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  1. In the Extended Universe, the Emperor's force powers were absolute secret. Darth Vader though was widely visible and celebrated as the Jedi that came to his senses and ended the corruption of the order. In the new Canon, Emperor's force powers being secret is still very much a thing. Vader's reputation though is a little more up in the air.
  2. Cymoon 1 might work. It was introduced in the new comics and has some orbital debris, and lots of junk yards. It does contain a large Imperial weapons factory, but the rest of the moon isn't as military oriented.
  3. Rebels was done under the supervision of Disney, so it's going to be canon. Also, I don't see where your getting the info that only post-ROTJ will be legends. It looks like all EU is getting the treatment.
  4. http://starwars.com/news/the-legendary-star-wars-expanded-universe-turns-a-new-page.html So it looks like they're clearly marking anything non-cinematic and pre-disney as part of this apocrypha brand. There's good chances they'll draw and rework popular characters into the new canon, but for right now, everything's gone. So where does this leave the LCG? Are we going to have to rename it to Star Wars Legends the Card Game?
  5. I want some characters from the X-Wing novels. Corran Horn, Tycho Celchu, Erisi Dlarit, Ysanne Isard, etc. Also, I'd love to see Starkiller make a small appearance at some point.
  6. But I gotta have that new Death Star dial! I've been using the LOTR dial.
  7. Definitely Sariss. The red fabric on the chest is the clincher.
  8. Nice! So targeted strike lets me hit the other opponent's cards then?
  9. It'd be cool, but I think those who'd be interested in this stuff already have all the cores they need, and those who are starting new might be overwhelmed by the contents of the box and intimidated by the much higher price point.
  10. We're both collector fanatics, and we'd already decided we'll be buying the cards separately to appease our completionist tendencies. Either way, this is sounding quite doable, and since we'll be a quarantined play team we won't need to worry about keeping up with current releases.
  11. Thanks for the responses! Sounds like this will be cheaper than I'd planned.
  12. Probably a common question, but I couldn't find an answer Getting ready to start this with a friend. We're planning on buying the cards and building our own decks separately, but we wanted to go through the quests in chronological order as a two-player team. With that in mind, how many cores should we each buy to get a good experience? Expansions, Deluxe expansions, etc? Thanks! Looking forward to joining the community.
  13. I think I'm okay with this. I've actually really been getting overwhelmed. A break to get a good solid feel for how all the new cards interact would be nice. October seems like a pretty optimistic for Balance of the Force though. November might be more likely.
  14. Another Luke Skywalker Jedi affiliation card? That gives me great hope for a better copy of Boba Fett.
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