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  1. How do I create and set a variable though?
  2. For summoned stones, there is also this: https://www.shapeways.com/product/PQPLHMR6X/summoned-stone-tokens-3-pcs
  3. I might be getting ahead of myself a bit. Right now I'm still working on trying to make A Fat Goblin. What I'm trying to figure out is how to track the number of crops gotten. What I want to do is create some objective tokens to represent the barn, and to put some on the exit. If you click on the barn, it will ask if a hero is adjacent and wants to deposit a crop. Same with the exit objective, but you would need to click it when a Goblin Archer moves off the map. I also am experimenting with creating a custom monster group. My thoughts would be to have the Goblin Archers act differently to fulfill the mission objective. Their commands would be something like: If a Goblin Archer is not carrying a bundle of crops > Engage the closest bundle of crops > Pick up an adjacent bundle of crops > Attack a hero carrying a bundle of crops If a Goblin Archer is carrying a bundle of crops > Engage the Exit Now when you click the objective markers to either say a crop was deposited or stolen, it would be nice if it could keep track with an invisible counter. That way the game knows how many crops are on the board, and the map won't end until you deposit or steal them all.
  4. Okay, I just got home and I'm trying to look at the zip file. So I unzipped it, but I have no idea where to put it in the Valkyrie folder. Where do I put it? EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. I tried it out. I don't have the actual quest guide handy, so I'm going off the top of my head on a few things. First is that isn't there supposed to be a key for the locked door at the beginning staircase? None of those search tokens give you anything, so it's kind of a waste of time. Next I'm confused about the whole token monsters thing. I'm not sure what the purpose is or to track which ones you've killed. I also haven't gotten far enough to be able to edit monster actions. But is there any way to make Zachareth go for the casket to win? I'm not sure if that's possible yet to edit monster actions.
  5. Ideally, I would like to do everything in the editor. I know that when you try to compile something it will create a text file. The editor is already confusing enough for me, so I want to try to do everything within it before I try to mess with actual code. Right now I wonder if there was a way to randomize which tokens do what. For example if we were making the Masquerade Quest where you have to uncover objective tokens, would you be able to randomize which ones are the monsters and which are the guests? Otherwise you would know exactly which ones they are the whole time. Or you would have to keep track of that yourself.
  6. I'll check it out when I get off work later. I have still been playing around in the program. I am trying to figure out variables now. Like finding a way to randomize certain events, if that's even possible in the editor.
  7. Sounds cool! I'll stay tuned to see what you come up with. I'm also trying to work through painting my stuff.
  8. Maybe later. I actually just got my copy of Descent and have been trying to play it. Up until now it was just theory. I'll try to get through the campaign first before I even think about adding anything extra.
  9. So I have finally gotten around to playing some real games now that I have some stuff painted. One big issue for me is space. The table I have is about 3' square. I'm finding it hard to make room to put everything on the table. Besides boards, you have the hero cards, dice rolling area, Loot deck, extra cards (like Travel, Item Decks, etc.), extra tiles you aren't using, and extra monsters. It's pretty clustered to be honest. What do you all do to make room? How do you organize everything on your table?
  10. Maybe have a "Class Reward" skill, similar to how the Overlord gets reward cards from different quests. It would just be a unique skill that you can't buy with XP.
  11. I like the idea of class based quests that could enhance class skills. Looking more into Imperial Assault, I think I like Descent's idea of class based characters as opposed to each hero having their own "class."
  12. Oh, cool! All right. I'll have to keep on trucking then. It's kind of fun to figure out how to translate everything into the program, since there are differences with how things work like doors.
  13. Okay. Well I'd be interested in helping too. I'll keep exploring the program for now. Should I bother trying to make other quests that are part of the Shadow Rune now? Can they be imported later?
  14. Okay. I posted over on that forum. So you're saying to make a campaign, you can't do it in the actual program? It's already pretty complicated, but I'll have to play around some more with it. It would be really cool if you could have a world map with different quests represented by buttons you could click. Is that even a thing? What about going to the shop to buy items and such? Is that something you can do too?
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