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  1. Page 121 of the book states a character with 20 or less Corruption Points can benefit from the Simulacrum Imperialis to roll a d10 to reclaim a spent Fate Point (succeeding on a 8, 9 or 10). Void Born gain a power that lets them reclaim any Fate Points they spend only on a 9... does this mean a Void Born gets two chances to declare his Fate Point unspent, or is it one d10 roll against both his power and that of the Simulacrum
  2. BlasterKyubey210


    Be fair, I was joking about imaginging a Deathwatch-themed Expansion (in short, all the other non-Ultramarine Chapters that appeared in the Pen and Paper gamebook of the same name) but… well, some of the Chapters do not obviously fit within Relic's context, like for example, the Black Templar's tendancy to charge into the first unlucky (most likely Eldar/Psyker/Weirdboy/Nid) guy they see, the Blood Raven's tendency to steal everything that isn't bolted to the ground, the Blood Angels' Black Rage and other such quirks. (Maybe the Imperial Fist Marine wins on ties, as an interpritation about their specialization as the Siege Boys, for example…)
  3. Nice try but no… the Confrontation is technically NOT a Skill Test, and thus will not apply the Exploding Six rule. It has to say something about testing a Stat, only THEN can you use the Exploding Six rule. Well, the best you can do is build up at least 7 Charges to win the game in this manner, sorry.
  4. Gearjock said: Hmm there appears to be a lack of rules for Players vs. Players…or did I miss a section? When we did a demo at Gencon we did PvP combat. I wonder if that was something taken out of the game or just made up on the spot. It was done on purpose, since everyone's working for the common Interest of the Imperium of Man (to some extent, but see page 21). While Players can indirectly rough each other up, there is (at the moment) no reason for these heroic Imperials to knock each other's blocks off (except if a Mission calls for you to check up your Fellow Man for signs of Heresy but that's a diffrent story). Then again, let's face it: The Inquision's three Orders would love to tell the other two to get out, the Imperial Guard gets treated like crap from the Sisters of Battle (as well as most Space Marine Chapters), and there's a few guys who are simply out for the biggest haul in the Galaxy. Taking the in-fluff Rivallies at face value, I'm quite surprized… but then again, when the eventual Expansions come along…
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