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  1. OpticFusion

    Unboxing Arkham Horror Third Edition Video

    In the Learn to play book it states under componants that you get 12 investigators waith matching token and stand. Reading that makes me think it was a mistake by the printer that they gave too few plastic stands. Or they changed it to only 6 stand after printing the rule books.
  2. OpticFusion

    Errors in Deluxe Rulebook

    I've noticed. I had to buy the Deluxe rule book separately, so it's annoying that is has errors. Hopefully the rules are correct, no other obvious errors.
  3. OpticFusion

    Unboxing Arkham Horror Third Edition Video

    I’m from South Africa. I’m currently in the shop holding the AH box. Should I or shouldn’t I?
  4. OpticFusion

    Unboxing Arkham Horror Third Edition Video

    Great video, thank you for the unboxing. FFG cheaping out on the plastic stands is annoying. With Eldritch Horror you got a plastic stand for each investigator. It's a pain to get those stands in my country, I will need to special order them and hope they will arrive in the next 3 months.
  5. I was wondering how many card will actually be used? Player Asset except unique assets, Skill and Event will be used from both sets, but is that all? Will you use the encounter set of both cores?
  6. OpticFusion

    No longer available?

    I was looking at Merchant of Venus but I see that it is no longer available. Is one of the other publisher that is part of Asmodee going to republish it or is it just gone forever?
  7. I didn't know people struggled with the puzzles. I found then all too easy.
  8. OpticFusion

    Multiple Rules Questions for next FAQ

    1) Read Component Limitations in Rules Reference Page 2 2)That will depend on your group, we use the best possible move for the monster. 3) Read Insane under Damage & Horror in Rules Reference Page 7 4) No 5) No - Read Wall Rules Reference Page 19 There is no need for a FAQ since all these can be answered by just reading the Rules Reference.
  9. OpticFusion

    Core set and delux vs everything

    Have a look at Game of Thrones LCG. Arkham Horror The Card Game can also be a good place to start. It still needs to be release so it's an easy place to start.
  10. I need to get the two expansion before they are forever gone.
  11. OpticFusion

    For Shame

    So if people want and like a collectable game, FFG is not allowed to make one. Wow aren't you entitled. You don't know if this came from FFG or Asmodee, this could be part of the deal from Disney so that FFG could get the Star Wars license. My biggest problem with your post is, if you don't want to buy it then don't. No one is holding a gun to your head. No need to spew your hate on these forums.
  12. OpticFusion

    Petition please for a MoM2 dice pack please

    Signed. More dice is always a good thing.
  13. OpticFusion

    Idea for app enhancement (attribute test outcomes)

    Making an option for the two play styles would be a good solution.
  14. OpticFusion

    Figures Quality

    Some of the figures were a bit skew, but all I did was put them in very hot water for a few seconds. Shaped them and dunked them into cold water. That solved all my problems with the miniatures.
  15. OpticFusion

    App continue button

    The continue button is a real problem in the app. If you touch anywhere on the screen it continues. Unlike the other buttons for example confirm, where you have to click on the button itself. It is just too easy to accidentally skip important text. I found it really annoying.