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  1. I bought 10 of these. Love them. No problems on flipping tokens for us either - no gurlz or crazy nails here I want some without upgrade card slots, to mix and match as needed to save space on the table as needed...
  2. I introduced a friend to the game last night, and we unpackaged my AF2...he and my other friend, neither whom had seen it before, commented that it looked like a ship that had the back blown off, and someone said, "Let's seal it off, and put an engine and a spoiler on it!"
  3. Are yours similar to this design?I'd be keen to get a few of each to try them out I purchased these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Armada-Command-Deck-/331755441629? They have not yet arrived, but are on their way. Kealios
  4. Nice. I already have trays that accommodate Upgraded ships. Having a few extras for the ships that are stock will be nice...
  5. I just got the game last week, and had my first play last night. Loved it! I purchased those 16-slot Ultra Pro sleeves that have been popping up on Ebay, and I've prepared dividers with the Upgrade Card Icons on them...but my biggest question is, HOW do I sort the Faction-specific cards? I ask because, as usual, I am the sole provider of game material for my friends - they come over, we drink, and we play with my models I was thinking of putting all cards in one binder, sorted by Upgrade type, and if a player wants a faction-specific card, there it is. Alternatively, I could make 2 or even 3 binders and put faction-specific cards in their own place, but that really seems like a waste of resources and a bit of overkill. What do you do?
  6. Zombicide: Black Plague went with their new character boards that holds inventory cards in a vertical arrangement. It works pretty nicely:
  7. Such a stunning thread. For you Battletech enthusiasts out there (I created the #3 FASA fan club ever, Phantom Blue Assault Company), check out http://www.camospecs.com/ for some "formal" color schemes...
  8. These look indispensable. I just bought 10 off your site
  9. I saw my first actual ship models in the FLGS yesterday. Holy crap, some of the capital ships are HUGE! As a veteran of models from Ground Zero Games for games like Full Thrust and Colonial Battlefleet, I was really saddened to see these in the silly giant scale of Spartan Games and their idiotic rulesets like Firestorm Armada. Thanks for the links, all!
  10. I missed the awesome sales at Cool Stuff, etc...but I went all in this past week any way. Other than what comes from FFG, what add ons should I consider out there? Anything from Shapeways or Ebay that might considerably enhance my play experience? I've got storage, and I've got my CorSec space mats. I like add ons, player aids, etc...anything you can recommend?
  11. I couldn't get my head around SW's Edge battle. I'd deploy away merrily, then find that I had too few cards in my hand to win the Edge...and lose my advantage. I stopped collecting after the 9th little expansion. So far, no such complaints about this game...though it irks me that Exhausted units and use their Action abilities. That just feels wrong.
  12. Commisar, I'm not sure if you're speed-typing on a device that liberally uses auto-correct, but your grammar mistakes are hard to follow. Just FYI - in a forum where grammar is lawyer-precise, errors can make arguments invalid or nonsensical. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for the link. I thought these forums were a little quiet! Sounds like my 1 unit would go back exhausted, and the other 3 would return Ready. Thanks!
  14. I think that's stretching it a bit, Toq. I cannot locate this card "Honor Blade" using cardgamedb.com, but I think the rule you are referring to is more about if a unit ceases to become a unit...therefore having an attachment on a support, for example. I'd like to see the card in question.
  15. Aside from my surprise that Actions can be performed (typically) by Exhausted units, this is my only area of confusion: At the end of a battle, in what state do my units return to the HQ? Read on, gentle reader. Consider this simple, simplied Combat example. This one is easy: I have a 1/1 unit at Planet 1. So do you. I have Initiative. I exhaust my unit to kill your unit. Your unit dies. RRG 3.2.8 ["If no ready units remain at the planet, proceed..."] says to move to 3.2.9 Combat Round Ends framework. My unit readies, and 3.2.10 says "If a player controls at least one unit in a battle at the beginning of his combat turn, and there are no enemy units at the planet", I win. My unit returns to HQ in his Ready state. Easy. Now let's monkey it up a bit. Let's add (...rolls a d4) 3 more units to my side. Same scenario. I exhaust my first unit, killing your unit. Here is the potential disconnect: LtP p9, bottom right paragraph says, "If it is a player's combat turn, and his opponent has no units at the planet...the battle ends". In this example, my unit that exhausted to attack would return to HQ in his exhausted state, but my other 3 units would return to the HQ in their Ready state. The RRG has no such clause! 3.2.8 says "If any ready units remain at the planet, repeat [3.2.6 attack loop]. If no ready units remain at the planet, proceed [to next step]". In this example, combat has not ended simply because there is no target. There ARE ready units at the planet. Must they all exhaust to attack, even if there is nothing to attack? Why does this make a difference? Simply: If I attack/exhaust all 4 of my units, and get to 3.2.9 "Combat Round Ends", then all 4 of my units will Ready, and then return to HQ in a ready state. This is potentially much more desirable than having only 3 of my 4 units ready. This might not be important now (except, maybe, to Orks with their Teleporter), but we don't know what sneakiness lies around the corner. Knowing the exactness of this will prove important down the road. Do only 3, or ALL FOUR, of my units return to HQ in the Ready state? Discuss.
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