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  1. Well, that would depend on whether Rebel Captive will stress out Scum pilots as well...

    I cannot see why it wouldn't work on them rules wise, it works on the empire.


    Narrative, maybe they were hired to retrieve the Rebel Captive alive and unharmed. 

  2. I have played the Aftermath Mission a few times, introducing a few new player to the game.


    Question 1: Rushing alone doesn't work. On my second game The rebel player had incredible luck with the white dice and just evaded all my shots, they finished the mission on turn 5. My third game I played a bit more clever and had a bit better luck, I nearly killed the Would-be Jedi Character (I don't remember the names) when she open the door, rolling all the dice and attacking twice with the e-web is insane. On turn 6 I still had 2 terminals left. If they didn't rush they might have actually won. So no it doesn't always work. 


    Question 2: Both games 2 and 3 all the crates were taken.

    Question 2-1: Yes the game ends when all the consoles are destroyed. 


    Question 3: Having to spend 2 movement point to move past a Imperial model slows the playes down considerably.

    In game 3 at the entrance to the Storage room and had two units of storm troopers. They struggled to get past. 


    Question 4: Yes, even friendly models.


    Question 5: I cant get enough. We are now busy with the campaign, and I can see myself playing this often, also I'll play as a player with the next campaign.



    $0k is good and all but I like the Star Wars Theme way more.

  3. Here's a squad of 10's for you.


    Horton Salm + PT + PT + R2-D6 + VI + Ion Turret

    Cracken + VI + Cluster Missile

    Jan Ors + VI + Blaster Turret + Recon Specialist + MC


    Everyone moves and shoots on 10 for you.  Horton shooting with a TL + a Focus is just a bad ass when it comes to PT.  With Jan and Cracken supporting him he'll be dropping ships.  Cracken with Clusters is just fun.  Shooting at 10 will help him get these off, which should be good against Decimators and Falcons.

    I really like this list. This is one I just have to try.

    Should be enough firepower at high pilot skill to take on most things.

    If needed ion a phantom and then hit it with all you got.

  4. I see the role as the imperial play the same as being the Dungeon master in DnD. Its not about winning but letting the players have a fun experience, that includes me. I dont hold back either they need to earn the win. I enjoy every second of playing the imperials. Setting up the mission reading the story parts to the players.

  5. As far as I understand it you're right if the action is used to gain the movement points and there is no penalty I can see to movement points gained prior to picking up the crate.

    This is correct. Only the move action after you have the crate has the speed penalty.

    I hope this gets FAQ'ed.  Otherwise I think this mission favors the person who gets initiative turn 2 pretty heavily. Since its entirely possible to get Sabotuers to two different crates turn 1, then get/take the initiative turn 2 and run away in a single activation.

    There is a few things to do to help yourself win. Firstly you could try and take initiative. Make sure you have troops to take out anyone carring the crate. And even if you lose one crate defend and take the other two.

  6. Multiple shots won't fix Munitions. Think about every time you've used Munitions, and when have you been in range to get off a proper 2nd shot? You fire a Proton Torpedo at R 2-3, have you ever still been in R2-3 the turn after to fire it again? people are usually out of arc or in R1.

    The only ones that benefit from that are the R1+ munitions. Munitions need an ACCURACY fix. Multiple shots will never fix the problems munitions has.

    This is were the Tie Bomber will be amazing. The Range 5 K-Turn will enable the Tie Bomber to actually shoot again.

  7. I think attack wing d&d has a nice solution for ordnance. With the dragons fire breath after you use it you put duration tokens on it, depending on how powerful and cost how many tokens. At the End Phase you remove one token. You can easily say it's a loading mechanism that need to load the next missile or torpedo. You never lose the ordnance but you can't use it each turn either.


    Munition Failsafe can be used to when you miss completely you don't put duration token on the ordnance.


    That's my 2c.


    I am having trouble downloading the file X-Wing card list by type (compiled from above list on afewmaneuvers) by David Rulf (behind NOVA FB group).


    All I'm getting is "Sorry, this page isn't available".


    Yeah, only available if you are a member of NOVA squadron.  :(   If he puts it up somewhere else then I will certainly update the link here.



    Ok that explains it. That would have been nice to have.  

  9. I am having trouble downloading the file X-Wing card list by type (compiled from above list on afewmaneuvers) by David Rulf (behind NOVA FB group).


    All I'm getting is "Sorry, this page isn't available".

  10. Don't forget that you can only reroll a dice once.  e.g. you can't Target Lock reroll a dice reroiled by predator.  I only mention it because I played it wrong, and a lot of new people play it wrong.

    So Han with Predator if you reroll a dice with predator you cannot reroll it again with Han's ability.

  11. I've been playing X-Wing for a few weeks and i've mostly played Imperials.

    I want to try Rebels but I'm struggling a bit.

    I was thinking of the following list:

    Lando - draw their fire, assault missile, nien nunb, MF

    Dagger Squadron - advance sensors

    Rookie Pilot

    Any comments or suggestions welcome.

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