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  1. I like the skewed roll idea for cards to draw and the Springtide Enchantress. I also agree that keeping the Forge and Village simple and using cards for bonuses and penalties is the way to go. The number of cards in the deck feels right, perhaps slight modification of several of the cards could accomplish the same goal. I am enjoying seeing the expansion evolve.
  2. Perhaps a Passage deck and then have Enchanted Passage, etc.? It goes with passing between region and back to the main board.
  3. Jon: You asked for ideas for a “thing” to tie the expansion together. How about a theme of a journey to seek out the racial elders for the Highlands and Woodlands? You have are already kinda headed that way with the Dwarven Forge (the elder craftsman). Why not an elder Elf gifted in Magic located in the village? Characters could be awarded a Strength or Craft point just for reaching the space of each particular elders (Dwarf smith - +1 Strength, High Elf +1 Craft). This would provide addition incentive to make the journey, in addition to the various goodies, and it would be logical that such elders might have protectors or guardians. Visiting a elder could be a new quest card or if you desire an alternate ending, maybe each elder could have an unique item that characters must obtain to one or the other to meet the condition of the ending (either instead of or in addition to a +1 Strength or Craft reward). It would probably have to be a revealed ending. Again offered as food for thought, love what has evolved so far.
  4. Expansion and art are shaping up very well, great work. I would like to offer a minor suggestion. I like the trails cards, but suggest changing the Title name to say "Trail" rather than "Path" (i.e. Enchanted Trail, Mystic Trail, etc.) just to allow any confusion with Woodland "Path" cards and related text. Agreed it is just a minor point, but easy to fix now. I like the dwarven flavor of the forge, perhaps the last forged item could bestow dwarven qualities, like an amulet with a special gem stone (i.e. Arkenstone). It is easy to conceive that such an item could: have strength and crafty benefits; bestow benefits based on alignment or fate; or be used to teleport to a specific location (Portal of Power, Lost City etc.) after which it returns to the Forge deck. Just food for thought, hope it helps.
  5. I thought the story worked with your set. Glad you liked it, feel free to use it. I also felt the ending was a bit too much like some others too, so I would like to see you ideas. I do like having a tie in with the time card though.
  6. Here are my ideas for the story and an alternative ending: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-BfFHf8oDLecDk5TjdTUUF1akE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-BfFHf8oDLeLVpZVmk1eWZmQWs/view?usp=sharing Hope it helps.
  7. You guys should check out the following links on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/915975/statistical-character-analysis-spreadsheet https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/255972/winning-game-understanding-characters https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/935903/character-analysis I hope these help.
  8. Here is a movement variant that I have not seen posted before. I hope some of you will give it a try and offer feedback. Special Movement on 6 Die Roll When a Player makes a “6” roll for movement, that character has the option of moving any number of spaces up to 6. Otherwise, movement is completed as normal. This simple adjustment doubles the possibility of a character landing on a specific space within a 6 space range and still maintains most of the random element we love and hate. Now if you want to land on a space 4 spaces away, you have 2 chances (rolling 4 or a 6). In other words a 1 in 3 chance to land on the desired space as opposed to the normal 1in 6. Yet you can still maintain that 5 in 6 chance that forces you to choose between 2 possible landing spaces. Overall this option seems to speed the game up and offers a little bonus that makes movement rolls a more exciting while not diminishing any Adventure type cards that also allow movement adjustments (i.e. Walking Stick, Gilded Compass, Lucky Charm, etc.). Characters with the ability of rolling 2 dice for movement (i.e. Amazon) are treated the same and still have the option of choosing either dice. So if a “6” is rolled on either die, that Player has the option moving any number of spaces up to 6. Any characters with a Special Ability that occurs when rolling a “6” (i.e. the Troll) would now have the option of using their special ability or moving 1-6 spaces. This option is also applied to movement with a Riding Horse, except the character must first move the number of spaces indicated on the second die and then move any additional number of spaces up to 6. For example: on a movement roll of “6” and “4” a character may move 5 to 10 spaces (4 plus 1to 6 spaces). If double 6s are rolled, a character may move 7-12 spaces. Note: It is not possible to move just 1 space using a Riding Horse (2 spaces is minimum). For some added fun this rule can also be applied to any NPC character (the Reaper) when a movement roll of 6 is made for the NPC.
  9. Anyone else having problem getting the new City update to load? It shows in my library as installed, but does not load. Also is seem to have killed my 4 player version too.
  10. FRP Games just sent me an email saying my pre-ordered Harbinger expansion has been shipped!
  11. Thanks Loudo, you have two very good points. When I first played with the idea of an updated Dark Elf designed more for the Dungeon region I stated it at the Dungeon Entrance. Reconsidering, I think I will go back to that so the player has an easier option to go main board. I was struggling with what special abilities for the character. Because I wanted to add to the flavor of the Dark Elf, I wanted it to get some advantage in the Dungeon thus the +1 to attack rolls. Your points regarding the 2 dice in the Mine, beginning Craft and the Inner Region are valid. I went back and looked at the original Dark Evil from a Version 2 expansion. It had abilities to drain a life by discarding a Follower and to force any character it defeated to lose one point of strength or craft. I like the idea for gaining a Life from a Follower, it helps with your point about the character having a difficult time restoring lives lost in the Dungeon. The ability to force a defeated character to lose one Strength or Craft may add to the favor of the Dark Elf since other characters would be less inclined to engage it in the Dungeon. I like that ability in lieu of the Black Elf and Cavern abilities which are both somewhat limited. So here is the revised version: Character: Dark Elf Strength: 3 Craft: 4 Fate: 2 Lives: 4 Special Abilities: 1) You begin the game with 1 Spell. 2) You add 1 to your attack rolls whenever you are in the Dungeon. 3) You may drain the Life force from one of your Followers by discarding the Follower and adding 1to your Lives. 4) Whenever you defeat a Character in battle or psychic combat, you may force that character to lose 1 point of either Strength or Craft instead of losing a Life. However, you cannot force a character to reduce Strength or Craft below its starting value. Start: Dungeon Entrance Alignment: Evil
  12. Since the image does not seem to work, here is the general idea for the character: In order to use this character, you must be playing with the Dungeon Expansion. Character: Dark Elf Strength: 3 Craft: 4 Fate: 2 Lives: 4 Special Abilities: 1) In order to use this character, you must be playing with the Dungeon Expansion. 2) You add 1 to your attack rolls whenever you are in the Dungeon. 3) You may evade creatures and characters in Caverns. 4) Black Elves will not attack you. Whenever you encounter a Black Elf you may take it as a Follower. You may add 1 to your Craft for each Black Elf follower you have. 5) You need only roll 2 dice in the Mines. Start: Hall of Darkness (in Dungeon) Alignment: Evil
  13. Here is my entry for the Digital Talisman character contest for you review:
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