. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/187385/clone_wars_the_five_most_.php Times are changing. Two companies have successfully sued rivals for making clones of their games. With these precedents, companies can easily sue for copy game mechanics.
  15. At least the add on packs don't have wasted cards, unlike Netrunner where we get 3x identities which are a total waste.
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