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  1. Hello all, this is just a friendly reminder that tonight at 8:00pm EST NOVA Open preregistration begins. Remember, the first 400 (Which will be within the first 30-60 minutes) get premium swag bags, and don't forget to book a hotel room b/c we're running out fast! We have several Destiny Events planned including the U.S. Nationals and a special new format we will be unveiling at the con. Last year the prizes were amazing so don't miss out on your opportunity to cash in. http://www.novaopen.com
  2. This sold out before I even had a chance to log on. any chance of another one opening up or are we all just out of luck?
  3. Great review, I linked this to a couple of my friends to get them hyped for some demos I am running this weekend. Also, and I promise I am not trolling, it's just the English teacher in me; Your title post should read, "My dad and I made a video review." This of it this way, if you took out my dad and were to read the sentence you would have, "Me made a video review," which I am sure you know isn't correct. Keep up the good work!
  4. My guess would be that larger pool of toughness compensates for that wound. think of it in terms of hits. many ranged attacks deal 3 damage. The bolt thrower would die from two ranged attacks of three damage each. The five toughness hellcannon will also die from two ranged attacks of three damage. with that five toughness, the hellcannon ranged artillery that can take a units counterattack damage and still survive. and given that it wants to land on top of things that seems like a good thing. I understand what you are saying, that from a point of symmetry there is reasoning for it to have it, but I feel confident in saying that if you play some test cannons with a 5 toughness 2 wound hellcannon, you will find it much better then its 12 points deserve.
  5. This takes away one of the advantages but it also takes away the advantage of the other player getting to pick and place the 2nd and 4th pieces of terrain. I do not believe it will have a big impact on tournament play. You would, theoretically be dealing with players who are playing on a higher level then the casual player where an advantage like picking first terrain would have a major impact on play.
  6. It is different from other war machines but so are many other aspects of the creature. The hellcannon has the most hit points of all units and against ranged fire especially is pretty durable. It is also the most maneuverable, with its printed one big disk flip and its extra move while attacking. This coupled with a big impact and the demonic trait makes it quite the unit. I can personally attest to how much fun it is to drop it in front of a archer line from a kairos summon and then next turn just impact them all to death. admittedly it had been empowered and deployed into the crags, but it was fun. I think I ate like three empire crossbowman with impacts and a pistoliers on the ranged attack.
  7. I am really glad meaxe pointed out the "only hits on critical" rule. After our couple of games I was disheartened by how good elf long range was. We kept looking trying to find something you can't shoot at a disk that hasn't activated yet and couldn't find it. So my awesome chaos warriors with only 3 hp were falling to crazy elf fire. Now, I know it would have been far less likely to be successful. I am totally psyched to play again.
  8. On another note, I would be interested to know scoring as that has always been an issue with many of the LCG tournaments I have played in and would you allow order vs. order matches or would you force them to be on opposing sides? I do agree with your original claim, A tournament FAQ would be nice.
  9. are you guys running one hero per regiment or are you still only running one hero and then running multiples of that hero's build total? For some reason this wasn't clear to me.
  10. Just my recommendation but many miniatures games I have played in have done pre-set boards. Where everyone plays on the same field. I think this would work well in this game too.
  11. We will be holding a Star Wars LCG Tournament on November 10th at 1:00pm. The entry fee for the tournament is 5 dollars and all players will receive a special season two promo card. The winner of the tournament will receive a special winner only tournament card as well as a special Star Wars LCG play mat. If you have any questions about the tournament e-mail selfjr@vcu.edu The event will be held at The Game Parlor in Chantilly Virginia. Directions can be found on their website www.gameparlor.com
  12. Game Parlor Chantilly will be hosting a Star Wars LCG tournament Sunday Sept 22nd @ 1:00pm. Entry for the event is 3 dollars plus daily play ticket. Prizes from the season two OP kit will be available. If you have any questions about the event e-mail: Selfjr@vcu.edu
  13. PLAY MAT! not an art one but one with the board on it, also. I love the art long boxes what happened to those!
  14. September 15th @ 1:00 pm Game Parlor Chantilly will be hosting a Netrunner tournament, entry fee is five dollars. Prizes from the season two tournament kit will be available. If you have questions about the event e-mail selfjr@vcu.edu Game Parlor can be found on the web at www.gameparlor.com
  15. Season Two OP Kits are now in! Our first event will be Sunday September 1st at Game Parlor Chantilly (www.gameparlor.com) This will be an Open Play event with a focus on casual play. New Players are Welcome. The event begins at 1:00pm and entry into the event is three dollars. Prizes will be available. If you have any questions e-mail selfjr@vcu.edu
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