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  1. I don't think Stan is going to admit to being wrong about this. It's getting on the same level as the how many days in a week thread from the bodybuilding forums.
  2. I mean, he could have been born into slavery, he could have become a slave at 3. He could have been born on Tatooone, since Gardulla was a crime Lord on Tatooine. I don't think there is much on the subject, and neither point can be proved with the current lore we have. We do know that Tatooine was not part of the Republic and Anakin was not born on a Republic world.
  3. What was he wrong about? I tried to follow along, but i don't really see what @Tramp Graphics was wrong about.
  4. Page 164 of Ultimate Star Wars: "Because neither the Galactic Republic or Trade Federation has any jurisdiction over Tatooine..." "because Tatooine is controlled by the devious Hutts..."
  5. My Jedi in training decapitated an Inquisitor after he started talking about her dead grandpa (who was a Jedi!) while he brother was hanging off a bridge above some lava. She just straight up merc'd the guy. She tried to be good, and normally was, but that just set her off. Don't talk about a Corellian's family unless you are ready to face the consequences!
  6. Lol posted this without saying anything. Tatooine isn't part of the Republic. Republic credits don't even work on Tatooine. The Republic can't really go in and free a bunch of slaves, people in the system would claim the Republic is overstepping their boundaries. Who gives them the right to come into our system and disrupt our way of life?! It's not perfect, I'm sure the Jedi would love to free slaves on every planet, but they really can't. It sucks, but it isn't the Jedi or the Republic's fault that Tatooine didn't join the Republic.
  7. I believe they don't do those tests anymore in order to hide proof of Force Sensitivity. The Empire talks about the Jedi like they were frauds, so they wouldn't admit that what made the Jedi special actually existed. "Midi-cholrians? That jedi poodoo?!" And being Force Sensitive is so rare that it really doesn't make sense to do it. Just wait and see if the kids develop something. The Empire is watching almost everyone, so they'll be able to find the ones that are special. In regards to OP, the Empire would just take her and do whatever they wanted to do to her. They could take her and force her to become an Inquisitor. If she was defiant, they would just kill her. If she has a really special ability, they may even conduct experiments on her to figure out how it works, because the Empire is like that. If the Empire finds out, you can bet your sweet bippy that the ending won't be good for Ena. So now it's up to Killgrave and Ena to decide what to do. She has the powers of the 'heretical Jedi'. Does Ena hate this part of her? Does she figure out what she is and brand herself as a traitor to the Empire, since she can do what the Jedi did? How does Killgrave feel about it? I can't tell you what to do with a character, of course, but there are a lot of options here! They could fake her death, letting her sneak off to the Rebels, who would gladly take a Force Sensitive into their ranks, and a high ranking Imperial to boot! She'd be safe with them, even if Killgrave hates them. She could stay, as long as she didn't let anyone know about her powers and never used them in front of people. But once you know about this power in your blood, how can you go back to being the person you once were? Life has changed for Ena and that could be some amazing RP! Good luck with your adventure!!
  8. My husband is an only child, so I dunno how he pulled off Anden and Kera so well. When we played then in our games, they just bickered all the time! I told hubby you were thinking about writing some more, and he was thrilled about that! Keep writing and feel free to share! I love reading stories of people's characters and all the adventures they go on. Thanks for reading!
  9. Haha! As much as we'd love to be published, I don't see that happening any time soon--I mean, if you wanna write SW books, they usually find someone to write them. Maybe there will be a fan fic contest one day! But the fact you brought this up warms our hearts. I've always said his writing is fantastic! Told husband what you said and he said: "Very constructive. I think the stuff about words bringing attention to the writing are probably accurate, a side effect of my reading so much stuff like HHG2G that's about the wordplay." (I just copied that from a text!) We are working on a setting for Genesys once that comes out, and I think he's going to write some stories based on that.
  10. You just said the code needed to be literal to be understood. If we took the last line of the code to be literal, someone may think that Jedi don't die. Jedi have emotions. We see Obi-Wan crying Qui-Gon, we see Yoda laughing and having fun, we see Jedi being curious! A Jedi can't stand for justice and helping people if they don't feel compassion and love for others.
  11. Thank you so much for reading and your reply! My husband does his own editing, and I try and help when I can. (I mainly try and find any inconsistencies, words being repeated, giving advice on my characters etc) I don't know what draft if was, as we spent a good week to two after he wrote it trying to edit it. I'll definitely pass on what you said to him! We are glad you enjoyed the story!
  12. The last line of the code always says there is no death, there is the force, yet Jedi die all the time.
  13. A Grey Jedi isn't a Jedi. It's just not possible. A Jedi follows the Jedi way of life. They follow a Code, the live a certain lifestyle, they go with the flow of the Force and let the Force guide their actions and their future. A Jedi doesn't willingly give into the Dark Side, and if they do, they take steps to correct that and prevent it from happening again. A Jedi doesn't agree with what the Dark Side stands for. Once you have a Jedi going 'Hey, I'm sure I can use Force Lightning to do good!' or 'The Jedi Order would be better if we used both sides!!' then they aren't a Jedi anymore. They stopped following that Code, they stopped living that lifestyle. They no longer believe in what a Jedi stands for. They are just--lost. On their own. I saw a description of the Force as a flowing river. You stand in the river and you either go with the currents, letting the water take you to a new destination, or you fight against it. There is no passive, there is no middle ground, either you work with it, or against it. And let me clear something up! Jedi aren't emotionless. Jedi care, Jedi laugh, Jedi cry, Jedi love. People seem to believe love for a Jedi would equal a romantic love, but a Jedi is willing to give up their lives for people who may not even think they exist. They are willing to give up unlimited power to humble themselves and work for the betterment of others. They are willing to sacrifice everything to help those who, in the grand scheme of things, below them. But a Jedi doesn't think like this. That is a love stronger than most romantic ones. A Jedi can be fun and interesting without this whole 'gotta be in the middle grey jedi' deal. Jedi aren't normal people like us, we can't relate to them all the time, but Jedi are normal people like us because they feel things. They feel angry and upset and hurt and scared and lost, but they feel that with so much more intensity than we ever could. And instead of lashing out, they stay calm, they stay stronger than the Dark Side that would seek to tear them apart. It's really fun to play a Jedi, or someone striving to be one, following the way of the Jedi that are now gone. You don't need to use the Dark Side to play a character that kicks butt!
  14. This story is the conclusion of myself and my husband's Age of Rebellion characters, who we had been playing for over three years. The game finally came to an end, and my husband wrote a nice story to put our characters, Anden and Kera Tolan, on the path to their next adventures. We had an amazing time playing this game, playing these characters, and making a lot of great friends and memories over three years. I can't begin to thank Fantasy Flight Games for this system and the chance to make such well thought out and alive characters, and I can't begin to thank our wonderful GM, Matt, who helped us tell this story, and let us grow these characters in ways we didn't expect. And thank you to our groupmates, those who were there from the beginning and the few we lost along the way for one reason or another. You guys made this game even more fun than it should have been. And thank you, for reading! And now, a sample of What You Do The rest of the story can be read here: What You Do And feel free to check around at the other stories on my husband's in progress website. He made a bunch of statblocks for starfighters and ships, those are located under Corellian Sendoff. If you're interested in reading more stories about Anden and Kera before they joined the Rebellion, there are three stories located at my husband's tumblr Happy Birthday, Make a Wish The Tolan Legacy You Are Here Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it may keep my husband writing more. Thanks, and enjoy!
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