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  1. Hi all, I'm setting up Till death do us part as a Halloween MoM Special :-) I was almost done with the set up (1st time playing it) when I realised 'the cure' card is missing from my stack then did a horror check and failed ;-) Can you guys tell me if I can do without it ? Even better if someone could PM me the card text I'd fit a piece of paper in the sleeve of another card. Thanks !
  2. True, almost there, though we've yet to see the last marketing milestone, A-Wing preview, published by FFG. Surely there'll be a couple of days between that news and the release. Still hope this fits in the last 8 days of February. EDIT : Falcon preview on January 3rd, Slave previewed January 23rd, Tie interceptor on February 15th. I really really hope there's less time between last preview and next one. All previews published during working days, so let's hope for the end of this week, for a release next week ! Time travel anyone ?
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