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  1. Maybe the X-Wing T70 is overcosted on purpose.

    They are still saying the X-Wing fix is on its way and that Integrated Astromech is only part of the solution. So what the fix gets released it can be used on both the T65 and T70, with out needing to specify T65 only. The one annoyance of Intergrated astromech is that you only recieve one card per pack but I need 4 minimum for all my X-Wing T65s.

  2. Seriously, I understand the frustration of feeling like you're being forced into a purchase you wouldn't otherwise have made, but a) you, personally, aren't being forced into anything, and b) pretending that the only choices are "Spend £25 On A New Core Set" or "Don't Play Tournaments" isn't terribly helpful.



    Actually I only have those two choices. If I want to buy a deck of ebay the shipping alone is already $25. 


    So yes I am forced to buy the new starter. I enjoy X-Wing competitively and have spend too much money to just stop playing. 

  3. There are people that play X-Wing outside the USA. Our community is small but growing, getting a starter is extremely expansive. The exchange rate is insane, the shipping is insane.

    It's not cheap or easy just to buy a deck off ebay. So having to get the starter just to play in tournaments frustrates me so much, because all I would want from it is the damage deck.

    If they sold it separately. I would have been fine with it, I didn't want to be forced to buy a starter. I have invested a lot of time and money in X-Wing so I am not going to stop playing it.

    I love the game, but this move did sour it. 

  4. I don't understand, its really simple. You cannot pre-measure during the planning phase.The rule book states "...they must plan their maneuvers by estimating their ships' movement in their heads.".

    In contrast in the combat phase, when declaring a target the rule book states "A player may measure to verify that these conditions are met before declaring a target."


    There is nothing to argue. What happened in that video is cheating. Cheating is not flying casual.

  5. I'm sitting with the same problem. I am going through the upgrade card to see which jump out at me. My idea for the list is to use the CR90 to attack the raider and my fighters to engage his. I think a few B-Wing with heavy laser cannon could support the CR90. Once I have a formal list I will post it.


    Just one

    finally. thx a lot. 


    so Nexu use the pounce, the stun is removed and then resolves the pounce (at the cost of 1 action).


    On the stun card it states: Special Action: Discard this condition.

    You have to use that special action not another special action like pounce to remove stun.




    The Nexu starts it's activation while it is stunned.

    First action: Remove stun using the special action on the Stun Card

    Second Action: Pounce

    You are incorrect. 


    Removing stun is a special action and so is pounce. You can't do both in the same turn.


    Alright. Here is my updated version of the Imperial List. Just a few more days til the big event!! Getting excited!!


    Imperial List - 300 Points:


    Victory II Class:

    - Admiral Screed

    - Overload Pulse


    Gladiator II Class:

    - Engine Techs

    - Assault Concussion Missiles

    - Demolisher

    - Wulf Yularen 



    TIE Fighters [x5]


    TIE Advanced (to protect Howlrunner)

    TIE Interceptors [x2]



    This list's points are over. It's 303 points

  8. I would personally say No to both the questions.......I think it's using the rule in a way not intended.

    If you could heal both health and strain with a surge then the rules would state it, same for Fenn Signis

    I personally think if you have no strain then you can't use the surge in that way, and Fenn Signis rule cannot be used.

    Resting - is different as it specifically states that it recovers both strain and health.

    These are the rules I will be personally using.

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. It clearly states it in the Learn to Play Page 8 Under Suffering and Recovering.

    There is even a bold "Note:" to emphasize the rule. As Luther Engelsnot also stated.

  9. Thanks for the reply.

    Thought as much.coop games are hard to come by and often take a great deal of modding.wasted opportunity in many ways.

    Cheers though.

    An amazing Co-Op is Eldritch Horror. My wife and I have played it many times. Its horror so you'll have to check if it will work with your son. My wife really don't enjoy horror movies but she is fine with Eldritch Horror.

  10. Outside of this the only thing you can do with surges that you do not require the text on a card or hero sheet to do is recover 1 point of strain.

    I hope this helps. Just remember you can only activate each strain ability once per attack - this is why the force pike has two options for buying +1 damage :)


    Using a surge to recover one strain, if you have no strain you recover one health instead.

  11. I played this mission last night(as the imperial player). The rebels were doing well, till round 6 when I basically wounded all but one. I could swarm the base and get the points. The problem was the rebel players were too scared to rest, they rather kept on attacking hoping to thin my numbers quickly. Even with some lucky dice rolls I only won on round 8.

  12. Go to Combat  Encounters in the reference book page 3 and open the rule book on page 14.


    Turn the monster card over so you can see the text and stats.


    Follow the steps.

    1. Check if the monster does anything to you before combat.

    2. Check the monster will test, the the first part  It is the blue part with the Head picture.

        Next to the Head Picture there is sometimes a number that is how many dice you subtract or add.

        The next picture is a number and a brain symbol, that is how many successes you need to roll.

        For example if you will is 4 you will roll 4 dice, if there is a subtraction of 1 you will roll 3 dice,

        if the Brain symbol shows a 2 out of the 3 dice you need two successes.

    3. Check the Strength test. Works exactly the same as the will test you just use Strength.

        One difference is each successes also adds one damage to the monster.
       If the damage equals the monster toughness, it dies. The toughness is the number in the green testicles. 


        That is combat.

  13. My list is:


    Soontir Fel (27)
    + Push the Limit (3)
    + Stealth Device (3)
    + Autothrusters (2)
    + Royal Guard TIE (0)


    Turr Phennir (25)
    + Outmaneuver (3) 
    + Stealth Device (3)
    + Autothrusters (2)
    + Royal Guard TIE (0)
     Tetran Cowall  (24)
    + Outmaneuver (3) 
    + Stealth Device (3)
    + Autothrusters (2)
    + Royal Guard TIE (0)
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