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  1. Everything went great last week! We played for about 6,5 hours and got trough debts to pay. We areplaying again tomorrow and it will be the first adveture that I have made completely by myself. I am excited and frightened, but I am thinking it will be great!
  2. So, this topic died a little, but that's because I have been working a lot and also prepping for the next game. The next session will be tomorrow and the players will get their main mission for the first part of the campaign. They will probably also wander a bit around and do things I haven't planned, so it will be interesting and fun to work on my improv skills as a GM. I have one questions before tomorrow, so if anyone sees this and can answer, I will be happy. How does shopping work in the game? I understand from the rules that the players have to roll for rarity and the like, but how does the actual shopping work? Do they go to find a weapon shop, try to roll for what they want and if they roll good enough they can buy the item? I can't really get my head around it, and felt like there was not enough about it in the rulebook, but that might be just me. Thank you all once again for the help!
  3. That's amazing! Thank you so much for the idea Will it be strange to make quest cards like that for other types of quests in this game?
  4. Hey again! My players are going to be at Nar Shadda in the next adventure, and if they look around they will probably find a pub that has bounties showing. I wanted to make a couple of bounty hunting side quests for the players to partake in, but I have a bit of a problem working out how to do it. Have your players been going for bounties? If so, how did the "side quests" work? Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much for the great reply, Quicksilver, it is really appreciated! I love that way of thinking and I will use that in my story. This is the idea I have for the next adventures: Adventure 2: Debts to pay This is the adventure from the GM kit. It's nice to do a couple of pre-written adventures for me, so that I get a bit more of the feeling for this. Adventure 3: Getting information The main quest for the group now is to find an amulet. They find out that they can find info on the amulet in a rare book and that the only known copy of the book is owned by Moruth Doole, the leader of Kessel. They have to find a way to get to the book. When they get to the book, they find a hooded character standing with the book, ripping out some pages and disappearing. The alarm sounds and the players are captured. Adventure 4: Escape from kessel prison I have not thought long on this adventure yet, but I hope to make an interesting adventure where the players have to plan a way to escape the prison. Do you think this will work?
  6. The planning for next session is afoot! I am working with the "Depts to pay" adventure from the GM kit. In this session the campaign story will be introduced, but I will still use this adventure as kind of a learning tool for us all. This adventure will be something they have to to for a hutt to get information about the item they are to retrieve in the end. I am really looking forward to work more on the campaign. Here are some ideas and thoughts I have and would love to get some feedback for: -I want to make encounters and adventures that are linked to both their obligations/backstory and their career. I will sprinkle these in, and maybe use the oligation ones when the obligation is triggered and it works well with the story. -I just got bitten by the idea of doing a prison break adventure. Has any of you done anything similar? Any ideas or hints/tips that would be great to have when making an adventure like that? I am also very unsurtain about how long the campaign should be. The campaign is in three parts and I really want to be able to finish it. We are thinking of doing a session a week most of the time. I guess it will take a year or something like that, so hopefully we still think it's fun for that long. This is a lot of ramblings, so thank you for bearing with me and reading what I have to say! Have a great week!
  7. My problem then is: Why does the rules say (and my gm screen, references and so on) that engaged is an easy check, when it mostly never is? When you have to have special things to make an engaged check easy, why is it labeled as an easy check? Is it because of interacting and so on? It's strangely written, but thanks for the clear up
  8. Hey everyone! Just a quick question: After our first session we found out that we did one thing wrong. When you are attacking with a melee or brawl weapon the rulebook states that the check is average. Then my question is: When is an "engaged" attack an easy check then? If you attack with meelee, brawn, ranged (light) and ranged (heavy) it is at least average. I find it strange that the game says that engaged is easy when it basically never is? Or have I misunderstood something here? Thanks for the help!
  9. So, today we did our first real session of an RPG! We started out with finishing the characters, and then we went on to start the campaing I have been working on. The first adventure was the "Trouble brewing" one from the corebook, with some added elements as to why they where on Formos, who sent them and so on. It was a bit hard to get the flow today, but we all had a great time. One thing we decided to work more on was the roleplaying aspect, trying to work harder to describe what you do in interesting ways, just speak with NPCs without thinking too much and so on. We all agreed that I should be harder on pressing this and I will help them a bit next time with giving them some ideas on what they can say and do if they need to (I am a professional actor and performer and have worked a lot with improv.) All in all we had a blast. It was a bit hard to get my head around all the rules, but that will come with time I guess! We used 5 hours and 40 minutes on the whole adventure, and that shocked me a bit after getting a response that the adventure would take maybe 8-12 hours. We have a new sessions planned in about two weeks and I am looking forward to dip my feet even deeper in the water and work on the next adventure
  10. Hehe, I feel like I've heard that from you only yesterday, so I suspect that's pretty important for you! Is it anything you wanna talk about? Did it happen to you in the past? (sorry if bad joke) I'll guess I'll have to skip the plan about them meeting 13 rancors in the first mission, but besides from that, I'll do my best to not kill them
  11. That's great to hear I was thinking of putting out some ideas and some thoughts about my campaign as well, what kind of adventures I want to put in there/make and what I want my players to experience! I will make an update sunday evening or monday if I have the time!
  12. After just around a week here on the forum, I really feel like it's a nice place to be, with some great people and good responses. This sunday I am starting my first ever RPG-campaign and I am really looking forward to it. I was thinking that I could make a thread to keep you posted on how it goes, my ideas for more adventures, my thoughts as a fresh GM and so on. I have no idea if anybody would read or think it was any interesting, but I will try to make it anyway and we'll see what will happen!
  13. Hehe, I will do my absolute best in not letting that happen! That would be a major buzzkill I guess. They have used over a week on their characters, backstory and everything, so I guess that would be kind of a downer if they died the first day!
  14. Thanks again for all the feedback! I am finished with my notes now, and it ended at 14 pages in a google document! I have a few more preparations to make, but I am really starting to look forward to sunday and the first session besides the beginner game! Hopefully it will be at least as much fun as that was!
  15. Wow, that's longer than what I expected! But I am working on translating and making documents to help me run the adventure now, and I have so far written 8 pages, which is already one page more than I had for the beginners game that took us about 3,5-4 hours. Really looking forward to see how far we get on sunday! Any thought on how to end a session if we can't finish the adventure? The day is planned like this: 1: Finish the characters 2: Play session (4-5 hours) 3: Dinner 4: Play session (4-5 hours) Should I give them experience to use after the first session or wait until the end of the day? Thanks for all the great feedback so far!
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