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  1. Arkham Horror the board game is still getting printed, but it's no longer being developed for, last I saw.
  2. I don't know what your town is like, but waiting a week after launch is putting you smack into the middle of winter break for many schools....so there will likely be an abundence of kids roaming the streets...........................
  3. If there were regional championships in your area, technically, you always had a chance, as winning a regional guarenteed a seat in worlds (same with nationals). (At least that's how I understand it.)
  4. I'm tempted to get the Beginner's box just because of the deckplan.
  5. Any more trolling than the guy who said this Why is it so bad for someone to ask about incorporating a crafting system and/or get opinions from like-minded people on the system they came up with? Further, it doesn't look like anyone asked for the opinion that you gave. So in actuality, who is the troll?
  6. I, too, am having this issues with some computers but not others. Browser doesn't matter, Chrome, Firefox, and IE....none will pull up FFG's main website, only the community forums.
  7. As for Cybernetically enhanced characters being harder to hit, I'm guessing (though I have not rolled anyone with cybernetics yet) that their defense rating will go up depending on the cybernetics they use. This adds Setback dice to rolls to all combat checks against them. (page 206-207 EoTE Core)
  8. I haven't played a game yet, but I've built a character and got a basic understanding of building a dice pool (as these concepts are completely foreign to me, coming from a D&D/Alternity background). Basically, the attribute and skill numbers are related to building that dice pool. You will always compare the attribute score with the skill score. Whichever number is higher, is the number of ability dice you will be rolling. The extra bit...the smaller number tells you how many of your dice you get to 'upgrade' to proficiency dice. Knowing this, I am guessing the game would like you to focus on raising your attribute scores to about what you want them throughout the life of your character at creation. You will only have very limited options of raising these scores during play. Skills, on the other hand, are a different story. They are the things you will be getting better at as you do them. Spend more time slicing, and you should be raising your computers skill. Eventually, your computers skill will surpass your 'intelligence' score (I think that's the correct linkage) and you'll start rolling more dice with more proficiency upgrades. That's the best 'nutshell' I can provide as a yet-to-play player who is just getting into the game. I'm sure more experienced players will give better answers. As for the last two parts about XP and high level characters, I will let others field those questions.
  9. Also in jedi, Leia takes a hit to the arm. While painful for a period of time, she doesn't seem to have any lasting effects? Though we never actually see the wound itself, but during the end she gives Luke a big ol hug like nothing happened. (Though, this is possibly more story-based heroic healing rather than anything based on how this might actually effect people).
  10. Had a situation come up I can't find an answer for in the rules: If a combat card ability asks my opponent to destroy a unit to gain a benefit (or prevent myself from gaining a benefit) can this unit be a routed unit? I know routed units can't be assigned damage during the normal assessing damage step of combat, but I wasn't sure if this would count as that step as damage isn't really being assigned, just 'destroy or don't destroy'. Edit: Forgot the whole title of the thread. My apologise.
  11. It looks like you're saying that a bastion prevents friendly units from routing during combat...that isn't the case, is it? EDIT: I was just reading over the rules and realized why no friendly units would be routed....so long as there wasn't damage to destroy the bastion, you would just always assign damage to the bastion. As it never routes, you will always have it as an option to damage, effecitvely ignoring that damage.
  12. The other nice thing about Cardgamedb.com is the deckbuilder. You can create as many decks as you want and never run out of cards. The deckbuilder interface is pretty easy to grasp also. It really makes deckbuilding a lot easier. You will need an account to save decks though (but that's easy and free to get).
  13. Xraysteve


    The lexicanum is a site I like and have seen others recommend. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page
  14. What are the six war packs? My shopping list right now is just 3 Core sets. I'm most likely going to be the Eldar player of the group. How many competitive decks can I build with 3 core + 6 packs so I can maximize on the amount of decks to give out to all my friends? Not factoring in Neutral cards (since you would only have 3-each from the packs and 6 each from the cores), I think you could reliably make 3 full decks, so long as the warlords/allies didn't overlap. You could squeeze more decks if your decks minimize the amount of out-of-faction cards. You could, when not playing tournaments, just use proxies.
  15. Will spectators be allowed to attend or just paying participants? Also, the most recent article about Worlds: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/6/11/2015-world-championships-registration/ The link at the bottom goes to the Xwing forums rather than the Worlds forums.
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