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  1. I'm okay with rules complexity, i enjoy the crunch. My 2 biggest beefs with Catalyst Shadowrun are the fluff and how goddam OP magic users became. 6th Edition is looking to be even crapier than 5th. The new edge system is just terrible. I still have most of my Shadowrun 2e stuff and i backed it up digitally. If evet need my fix I can just bust out those bad boys
  2. I was playing on/off in a 5th edition Shadowrun game but had to drop. The 2 editions under Catalyst are just awful. I've been thinking of running a second edition game in the near future. I have a fairly regular 5e D&D crew. Were running through Curse of Strad ATM. All in all, FFG SW RPG is my favorite
  3. Long Island Cosmic Comics and games Legendary Realms Brothers Grimm The War Store
  4. My idea for all PWT would be similar to the mobile but it wouldn't cost an action to change arc, it would be done as part of movement. I would then add a turret gunner crew card that allows you to move mobile arc at the end of activation
  6. I admittedly know jack **** about "real" mini war games and what constitutes a good scale or a bad scale but these guys recreated the Battle of Hoth at 28mm and it looks fanfuckingtastic
  7. I can see someone retiring from the OP circuit, but why give up X-Wing all together?I mean if you want to get back to a more casual way of playing X-Wing, wouldn't it be better for everyone if you found a like minded group of people who would play that way.Put in a rule that only X points can be spent on a given ship, or other limitations. Something that increases the value of flying while lowering the value of list building.But I also have issues with this idea that Causal = Bad Builds. I mean if you want to try a 8 Syck swarm go for it, maybe it will be fun, maybe it will go down in flames, maybe it will be both.The problem is when someone does that and then blames the competitive meta for the list not working well.Well it's a number of thingsI only have two people to play with so it's a lot of the same builds, and usually competitive. But I'm also trying get my butt over to Japan, so again I'll have to sell my house and most of my possession before I do. Idk, but I just feel burnt out. Some days I'll play 4 games, One weekend we played 10-15 games in three days lol Don't get me wrong, love the game, but just losing the flare for it I guess. Plus wave 8 didn't make me excites like previous waves, (either because feeling burnt or didbt really offer anything I feel I must have) but I feel I have to purchase wave 8 to stay on top, and waves are getting more expensive When I first got into xwing a small ship was 16-17 dollars (Canadian) and Falcon for example was 35 Now small ships are between 21-29 dollars and large ships are 40-71 (ghost at one store is 71 plus tax in my area) and lately ffg is getting stingy on the upgrade cards (buddy mine was not happy when I told him one guidance chip came with the new advanced) And if I am moving to Japan, is there any sense of my buying all of wave 8? Idk, hard to say really what'll happen over the next few months, but I don't feel I'd miss it, definitely not what I expected a year ago 2 Guidance Chips also come with Jump Master 5000
  8. They worth 'bout tree fiddy
  9. Tashiro31

    Scum Wishlist

    Wild Karrde Epic Ship - Scum needs an epic and I need a Mara Jade crew card for scum Blastboat - like many have mentioned this one not being out yet is a bit of a noodle scratcher. I'd love to see it come in an aces style pack with two ships and pilots for every faction Dunelizard - someone at FF likes this ship because a minor villain piloted one in an SW:RPG adventure Ghotric Freighter - the other iconic EU ship. who doesn't love flying space turtles
  10. 2 of everything on preorder from CSI so far. I will probably add an additional Scyk or 2 an probably another IG-2000 or 2. We play a lot of large games in my house so more ships always good.
  11. This, So much this. I cherry pick the **** out the EU and use what I want, discard what I don't and make up extra bits that suit my story if need be. I tend to keep vehicles, weapons, and bits of technology from the EU along with some of the major iconic characters/places like Karrde, Thrawn/The Chiss, the Hapans, the Corporate Sector. In my games the only events/characters/places that are absolute cannon were the things that actually happened on screen in the films (both PT and OT) as well as things that were alluded to, but never explicitly shown on film i.e. Sifo-Diyas, Darth Plagus, Ord Mantell. The only thing I reject outright from the PT is midichlorins. As far as the Imps and their good guy/bad guy status, i take the popular opinion of: Empire as institution == bad; All members of Empire != bad That being said I still make my PCs play as rebels (they could be former imps)
  12. A Bounty Hunter book would be awesome. It could include something akin to the modular encounters in the Sons of Fortune but pertain specifically to hunted outlaws.
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