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  1. So, our GM just got his DH 2ed book and am I the only one who finds it odd that starting characters with Adeptus Arbites and/or Outcast background don't get the training to use low-tech weapons? Am I missing something? I flipped through the book and I haven't found any exceptions or clarifications... Seems like if you don't have the weapon training (low-tech) talent then you get -20 penalty if you use any low-tech weapon, period. It's so weird... I mean... Arbites are trained to use shock mauls and shock WHIPS (!), but they have to spend like 200 experience points to learn how to properly hit a heretic with a regular club? Really? I just can't wrap my mind around it. When I looked at the NPC stats I noticed that some characters don't have weapon training (low-tech) talent on their lists at all... Like space marines have only (bolt) and (chain), sisters of battle canoness has (power), etc. So by RAW they are going to get -20 when using such "primitive" weapons as combat knife or a regular sword? It's just mind-blowing. I don't get it... Please explain the logic, I'm so confused. When I'm going to run a game myself I'm definitely going to house rule that somehow, but right now I just want to understand the logic behind this.
  2. I'm sorry for necroposting, but I'm testing BETA with my group now and I just want to double check couple of things with more experienced GMs and Players. Does +5 stacks for every wound takenon a previous turn? Let's say an acolyte is shooting from his autogun spending 2 AP (RoF is 2, so he should be able to hit 4 times with a successfull roll). He scores 4 hits (damage actually exceeds Tb and Armour of the large mutant), determines wound effects, etc and then if during the next round acolyte scores 2 more hits, does he get +20 (the mutant suffered 4 wounds last turn) or +25 (4 wounds last turn + 2 wounds this turn) to determine wound effects? . To be honest with you at first I thought that each round you get +5 on a table no matter how many actual hits went through during the previous round... Like, mutant gets four wounds from autogun, then gets two wounds next round and you have +5 to lookup the wound effects and then on third round you get +10 and so on.
  3. I just wanna check if I got it right... Essentially, when using the Power Smite (or any other ranged weapon with RoF, like an autogun or shotgun), players don't have to spend extra AP to try and hit more? Like, let's say we have a psyker has PR 3, so RoF of his smite is 3. Now he just needs to roll 3 successes to score three hits without spending more AP? Because in example on how ranged attacks work (page 200) it says: "He uses 1 of his action points to shoot, giving him a rate of attack of 4 shots with the weapon’s rate of fire of 4. His Ballistic Skill is 67, and with a roll of 12 he scores 5 degrees of success. The maximum amount of hits he can score is limited to his rate of attack of 4, so one hit is ignored. If he had spent 2 action points, his rate of attack would have increased to 8 and he would have scored the 5th hit" So, apparently it's possible to get more hits if you spend more AP on the attack even if those exceed RoF of the given weapon. Now, if psykers power works just like any other ranged weapon that means that it should be possible to score more hits by spending more AP, however the manifestation cost is 3 AP... It just confuses me really.
  4. So Psyker doesn't need to spend more action points to score more hits? Ri-i-ight, i got it now. So his effective RoF is his PR and that's it... Maybe I was reading the RoF rules wrong. Thanks!
  5. Me and some friends of mine just picked up 2nd ed BETA. One guy wants to play a psyker. During character creation he purchased the psyker elite advance and two powers (Influence and Smite). It takes 3 AP to manifest Smite. Description says that psyker also makes an attack. So, here's the question: does the psyker need to spend 1 more AP to make this attack or is it already included in those 3 AP listed above? Also, is it possible to make more then 1 hit with the Smite? I'm just thinking... The RoF equals Power Level, but if psyker spends all of his action points on manifesting the power and making WP attack no matter what's his Psy Rating he can make only one hit with this Power. It doesn't really makes much sense to me, because when I read the description of Smite I imagine smth like jedi lightning and it should hit a couple of times at least (with the proper training and power level of course). Am I missing something?
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