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  1. Looks like the second raid map is on the app now!
  2. I’d be happy with another app campaign
  3. Have her draw a new card. The “Valuable Goods” supply card is removed from the deck as well as a few others. See step 1 of the set up of the LotA rule book
  4. Wow! Your stuff looks amazing. I did want to ask what colors you used for your ghosts. They turned out really well.
  5. I played with 4 Prototype Pilots, 1 Outer Rim Smuggler with Chewbacca and the Falcon Title. I've played this twice and lost once and won once.
  6. RaYell said: I was wondering whether it's legal to have unique pilot and upgrade cards in the same squadron. For example, can I have both Chewbacca YT-1300 pilot card and Chewbacca Crew card or Luke Skywalker's X-Wing pilot card and Luke Skywalker crew card on another ship? I had the same question, but the rules that come with the big ships addresses this.
  7. That's what I thought, thank you!
  8. The card for Blinded Pilot says: "The next time you attack, do not roll any attack dice. Then flip this card face down." The card for the Gunner says "After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round." If you were to have a Blinded pilot on a ship that has a Gunner, would the ship still be able to attack? My thinking is that it would since your first attack, the one that satisfies Blinded Pilot, would miss. Then you'd be able to attack with the Gunner. Does this sound right to everyone?
  9. KineticOperator said: x13phantom said: How about a commander card that would put an effect on the battlefield. Like Tarkin or Mon Mothma I love the idea! Here are a couple suggestions. Mon Mothma - "It's a TRAPHPH!" Discard this card. Immediately destroy one of your own ships. Turn all of your other ships 90 degrees. Tarkin - "You may fire when ready." Discard this card. All of your ships fire as if they had a PS of 0. At the end of the turn, you may add 6 asteroids to the table. These asteroids may not be placed within 1 range of the table edge or of any existing asteroids, but may be placed under/on ships. I'm kidding about the abilities obviously, but I do really like the idea of commander cards. :-) I like your ideas, but you're confued about who Mon Mothma is. Mon Mothma was the lady giving the briefing in Return of the Jedi. The guy that said "IT'S a TRAP!" was Admerial Akbar. Which would just give us more options for Command Abilities!
  10. If you're playing with some buddies that's perfectly fine, but to be Tournament Legal you need to have as many copies of the Official card you're going to use. For example, if you want to have four ships with a Stealth Device you need four copies of the card. Also welcome!
  11. Sergovan said: Try Dark curse with stealth device. It is the most defensive imperial play ever. You can't reroll dice on him nor use focus and he gets 1 extra dice to defend with. I played a game where the falcon chased him all around the board trying to kill him and couldn't do it. Beat me to it! I had this last night and had up to 3 X-wings and a Y-wing firing at him for 5+ rounds before scoring a hit. I can tell you it made for a very frustrated Rebel player.
  12. Entek

    The A-Team

    Gullwind said: And, of course, as you destroy the last enemy ship, you have to say "I love it when a plan comes together…" You beat me to it!
  13. Thanks for the responses and welcomes. I kinda figured it was something like that. Love this little game!
  14. Luke Skywalker appears as both a Crew card and as the pilot of an X-wing. Can you make a Squad that has both of them in play, or can you only use one or the other? If you can use both, could you, in some weird way also use Chebacca as both a pilot and as crew? I don't have the Falcon yet so maybe there is a clarification that comes with it, if so nevermind.. Also first post!
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