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  1. I own and love this game. Me and my wife play this all the time. count me in. Expansion Please!!!
  2. Just wanted to say I have played this game at a friends house and absolutly loved it. Went to buy and can't find it anywhere. Please bring it back! I need to add this to my FFG collection!!
  3. defeated the hills in mirkwood expansion using the lore deck. Got more ordered
  4. Thank you SO much!!! I'll get them as soon as i can!
  5. I only have the core set but obviously want to get new cards. unfortunatly were i live no one that i know plays so i'm trying to do solo. Can anyone please give me tips on what expansions i should get first to build a deck for solo play? In the core i can only seem to get past the first quest lol and half the second. thank you very much in advance
  6. I just started playing myself and am having a blast.
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