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  1. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Alright, well I was going to take the next initiative slot and this was my question. What do y’all feel should be the answer in this case?
  2. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    I’m down. Elaborate.
  3. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    So should we assume this is dead/on infinite hiatus?
  4. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    No worries man, take care of what you need to take care of. Real life always comes first
  5. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Ugh so sorry folks. I am back. Ok, so if I want to use Harm on the beast I am currently engaged with, how will the boost from Bull affect me roll.
  6. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Alright. Crazy week at work. So if I'm reading everything correctly I'm currently engaged with one of the Vrblther rivals right? If so, is it the one I already hit?
  7. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    The 9 damage is pre-soak, right?
  8. In The Pits IC

    Dusting himself off as he got back onto his feet, Sevrath took stock of his surroundings. That was too close, a little slower and that wall would have destroyed me. He saw Bull and Vyrr holding off packs of the beasts, then caught sight of a large group of them heading straight toward the center of the arena. Let's soften up these ones. Heading closer to the beasts, he cleared his mind, focusing on the lead Vrblther in the pack. Alright, time to sell this to the crowd. Pulling out an item from his medical kit, he pointed it at the beast and turned it on, lights flashing and a small hum emitting from it. It's just a scanner, but the audience can't tell. Then, he focused on the creature's nervous system. Picture the life Force as a lake. Now picture the level of that lake falling. Focus on draining that lake. Sevrath smiled in satisfaction as he heard the Vrblther let out an agonizing scream.
  9. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    I'll write something up either tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Harm on Vrblther: 3eF 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side so I spend one LP to increase the range and one to inflict the Harm. That's my Intellect (3) plus my Medicine (3). 6 damage ignoring soak.
  11. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Ok. I will move to medium of the nearest Rival Vrblther and use Harm. Do I need a skill check or just a Force check. Also, given this will be my first attack I get the bonus Force Die correct?
  12. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Ok. How many are left by Bull (I think there's only one, just want to make sure).
  13. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    Can I get into medium range of the group of Vrblthers heading to the center?
  14. Star Wars: In The Pits OOC

    The group of 6 can close from long to engaged and attack me? Ouch.