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  1. Yay! Thumbs up. What did you face and what did you learn? I Faced: Jendon Heavy Laser cannon, Gunner, Weapons Engineer, Fire Control System, Engine Upgrade Captain Jonus Assault Missile Scimitar Squadron Assault Missile, Assault Missile - I learned that asteroids can be a pain but can also save your life. - I learned that an Academy pilot can be worth more that a Bounty Hunter. My one Academy Pilot just didn't want to die, even when facing Heavy Laser Cannon it just evaded it all. And it killed the Tie Bomber and would have the shuttle but my opponent conceded. - I learned that a shuttle is really slow and difficult to maneuver, but I love it. - Lastly I leaned that good placement can really ruin your opponents day by blocking all of his ships.
  2. Elkerlyc I played your list today. It worked so well. I won the game.
  3. I had excellent service from them. The ship was expensive but I ordered a mat and loads of xwing but their prices for xwing made up for it. The shipping was all the way to South Africa and I received everything within 7 working days.
  4. It would be nice if you left some for the rest of us
  5. I read it as you intended. I'm just going to leave them nice and cosy in their storage till I have played a few more games and feel more comfortable playing.
  6. Enjoy it. Not in the mood to work anymore want to play some X-Wing.
  7. I just starter out and got myself 2 x Interceptors and aces. I wanted to fly a squad of 4. The Tie Interceptor is my favorite fighter in the Star Wars universe. Should I first get more experience before I try them? I will try your list it looks like fun.
  8. Fair question. Because I feel that the B-Wing is more my style. Like me, they're not very agile but can take and dish out a lot of hurt. It's how I tend to play. The fact that it is currently my favourite model is just a coincidence. Fair enough I love the B-Wing too. I bought two of them, but you will need to protect it with something.
  9. If you are only going to play casually that could work. But any event or tournament you need the cards. The price for a starter set really isn't much. And for what you are getting it is worth it. Yes you can buy all the things separate but in the end you are not going to win that much if at all. Why the resistance to get the starter? I just started with x-wing a week and a bit ago, it cost me a bit to get everything and by that I mean I bought at least one of everything, And it still isn't close to how expensive other miniature games are.
  10. I bought a second core set, x-wing, tie fighter, tie advance, y-wing,a-wing,2x tie interceptors, yt-1300, firespray, 2x b-wing, 2x tie bomber, lambda shuttle, hwk-290 and imperial aces. I enjoyed the game so much I just had to get more and I love the models.
  11. Why would you not want Tie Fighters or X-Wing. Both are great. Loads of people buy more than one starter box, maybe you can find some one to buy/ get a damage deck from.
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