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  1. I'm just picking this game up and live in Malvern. I'd be willing to get together to play if anyone would mind doing some teaching.
  2. Another option is a monthly Thrones night in New Holland, PA. It's only ~10 minutes further away from you, and it's a more regularly occurring group. 2nd Wednesday of every month. But, if you're going to make it to Red Caps, give me a shout and I'll try to make it.
  3. I'll be at Red Caps Corner this week. Come on out if you're in the greater Philly area if you want to play some Thrones.
  4. Doing everything in my power to be at Red Caps this week. Hope to see some people playing Thrones!
  5. Definitely, I can't do August 14 or 21, but I'm down for any other Wed
  6. I'm in Malvern, so MVP is a bit of a drive for me during the week. I've heard of others have bad experiences at 6FU, but I haven't had any issues with them (other than getting stuck in a conversation for longer than I was planning to be there). Anyways, I'll be there tonight to play Thrones if anyone relatively close to New Holland wants to play.
  7. They are the 2nd Wednesday of every month (this coming Wed for July). It's actually in New Holland which is East (and a bit North) of Lancaster. Store is called Six Feet Under Games. http://www.sixfeetundergames.com/
  8. Red Cap's Corner in Philly has a weekly LCG Night on Wednesdays. Seems like we all seem to miss each other whenever we ask about Thrones. I'm starting this thread so we can let others know if we're going to be there each week. I'll be there today (July 3), and will get there around 6. If you don't see anyone playing Thrones ask the guys playing Netrunner, I'll be with them.
  9. Boy11jb, I'm out of town this week as well. But it will be great to see some new faces on the 15th. I also take at least one deck with me to Red Caps Corner in Philly at least one other Wednesday a month.
  10. Probably does help you much JBC, but there is a group that meets @ Red Caps Corner in Philly Wednesday nights. It would be a hike, but there were 4 guys playing there tonight. Longwell, I live in Malvern and would be willing to meet up at The Games Keep in West Chester sometime. PM me if you want to play sometime next week.
  11. Sorry for the delay. Right now there is just 2 of us, but I'm hoping we can get that to grow. They are hosting a regional Saturday, June 15 @ 10am and I'm thinking that could spark the growth.
  12. Players near Lancaster, PA come out to Six Feet Under Games in New Holland this Wednesday (April 10), for a monthly AGoT game night.
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